Reading The News

I like to read the news. I think it is a more efficient way of learning what is going on in the world. I say this when I am a more visual person. I think visual information is more emotional, than informative. Visual can leave out what I call the back story.

So what is happening to the written word in news? Twitter rules. No I do not follow Twitter, but the news does. It is funny how often the news reports about what someone writes in Twitter. There is a bit of logic to that logic, There are so many people that post to Twitter that there is a good chance that there will be someone at the right place and right time and the right place. So instead of reading a stream of posts, it is easier when someone filters out what is important. The choice is then who does the filtering.

This becomes problematic when the system that delivers the news has an agenda. Who pays the newsman? CNN pays to put it’s news in airports around the world. Multinational corporations pay CNN in the form of advertising. Big big business owns the news. Is there room for the independent businessman? I do not see it being an easy thing to do. Of course CNN just reads the news. Nowadays newspapers are digital, so the ability to read the news is easily available. Yet the same problems are still persist. The Washington Post is easily available on the Kindle. Yet again the man that owns the Kindle factory, owns the Post. There may be a self serving indulgence going on.

I intended to write about the word, versus the image. This blog is very largely word driven, the few images that I use are used to illustrate the words I use. Words are a mental exercise, used to create images in the mind. It is how we communicate. Words make us human. That is why the first amendment is so important.

Where am I going with this? I have noticed that the we are losing control of the written word. Because it is a digital world I can read many things. Because it is a digital world many things I read can be suppressed. For example I read the digital edition of the Wall Street Journal. I enjoyed reading and commenting on the comment section of the different articles. Multiple points of view and interests were expressed. Political views were formed. Links to other places were shared. minds were opened. After a while this type of activity was noticed. Paid agitators interrupted and diverted conversations. In the beginning they bragged that they were getting paid. It became so bad that the “administrators” began moderating the comments. I then enjoyed the creative workarounds past the moderators as certain speech was banned. Yet it became boring. Sometimes when a point was trying to be made paid armies of trolls would interrupt the discourse.

Now we have many more sources of news in this digital age. For example Canada Free Press, Whatfinger, OAN, Newsmax and others. It is hard to censor it all. Yet in a digital age it still can be done. Full size ads cover digital content that is deemed offensive. Some things that were simple to read, have become nearly unreadable. Before I go much further I would like to say the much of what I read I do not believe, that is why I write! However I need to read before I decide to believe, or not.

My belief is the internet is crawling with digital censors. If you do not create digital content you might not believe. Words and phrases deemed bad are easily identified and dealt with. Which brings me back to Twitter. To make a point people use video. Why use words when a video makes a powerful image. Well it is hard to quickly scan a video. More likely than not I will not watch a video. It is not worth my time. The sad part is there may be something important in the video, something that I will miss.

Of course soon there will be the ability to censor video, speech recognition is very advanced, and processing power is increasing. It won’t be long. However despite cancel culture people will still talk whenever they get together. Sure some topics will be taboo, they will be skirted about. People will still want to hear the news, it is a natural curiosity to learn what is going on in the rest of the world. People will try and control the word, because that is power. Yet to learn, it is better to know the truth.

In a circular logic I will end. Truth is education.

Let’s Play Post Office!

According to social media and some news outlets, a money grubbing Trump appointee is stealing mailboxes so people can’t vote. In the last few days I have seen numerous photos of trucks with mailboxes in the back. It is said that there is conspiracy to prevent people from voting by President Trump.

I have never played post office, maybe I was trying to figure out basic math instead. Sooo.  Let’s try to figure this out together. The Democrats want 25 billion to help the Post Office handle mail in voting. That is not counting a bunch more billions in administration costs. Because sometimes I struggle with math I will keep the number at a simple twenty five billion. As an optimistic guess, and a nice round number, let’s say one hundred million people were to vote by mail. That is what I am seeing for numbers.

You’re welcome to check my math, but that’s about $250 per vote, or envelop. Plus, it is most likely local delivery! Drive envelopes across town for $250 a pop, plus it is a bit of a captive audience. No mail envelop no vote. it is looking like free money. Yikes, I want to play post office! That being said, it would be a lot cheaper to send the ballots by Fed-Ex. Save two hundred and twenty billion or so. Or maybe even UPS, they come to my home, and the drivers are very nice people. It would save me a trip to the next town, which a half hour trip.

