I finished reading Don Junior’s book Triggered today. It was a good read. I thought his writing was well grounded and perceptive. As I pay more attention than I should to politics, I pretty much agree with what he said. If I were to add an addendum it would be fake news has been around for a long time. However after reading the book I would consider myself one of the Triggered.

I did learn something too. Don writes SJW means Social Justice Warrior. I had seen the acronym before, but never bothered to look it up. Basically they are the people that do not believe that I have a right to express myself. From what I understood from the book they are the same people that I call the Pink Hatted Fascists. What do you think is a better description SJW or PHF? SJW is probably more politically correct, however I believe PHF is the more realistic description.

In my view the country is approximately one third PHF’s, one third politically oblivious (PO?) and one third Triggered. I am willing to coincide that the PHF are genetically superior. For the way we measure genetic superiority is the ability to repeat lies. It is the way society is controlled. The Politically Oblivious are just taken advantage of and they typically suffer. The Triggered, well they just don’t want to take it anymore.

It is my feeling that the Triggered will become the SJW of the future. I mean that in a good way. The PHF believe in thought control. That is a big statement and I will back that up. I will reference Peggy Noonan of the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). Before the election she said that one political party must die. She was a bit surprised that that Trump won. Something that upset her greatly. She once was a speech writer for Ronald Reagan, however she became just another tool of the deep state (Yes, it is real). Money & Power. Peggy received a Pulitzer for the ability to understand and write about the “Trump voter”. Nothing was further from the truth. In reality all she did was project all of her hateful racist views onto the Trump voter. Opinions that were eagerly devoured by like minded PHF. The most amazing thing was the views of actual Trump voters were eloquently stated in the comments section of the column. I enjoyed reading the comments, for frequently you could find the truth there.

Then came the troll farms, people paid by some political action committee to verbally beat up Trump supporters. They start out nice, then they get vicious. Sort of like what  happened after the inauguration out in the streets. Physical beatings of Trump supporters. Then the paper started policing comments. Yes thought control, you can’t write that. That is why I write here.

There is a reason Hillary wants to be president of Facebook. Control of information. If there is another major war it will be to control information, maybe there already is. There certainly are well documented skirmishes for control of information.

To recap, the Pink Hatted Fascists want to control information (thought) and the Politically Oblivious don’t care. However some people notice, and they become Triggered.

I do not think that those that have been Triggered can help themselfs, they will become Social Justice Warriors. I patently plot my strategy, be forewarned.

God and Politics

God doesn’t care about politics.

I believe that God is like gravity, a divine essence that treats us all the same and keeps us here on the earth. The sceptic might say “but man has made it to the moon”. I would reply God is energy, it is energy that brought us to the moon and beyond. You might see where I am going here.

Religion is our definition of God. We believe that God wants us to be better than we are. It is pretty much that simple. God is out there and he wants us to be better than we are. That is religion.

Because I think that Donald J Trump is an extraordinary politician I was told that I think that Trump is a God. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that Trump is a flawed human being, doing the best he can. There they go again, telling me how I think. Whatever, let them go back to worshipping their own flawed god.

I have no problem with a person’s religious moral beliefs determining who they vote for. I do have a problem with voting to determine a person’s religious beliefs.

When it comes right down to it, God is beyond energy. Right now we are lucky to be able too vote for our beliefs. Not everyone is able to do that.

So if religion is about morality, what is politics about? Power, money, security? Yes all of that and more. Politics is about determining the society in which we live. Something that is different than how we choose our own personal morals. It is because we have different personal morals that we need a society to protect our liberty and provide justice for all.

I AM A New York Liberal

Really, I am. Born in the burbs of the world’s greatest city you could not find a more liberal environment. When there was a national crisis, the church I went to would have its sermon broadcast on national TV. The alternative school I went to was on national TV. I even remember seeing the back of my head on network TV. I lived in an uber liberal world.

I did not pay a lot of attention, but I knew something was wrong. We had Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report magazines every week in the mail. Despite the incredible size of the world all three would always had the same person on the cover. The networks were the same way. I knew something was wrong when with all the stories in the world I kept on seeing the same story. They may have put their own spin on somthing, but it was still the same story. To top it off we read the book 1984 in school. There was indoctrination going on.

