The Hypersonic Bomb

They say Putin has the bomb, and it is hypersonic. That is why we are letting him do what he is doing. They said Sadam had the bomb too. He didn’t. I did not believe them then. I do not belive them now. That is my view of our unionized media. Leave our very own echo chamber and there is another story. We are being accused of ethnic genocide in Ukraine. We allegedly have dozens of secret biological warfare labs that we fund for research. It is for this reason that the Ukrainian people are being slaughtered. Personally I would need more proof than simple allegations. Yet there are probably millions of Russian and Chinese that believe these stories.

Our top politicians, on both sides, have had an inordinate interest in Ukrainian politics. Though now that I think about it, Paul Manofort was recommended to the Trump campaign by the mainstream. Manafort would bring gravitas to the campaign they said.. At the time I thought it was a sign of unity. Joe Biden was heavily involved in Ukrainian politics when he was Vice President. What are friends for?

When you expect the worst you will never be disappointed. I read that Putin is unafraid to use the bomb. Many expect him to use it. Conversely I read many stories comparing Putin and his supporters to Trump and his supporters. Trump Derangement Syndrome still reads its ugly head in our media. President Biden has been known to dish his own supporters if they do not agree with him, so when the media compares Putin to Trump, it is a bit unfair. Yet it has been done. I can imagine that if Joe was told there was a button that could eliminate Trump and his supporters, Joe would push it.

Fortunately people like Elon Musk have come to aid Ukraine. He is providing the Ukrainians with communication. I always had thought that the next big war would be digital. Guess I was wrong.

Things are only going to get worse before they get better. My only hope is the Russians take out Putin and replace him with someone more reasonable. We are a big beautiful world. It would be nice if we all got along. I can understand why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. We are crazy down here.

Political Speech Is Not Protected

I recently did my annual retraining about protected rights. It was nice to learn that as an old person I could not be fired because of my age. It was also nice to learn that I could not be fired because I am a lesbian (don’t ask). Theoretically I could not be fired if my skin was orange.

Then there was a whole group of reasons of why people could be fired for the words they use. For example if you said mean things about me being an old orange skined lesbian you could get fired! And rightfully so. I am really just a young person hiding in an old person’s body.

I figured an old body was the best place to hid. People can be so mean. So what I did notice about all this training for protected rights, politics was not protected. It was even mentioned that political speech was not protected. Now they tell me! I have been writing about politics for more than six years. True you can say what you want, but you may not have a job the next day.

So what do I do next? Hit the publish button? In the past I depended on the censors to keep my out of trouble. They still may be. According to my stats the Chinese are the only ones reading what I write. So I usually have a observation to make when I write. The reason I write is because I may get into trouble if I say what observe. People can be very well trained to say what they are told to say.

Political winds change. Parties change power. My point is what is viewed as acceptable political commentary today, may not be acceptable tomorrow. It is rather unusual if political speech is actually free.

The Saber Not Rattled

About a month ago I had one of those oh oh moments. The Russians had been moving troops to the border of Ukraine. I did not think to much of it. Putin was known for testing the waters. A few counter moves would put him in his place. It was a traditional ritualistic Saber Rattling. The most famous resent example was Trump and Kim Jong-Un. My button is bigger than your button.

I found it odd that there was no counter saber rattling. The news was full of excuses. Ukraine was not part of NATO. Germany needed Russian oil. Russia had the bomb. Putin was rattling his saber and we, with the biggest Saber were silent. This was not going to be good. Someone needed to say to Putin that this was going to be a really bad idea. For whatever reason, nobody did.

Those that blame others are usually to blame. That goes double here. I usually try not to say bad things about people, and their views. I have been ridiculed for my political views many more times than I can count. So I really do not want to stoop to that level. What I will do is question whether they have the genetic capacity for intelligence.

We are in a slow decline, inflation, supply chain issues, rising crime, and now war. Yet it is always someone else’s fault. I make myself a cup of coffee in the morning and go to work. Life is still good. I hope that those that continue to blame others take notice. Hate is war, and war is not the solution.

The View From The Top

On the back of the dollar bill, if there still is such a thing, is an image of a floating pyramid with an eyeball on top. What does it mean? The influence of secret society? Or, much more simply, we are all stones that support the view from the top. We, as a country, are represented by the view from the top. It is why we are concerned about what the president sees. Even more importantly, what he, or soon she, looks at.

What leaders look at is telling. For it is what they care about. For example, do they look at ice cream cones, high end real estate, or the color of one’s skin. Maybe they are looking at the family legacy or the power of the dollar. It could be simply they are looking at the power of the pen. Some see the power of the stage, or a simple home. Occasionally someone may just fall into the job. Retribution or political gain is all some see. Then again it could just be all about good looks and personality. That is about as far back as I go, this is just my view on what I think they thought about. Before then war is what it was all about. Could be my life is coming full circle.

What our leaders see motivates the direction of of the country. When they are running for the office try and pay attention to what they are looking at. For what they care about effects us all. That is if we still have a choice in the matter.