You know who hasn’t walked out of the Democrat Party? Trial lawyers. They love each other. It is not about the mailboxes, it is about the lawsuits. You took my mailbox so I couldn’t vote. I will sue. Sure way to muck up an election, especially when you do not like the way the vote is going.

Just a final ironic note. My town is about ninety percent Republican. The Post Office took our entire post office building away. It is gone, no more post office in my town (actually the building is still there, but it is no longer a post office). As I noted earlier it is a half hour drive to actually go to the post office.

So what am I and my neighbors going to do? Sue? Nope, we are going to vote in person.

President Harris

So I was wrong, it is not going to be President Rice. My apologies. It is going to be President Harris. Of course I may be wrong again.

Anyway I did watch the debut of President Kamala Harris and her running mate Joe Biden. I watched with open and clear mind. I believe that it is important to watch important events of you want to comment on the event. Otherwise your opinion will not be your own.

So these are my observations.

  • I was very surprised that the event was held in a gymnasium. I had really thought such a momentous occasion would have been held on a grander stage. Made it seem like a high school event.
  • Joe started off sounding like Donald Trump and talked about the economy and jobs.
  • Kamala sat on the sideline looking oddly glum.
  • Joe slowly switched to bashing Trump, then he upped the game by talking about Nazis and the KKK.
  • The talk about Nazis and the KKK seemed to excite Kamala.
  • Joe lasted about fifteen minutes.
  • Kamala thanked Joe, Something I thought was very appropriate.
  • Kamala then went on to talk about Beau Biden, Joes late son.
  • It was beginning to sound like an eulogy to me. My thoughts then wandered to believing that Kamala was eulogising the Democrat Party.

I kind of lost it about there. Not in a bad way, I just stopped paying attention. I did try and refocus, and did hear Kamala encourage people to ” Continue Fighting”. Normally I would take this in a figurative sense, however with all the rioting across the nation I believe that she ment it in a literal sense. That is what I saw.

What I did not see, was a call for law and order. The people that will make the difference in this election are the people that are affected by law and order, or the lack of it. That is my belief.

I will agree that Kamala is sympatico with Joe. For that was a stated goal. Kamala went after Kavinagh with the same ferocity that Joe went after Clarence Thomas. When it comes to their politics, viciousness is an understatement. Yes, they are sympatico.

Put Out The Fire

Facebook is such a waste of time. However it is quite convenient. So I dabble in it, ask me to be a friend, and if I know you I probably will accept. I might of asked once or twice to be friended. So far I have never blocked or unfriended anyone. That might change. Anyway I have gotten some interesting information off Facebook. Most importantly political information that I would have never seen in the news. They would be things that I would double check. Interestingly Facebook says that I never received that Russian disinformation that was disseminated a few years back. I didn’t try to game the system, I post my thoughts. Really, the only person I talk about Facebook is with my wife. It’s just there, when I am bored I play with it. It will let me know what others are thinking.

I used to post links to this blog, and people would comment. Now according to my dashboard nobody reads this blog except for the Chinese. I am pretty sure Facebook blocks this website. I really do not know how the algorithms work. Yet I am sure they do. My guess is I was blocked during the intervention period of the Hillary campaign. It was one of her campaign promises. Although I tried to be balanced, an algorithm may have flagged me. However I would not be surprised if one of my liberal friends outed me. It was when cancel culture was just beginning. At the moment, no hard feelings.

Recently I received a couple of friend requests from people I distantly knew. It was a bit out of the blue. Anyway I respected them, and they became my newest Facebook friends. I really don’t add friends that often. They were from unrelated parts of my life.

Of course I know gray haired liberal hippies. It is rather unavoidable. They love to bash Trump. Have you noticed that all those people with the “coexist” bumper sticker have anger management problems. Bashing Republicans is an acceptable outlet for anger for them. Yeah, pass the peace pipe and hate on someone. it was the stock in trade of my dad, a liberal’s liberal. Much to my detriment, I know them and love them.

So I was not really surprised when my new friends started bashing Trump. Actually they were quite good at it. I am still of the mind that everyone is entitled to their opinions. So be it. Then something extraordinary happened. They both started praising Joe Biden. Then I made the connection. They were both involved with firefighting.

Today was the local parade. the parade was quite downsized because of Covid. There were a few off road vehicles, old tractors and cars. Five of us walking in Civil War uniforms. It was a wretched parade. Oh yes, there were the fire trucks. Big shiny and exorbitant, I thought of Joe Biden. The smallest of fire trucks was probably worth more than the entire rest of the parade put together, by several times. For the first time I saw disparity.