My heart was in the country, and eventually I moved. The town I moved to was ninety eight percent Republican. So I registered Republican I had no problem with that, politics did not mean that much to me.

The definition of liberal was to be generous, a liberal portion or helping was a good amount. To be conservative was to be stingy. It was the lexicon of the day. Life was a bit harder in the country. However the sky was blue and the grass was green. Life was good.

Yet, was I still a New York Liberal? It was such a long time ago, memories faded. Some of the worse memories were repressed. It was a land of long long ago and so far away. I guess the only thing I really remember was Kumbayah. Yes the lexicon of a liberal, it was so far away. I had become a simple gentle soul in a flannel shirt and a red cap living in a forgotten countryside.


Then came the man in the big jet with the red hat. I recognized him instantly, he was a New York liberal. Running as a Republican. I liked him instantly. Everything is a balance, not to much, or to little. I saw a balance between liberalism and conservatism. For the first time in my life I expressed a point of view, and became involved.

Where I saw a balance, others did not. I was absolutely amazed to have flashbacks of the horrors I had endured as a liberal. I did not recognize it at the time, it was just life. Setbacks were just explained as “That’s Life” no need to question, just move on. I had seen the signs, I just did not recognize them, I had simply moved on.

Politically what was a victory, had become a loss. A loss for liberalism. It is my belief that it had simply become inbred. I moved away before I became infected. Trump on the other hand was living in it, and is fighting it. Why? What else could be do. He loves his city. It was once the greatest city in the world. In the greatest country in the world. Inbred liberalism will destroy from within. It has so many times before. When you give it all away, you have nothing left.

Quid Pro Quo

Said the man behind the curtain. Where is Toto when you need him? Politics does seem like OZ at times.

Just a brief explanation, something for somthing, or so they say. Evidence, money? I see no new dirt on Biden, and money for guns has happened. So we must have made a bad deal? Impeachment I say! Must have a better deal than that. A real deal would have Joe in the lockup.

Nevermind,  back to bed. It is a better place.


Yes, I preordered Don Jr’s book. Anytime I see him on TV I seem to whole heartedly agree with him. I am so impressed that I follow him on Instagram. He is closer to the truth than CNN, NPR, NYT and all their lackeys combined.

I think his book will be how the left was irrationally triggered by his father President Donald J Trump. Personally I do not agree totally with that premise. Though I will have to wait for the book to see if that is true. Personally I think I was more triggered than the liberals that I know were triggered. They haven’t changed, they have always been the way they are. We, the Deplorable Trumpkins finally just noticed what is the natural habit of my liberal friends. Of course it helped that they labeled as us such. Made us sit up and take notice and go huh?

Take that you snowflake. We really know now how to through an insult. Haha. You know what makes a snowflake unique? No two are alike.

Actually I am not a fan of politics, just a big wast of time in my view. Yes it is important, and we should stay informed. However my mind is pretty much made up.

So If Don Jr wants this web site, he can have it. My money says he has more important things to do with his time than to mess with a silly web site, so I probably continue to periodically ramble on here. It is what I do.


A Suggestion

It’s not very often that I make a suggestion for politicians. I stick with just a couple suggestions. Capital Gains should be taxed as income is one, and term limits is the other. Just the other day I heard a suggestion that I can also agree with. Mandatory drug testing for politicians.

If politicians can force working people to be drug tested, why can’t voters demand politicians be subject to the same rules? Do drugs, or drink, loose your job.

A simple trifecta that I will stick with.

Lucky Lizzie?

The world’s largest hate based fascist organization is in disarray. I could have also said that the world’s largest political organization is in disarray, both statements are right. However I just like to call it as I see it. Darn that pesky revolutionary Trump. He pulled off the mask and exposed the powerful that are in control for what they are.

So there is an opening at the top. Ever the opportunist, tireless Lizzie is is in the fray. As she was in the neighborhood I took the opportunity stop and listen. As she was going on about a carbon free future I had to wonder if she really knows what she is getting into.

True, it was no Trump rally, but for so early in the campaign she had a good crowd. She knows how to please the crowd and received a good number of cheers. I think she will get the nomination. Filled with dreams she is oblivious to reality, unfortunately she will come to depend on the self perpetuating machinations of the world’s largest hate based fascist organization. She seems like such a nice lady.

Why would anyone want to be in charge of such a hot mess?