It’s Your War

Remember when your view of politics was filled with hate? Any view other than yours was deplorable, if not much worse. Yes, I remember the the names you called me. I can easily recall the re-education camps you sent me to. Of course we have now come to the logical outcome. War.

It is so sad, and predictable. Sure you will deflect blame, it is what you do. It is the nature of a control freak. Maybe I should be a little more specific on whom I am talking about. I am talking about those that disproved of my political views. As I have chronicled, discussions were not allowed. If you had an alternative view, and were willing to accept my view, and discuss the differences, you are exempt from my blanket condemnation.

When it comes to Liberalism, I think different. I may be part of your world, but I do not believe. I do not believe because the outcome is cruel unjustified war. We could be making our own energy, yet we insist on buying energy to support injustice. You make up your own selfish rules to benefit yourselves at the expense of others.

Simply, when everything is a lie the truth cannot be tolerated. That is where we are operating today. However it is evident that word salad just does not cut it. The world is filled with good and bad people. When the bad people are in charge, bad things happen. That is judgment passed.

You may say that I should have told you. I tried to say, yet your mind was made up. I have my limits. I would not go past them. Could be I am a bad communicator. However I am not in charge. There should have been some clear communication that war is a bad thing. There was not.

Of course actions speak louder than words. Currently the high price of oil supports war. The price of oil is artificially high. Think about those that cause the price of oil to be high. I know a fellow with five degrees, and that is what he does. The bad people are in charge. That makes me feel bad. Bad things are happening.

Stafford Green

There is only one name I remember from grade school. My friend Stafford Green. I probably wasn’t the easiest person to be a friend of. I would disappear into the country during the summer, and come back with a country accent. That was considered uncool. I had another limitation, I needed glasses and nobody seemed to notice.

I was strongly nearsighted. I could not discern faces. Back in school today I see everyone wearing masks we cannot see their faces. When I was 16 I went to get a driver’s license, they would not let me have a license unless I read a sign on the wall. I told them the sign was to far away. They told me to get glasses.

Even though I can now see I still can’t tell people apart. My friends are typically, a bit different. Names are very, very hard for me. I think I may have missed out on something by not recognizing people when I was young. So when when someone says wearing masks can retard development, I have a tendency to agree.

Is there a period of time during development when the brain recognizes faces and assigns names, or on some people does the brai just not get it. When I was growing up my father just could not remember my friends names so it could just be genetic.

so when I went out to the school yard to play, I could always find my friend Stafford. He was black.

The Genetic Divide

I must admit to being intrigued by the geographic red blue divide. It is a stark demonstration of our differences. Yet I have played on both sides of what seems to be an impenetrable barrier. Still on multiple occasions, from different sources, it has been stated that the divide is genetic.

My first thought was, how can where you live determine your genetic composition. Then I remembered that they have genetic testing that is an acceptable way determine where you actually came from. Yet people do move around. So it really is possible that people move to where they are genetically comfortable.

For fun let’s call our two groups the farmers and the traders. Maybe there is a genetic difference. The farmers raise products and the traders distribute products. Sounds simple and equitable. The traders developed architecture to display and store the products. They also developed units of measure to assign value. There is a reason Lady Justice has scales. The ability to use scales is a sign of superior intellect.

Yet the farmer will spend all day giving life. It is rare that products would be simply plucked from a tree. Most farmers preside completely over life cycle from birth to product. They would not succeed if they could not establish a sustanable nurturing environment. Such ability is respected and has value.

So where did we go wrong? The farmers and the traders can not survive without each other. There needs to be a mutual respect for the system to work.

Cities fail, there are numerous failed cities throughout history. I would guess the reasons are many. Yet the reason would be that the system of trade failed. I am not a historian, yet that is my guess.

Slavery subverts respect. Throughout history many cities were built with slavery. The elimination of slavery was a Republican experiment. Wasn’t the elimination of slavery a founding principal of the Republican party. The Democrats, the trail of tears and racial segregation is what the party was founded on. Slavery was part of the system that made the party successful.

The media, the mouthpiece of the traders, makes heroes of criminals. The statues have come down. The revolution is over. Slavery is back, and normalized. The dreamers are now prisoners of a new lower cast. Why? Simple greed is the answer. When you have the power it is easy to demand for more for less.

To intellectually support slavery is to bestow oneself a undeniable privilege. With Lady Justice blindfolded it was tempting for some to to put their thumb on the scale, and smile. For them unearned gains are the sweetest.

Maybe I am oversimplifing things, but that is the the power of the union. The union within the union. Maybe I should have capitalized union, because it is a thing. A genetic thing.

A Chat With Moses

All these years later and I am back at school, as a professor. I teach the arts of manufacturing. Manufacturing makes all that we are possible. Yet that is not why I am writing today.