My thoughts then went to the fires that I had seen on TV. They were not big fires, however they were symbolic. Police stations, churches, statues, court houses, small businesses. For whatever reason the Democrat administrations let them burn. there were no calls to put out the fires. Before Joe Biden was magically coronated as the party nominee it seemed like his only supporters was the fire fighters union. Seems like something is going on between Joe and the firefighters.

The firefighters are tight with Joe, and tight with the party. The firefighters have millions of dollars worth of equipment. Why don’t they put out the fires? Why?

Just a note to my Chinese friends that read this blog. Don’t invest in Joe. He is not worth your money. He can’t even put out a fire, even with the best equipment. Or is that what you want? Some say so.

Then again, why are there fires in the first place? Of course, it is liberal privilege.

President Rice

I read that Joe Biden has narrowed his choice for vice president down to two people. Kamila Harris and Susan Rice. I think the choice between them will be simple. Susan looks black. Kamila, not so much. Crude, but simple. That is the way Joe thinks.

Nobody expects Joe to last long as president. COVID or something will get him. Realistically he probably will not make it to inauguration. Welcome President Susan Rice. She is sympatico with Joe. Part of the same corrupt administration as Joe they would work together to hide the skeletons they left behind.

Yes, I know it is a fantasy. Won’t happen. I think too many of the skeletons left over from the Obama administration have been exposed. I think a good majority of Americans will not see the value of a President Rice. Sure she is a black woman, and as such she will get some votes. Yet it is unfortunate that she has no real qualifications, other than she is sympatico with Joe. Being part of the same corrupt administration as Joe is her only real qualification. Unfortunately, or deservedly, she will go into the dustbin of history as a looser.

I most certainly am not saying that a black woman can never be president. I will say that it would be harder for a  black women to be elected. Every time Republicans nominated a minority or female, the Democrats would double down with the hate. See Sarah Palin or the last nominees from my state. They have a very vicious machine perfected.

I have nothing against President Rice. It will be corruption by the book, unprecedented.

The Kennedy Nixon Debacle

In a moment of bipartisanship I will unload on both President Kennedy and President Nixon. I am talking about executive orders 10988 and 11491 signed by the former presidents. I will blame them both. I have advocated more doing and less booing, in an attempt to be more positive. Yet maybe we can learn from our mistakes, so I will attempt point a few of them out.

The above mentioned executive orders enabled the formation of public sector unions. Public sector unions were not allowed before then. The changes would be transformative.

Unions are self serving. In the private sector, or capitalism the customer is king. Products or services are for the benefit of the customer. With a union, the benefit is for the producer. The customer becomes secondary. Unions are parasitic, and eventually will destroy the host.

The public sector, or government work is even more so. The government is the structure of society. It is ideally to serve the citizens. More than half of all union members are now employed by the government. Sixty years ago no union members were employed by the government. Unionism transcends politics. For politics must now pander to the unions instead of the citizens. Everything must go through the unions, for it it is not the union way, it will not get done.

Yup, that is how I view unions. Shortsightedly they care only about themselves.  Unions by their very nature are unaltruistic. This is especially bad when it comes to the government. For good government is about the care of its citizens. Bad government is about the exploitation of their citizens.

Of course unions will justify their existence. Pretending to be something they are not they will confuse, and then demand more. Because they believe their own lies.

Anyway I might be a bit negative, but there is a certain amount of truth to what I say.

Government should be altruistic.

The Agenda

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well-funded.” This was part of  President Obama’s vision for an expanded Peace Core back in 2008. Personally I do not remember any more talk about the Peace Core after that. The Peace Core thereafter shrunk in size.

When I joined the Trump campaign five years ago a former Hillary Clinton campaign worker also joined. She was totally disgusted with the corruption and elitism of the Hillary camp. She recalled stories of cronyism and graft. At one point she asked what we thought of the upcoming civil war. Everyone in the room was speechless. Perplexed that there was civil war predicted.

Today, with less than a hundred days to go to the election bullets are flying and people are dying. Are we engulfed in the civil war that was mentioned years ago? Is there an unseen civilian army, as proposed by Obama to serve his objectives?

Most wars have a defined start. A shot heard around the world of you will. I think in some cases history will define the start, the winners get to write history. Yet, in most cases it is immediately apparent war has been declared. Yet we are in the midst of some sort of revolution, and we are not aware.

We are at war. Cities are in shatters. Bioterrorism is now a thing. A group with the initials BLM is picking up where the KKK left off. We are being told that we should not expect the next election will have clear results. America, that some of us loved is no longer a thing. This we are told is the new normal.

Who’s agenda is this? What do they want? When will it end? Where are we going as a nation? Why are they doing it?

Yes I blame the Democrats. Powered by hate and their politics of personal destruction, they want total control. The Clinton crime machine was co-opted by the charismatic Obama who inserted a Democrat favorite, racist hate, into the debate. Yet they have no true agenda. As lost as Biden is for words, that is the clarity of their agenda. This war had started with the formation of the Democrat Party, and will end with its death.


When I changed from a manufacturing job to an educational job I had a long interview. During that interview I was asked what my biggest fear was. I quickly replied riots. They were not expecting that answer. We actually had a pretty good conversation about riots, and their effects.

When I was a child riots were a thing. We’re they worse than they are now? I do not really know. Censorship. The difference between now and then, now people knockdown statues. Back then it was about stopping the war or the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. None the less, riots made no sense to me. Why burn buildings? Completely illogical, yet people do it.

some years ago I remember seeing riots in South Korea on TV. Students versus the police. They would fight in the streets. Yet the would leave the cars and the stores alone. I was impressed. If there was a need for a riot, that was the way to do it.

Black Lives Matter. It makes a certain amount of sense. Everyone can feel down, so they may need some encouragement. You do matter. Yet now be murdered for saying all lives matter. Ask the family of Jessica Doty Whitaker what they think of black Lives matter. What a happening now is not rioting. It is insurrection. Planned insurrection. BLM does not care about black people, it is comprised of mostly white people, who burn down black neighborhoods. As such they are no better than the KKK, in fact they probably share the same DNA.

Me, I go to work so I can buy things I like. It is called Capitalism. The rioters, as many others hate Capitalism. Not sure why. They say the want to move to Cuba, yet they never do. I do not understand. Burning things down does not give you the things that you want. Unless you enjoy hurting people. Then that is wrong.

I do not think you will find many Republicans rioting, or encouraging rioting. Riots are a liberal, or Democrat thing. They are shady about it, but it is their thing.

Bernell Tremmell would have agreed. However he was shot dead, in the head. Just another black life, that does not matter, according to the Democrats.

I have run out of verbiage, I am sad. Our society, it has gone bad.

Tucked Away

Tucked Away

For the news junkies that is the actual rock. Interestingly it, and the rocks around it look like they have a waterline. Perhaps the rocks were moved here from somewhere else. A lake someplace? Were they moved before or after the sale? I would find that story interesting. Yes I envision a time capsule, this is the Granite State. Editor, could you get me that story?

I had heard of Jeffery Epstein before he was arrested. I had assumed he was a two bit wanna be player in politics. I knew the right wing media said he was a big player, but who actually believed them. Nobody believes that crazy right wing stuff. When Jeffrey was arrested we found out that he had the biggest house in Manhattan, and the biggest house in New Mexico. A fleet of private jets, and two islands in the Caribbean. This guy was a major player. Mysterious too. Money and women, no real viable income. Wow.

He claimed to be an expert at playing the markets. That may have been true. Others said he was involved in human trafficking, something I know little about. Most likely a bit of both. Then there were suggestions of blackmail and espionage. Both well within the realm of possibilities. So where was the truth? He died. Most people don’t believe he killed himself. Way to many coincidences. He believed he could beat the system, that is what he did. Till he died. The deep state at work.

Jeffrey had a girlfriend or partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. It was said that she procured young ladies for Jeffrey and his rich and famous friends. Some of the ladies were very young, underage even. That is why Jeffrey was arrested, then died before any trial. Secrets were being kept. Tucked away.

Ghislaine disappeared. It was assumed that she went overseas, out of reach of the law. Most believed that the secrets would be kept, tucked away.

I wondered what happened to the young ladies. It was said that there were 500 of them. Was it true that some of them died. Did some become a success, or even famous. Allegedly hundreds of girls were involved. Yet we have very few stories. Allegedly they may have been used for honey pots in international intrigue, real James Bond stuff. Like in the movies, but in real life. I have to wonder what was manipulated, and what were the consequences. Then there were the stories of sordid depravity. What is the truth?