It was the first day of classes, and there are maybe two people in this wonderful building. It is because of Covid. The first thing I do is check my computer to see if I have a Zoom that I supposed to be doing. I have a awesome shop with so many cool machines. Machines that I teach people to use. Yet because of Covid the room is empty, or not. So was surprised when I saw someone had come in and was wondering about, the turned to leave and I asked if I could help.

As is typical during the first day of classes, it was a lost student. He said he was looking for a math class and introduced himself as Moses. He mentioned that it seemed like the Zombie Apocalypse with nobody around. I agreed and we started talking about Zombie Apocalypses. It is very strange having nobody around.

I had to chuckle to myself. Here I am talking to Moses during the Zombie Apocalypse. I had never met a Moses before. Of course I knew the name. Supposedly the staff of Moses is in a museum down south someplace. A very storied and historical name.

Moses and I then tried to find out where his class was. I had a document that has the time and location of all the classes in the college. I easily found the class, yet the location was a bit of a mystery. The building was listed as WIN88. I had a map of the college and there was no building listed as WIN88.

I then checked the schools website. Frankly there was no explanation. During the Zombie Apocalypse WIN88 was definitely an unknown location. Moses and I pondered the unknown, every thing from the big bang to the Hadrian Collider. Moses was a physicist. He studied Newtonian physics. He explained that Newtonian physics is a hundred years old. Maybe Newtonian is out of date, we discussed the possibilities.

Moses was very polite and well spoken. He also had the coolest glasses. I may have been intrigued by his glasses as I had just purchased a new set of spectacals for myself. I had looked at some fancy two toned turtleshell frames, then went with a conservative frame that was identical to my current glasses. He had me wondering if I should have gone with a fancier set.

Moses sported a stunning gold rimmed spectacles with a triple side bar frame. Who says Moses can’t have style. He certainly had more style than I. Anyway Moses suggested that we call campus security, they would know where WIN88 was. So that is what we did. The surprise was campus security had no Idea where WIN88 was either. They then asked what the class was. Moses said it was a higher level math class. Campus security then said that it was probably in the Math building at 88 Winchester Street.

Later I mentioned to another person that I had a chat with Moses. They knew exactly whom I was talking about. They said Moses should have checked his email to see that classes were being Zoomed the first week. They said Moses had drove a considerable distance to get to the school.

The thought that I would start out the new semester with a chat with Moses was unexpected, yet appropriate. The thought that I should have told Moses that the classes were being Zoomed never crossed my mind. That was so obvious that I missed it. Yet I worked with Moses with his goal to help him find the location of his math class. That was the lesson for me.

Reflections Of Buddha

When I was young I knew very little about Buddha. Once and a while I would see on TV a Buddhist monk would douse themselves with gasoline and set themselves on fire. Seemed a rather unpleasant thing to me. Sometimes in the paper there would be a man that would climb a mountain to ask a Buddhist monk a question. Typically the answer was indecipherable. Much latter a group of people calling themselves the Taliban blew up an ancient Buddhist statue. That seemed rather wrong. I did not think the old statue was hurting anyone.

Latter in life a friend, who was smarter than the rest, gave me a statue of Buddha. He was raised in Indonesia. He suggested that I was Buddhist. That surprised me. Latter I read that a man named Pike suggested that the first Mason was Buddha. Then people toppled the statue of Pike.

Because of my friend my wife thought Buddha was cool. We bought a bunch of Buddhas for the house. Buddha seemed so calm and serine. The reflection of a good state of mind. All was good.

Then I meet an actual Buddhist, to be honest I was a bit shocked. I had never met a Buddhist, yet she was not very Buddhist. She seemed more American than I. She was raised a Buddhist, as I was raised a Christian. It was obvious that religion did not play an important part in our lives. At least not overtly.

There is one picture of Buddha in the house that is interesting. I had trouble figuring out the color of Buddha’s robes. They seemed to change colors. It was just one of those little things, I barely noticed it. Yet it was somewhat mystifying. The other Buddha’s were calm and relaxed, yet this one was mystifying. Sadly I figured it out. Buddha was printed in a reflective silver. I was seeing the reflection of the color of my shirt.

I guess that is the best answer, Buddha is a reflection of ourselves. If I had always worn the same color, would have never noticed it.

The Masonic She

It is the Masonic ritual that the compass and square dance upon the alter. The compass is defined as a rather mystical she partnering with the grand architect. I had gathered that the compass defined the articulate feminine form. As the compass was not represented as a male.

It is the articulate feminine form that gives birth. In this case the birth of buildings and other machinery. This made lots of sense to me. Men like machines. It is not unknown for women to be jealous of machines. For men, the machine can have the power of the opposite sex. It is a universal thing.

I considered it the power of the curve. It is all about the curve. The mysterious curve. The curve could be anything. A straight line, in geometry, is defined by the curve.

Recently I have had another thought, the mysterious she is actually education. To use a compass, successfully, is to be educated. That would go against the argument that the use of the compass is a gift from God. Yet it takes an education to build. Is she a God or an education? Or simply an earthly articulate feminine form. I am not yet ready to answer that question. I may never be able too.