Yup, the answer was tucked away, just down the road. What!

Whoa. Reset. Ghislaine was just a couple of stop signs away. She wasn’t in a foreign land? I was shocked, if the stories were true I figured she would be living in Dubai. Or some other nice place. She is wanted in this country for some really serious charges. In addition her “friends” would most likely be out to get her to keep her from talking. She then chooses to be tucked away just down the road. Surprise.

Maybe the international intrigue is even more dangerous than the charges here. Maybe she was tucked away in a government safe house. There now is the possibility that some real secrets will be forthcoming. Exactly how does the “Deep State” work. Would that be to much to ask? Allegedly there are videos, one, two, hundreds. Who knows. Will just a few be selectively revealed, a couple of minor career adjustments for the greater good. Or will the whole sordid mess be exposed. I do not know.

Sometimes things are so near, yet so far away. I suspect we will never know. Yet the story has become more interesting.

Or will it all be simply be Tucked Away again? This brief is exposure simply an aberration. Ghislaine is off to New York, with no bail. Will she survive? Will she talk? She says she is innocent. Is it is funny, she was found hiding behind a rock?

Something funny about the old timers in this state. We say that rocks grow.

¿Me Smart?

I write about what people talk about, and race continues to be a topic. Till a few years ago I never talked about race, I was trained at an early age not to. To be honest I did not think about race very often. It was not something I paid attention to. Till recently. When people started calling me racist.

Sure, some people mentioned race, they were all what I would call smart liberal people. In fact they seemed fixated on race. Not smart people would only mentioned race when it was brought up by others. The effect of this was the smart liberal would control the conversation.

Me, I am average. Not smart, not dumb. So what does this mean? for me racism is statistical. Certain races have certain attributes, or so it is said. To know them all takes a certain amount of memory. Some people have better memory that others. A smart racist can make observational judgments by characteristic observations. They are then happy to share their views. Are they right? Not necessarily.

We are individuals, with many traits. I learned long ago to not be judgemental. I knew that there were many things that I did not understand. That did not keep me from being observational. Still, there may be misperceptions. For example I have known a professional for many years. He had a slight accent. I knew he was from somewhere else, and had thought he had come from India. Just recently I found out that he had come from Iran. Not that it matters, he is a good person.

So what I think I am saying is that I am not smart enough to be a racist. It is way to complicated. If I am to judge people, it is how they work. Even then, I may be wrong.

I work with students and doctors. If you have followed me this far you may find this interesting. This is my view, students come to learn, they are like an electron cloud orbiting the nuclei. The nuclei is composed of doctors and other professionals. Electron clouds are fuzzy. They have no real shape. Yet they become an element, a building block. part of a structure. That is what knowledge is.

Full Stop. Watch out!

It seems reasonable to assume at this point that all Democrats are racist. They are destroying our cities and making life worse for the poor. Their policies are biased on hate. They know it. Vote them out of power. Defund them. I no longer feel bad for them. They are wrong. Vote them all out. Please.

I just read what I wrote. That is quite the premise. Wow. Ok, pause and take a deep breath. I have to agree, yes my personal experiences confirm. Unaware, my friends from the left are gleeful in their hate. Historically the Democrat Party has been the Party of racist hate. Why would they be any different now?

Sure, I have been canceled. It is not a surprise, it is what they do. As I discovered long ago debate is not allowed. So here are my observations. Old Joe was in fifth place in the New Hampshire primary. Then the Party coalesced around Joe? Why? There was no debate, the rank and file were simply told to vote for Joe. They did. Washed up Joe, why did they pick him? Because he was white? Maybe the party thinks that the general populace would only vote for a white person. Did they forget that Obama was elected twice? What the heck maybe they are right. Here in my state the Republicans nominated a Black and a Hispanic. The white Democrats won. My state is not woke.

In other states they are knocking down statues by the dozens. Sure, most of the statues were confederate soldiers, erected by Democrats. These people are self loathing. The woke are burning and looting the neighborhoods of their constituency. In my view just another reason not to vote for them. I am sure that my view is not a solitary view. I suspect that there might be a whooping at the polls. Of course I may be wrong, the cancel culture is very strong. Personally I see them canceling themselves. I, as well as so many others are tired of talking about race.

Joe, oh come on man you ain’t black, or white. Your a deplorable, despicable crook.

Yes, I wanted to say that.