I am teaching some young friends how to drive. It is about empowerment. They are learning how to drive my truck. I figure if they can drive a truck, they can drive anything. They are doing an excellent job!

Of course I am proud of their accomplishments. So I shared their accomplishments with a few friends. My smart friends said they could learn from my young friends. A few friends thought I was crazy. Others asked if what I was doing legal, and wished me luck. One suggested a way to help.

You might call my young friends disadvantaged, yet they are very smart. I believe that their future is bright. They are here to learn, and maybe get some guidance. Most of all they are driven. I mean that in both a literal and figurative sense. They never touched a steering wheel. I consider driving a form of freedom, that is something that I wanted to share with them. They are not really free until they determine their own destiny. In my simple mind, there are more options in life of you can drive. I figured I could share freedom with them.

I have a friend who is a lawyer. I have been told he works with the ACLU. Something I could believe. I showed him a picture of a couple of my friends next to the truck after they had perfectly parked it. They were so happy! You know what he said. He said I was being mean. He said that I should be teaching them to drive a fiesta or something small. I see no reason why young ladies should not be able to drive a truck if they wanted to. What a chauvinist!

I mentioned this to one of my young friends, she was highly indignant. I try not to let things bother me, politically or otherwise. In actuality, I am quite accepting, or so I think. Sure I may write my views here, yet I pretty much keep them to myself. Sometimes it may be hard to read me, as I say so little about my feelings. Typically I am afraid to express myself. Probably because I have been belittled in the past. Others are more than willing to express their views, when they do they seem to belittle. I can think of a few people like that. Is chauvinism empowerment? Some think so.

So after one month one of my young friends was driving on the highway. I am so proud of her! I was looking forward to telling my lawyer friend what a great job she was doing. There was always the remote chance that she might need legal representation. Or maybe a helpful suggestion or two legally for people in her situation.

I never had a chance. He delivered a bitter monologue about Hitler. The speech was directed at me. He knew that I supported Trump, something that seems unforgivable in his mind. He also had a huge fascination with guns. He was quite knowledgeable, and a collector. He let me know how smart he was about guns. I really didn’t care about guns, so why was he telling me this? He is just one example of Trump Derangement Syndrome in my life. I thought the ACLU was supposed to deliver freedom to the oppressed. Not to be the oppressors. Because of all his talking, I never mentioned my friends, and their successes.

Build Back Better

So I support “Build Back Better”. Yet I have not heard much about BBB. So I decided to search Google. The first hit goes to the Joe Biden website. His campaign promise. I read what were a bunch of lies, at least in my world they were. Hrumph. What happened to infrastructure? I had heard some talk about solar panels and jobs, what about? According to Google BBB is a vast empty ocean. In my view manufacturing makes our lives better. We like nice things. Because of manufacturing we have the arts and sciences. I would think build back better would support manufacturing. Trump talked manufacturing during his campaign. Then he did something about it. He made jobs. Hello Joe.

Not that I watch a lot of news, however I saw Joe bashing Trump yesterday. Hello Joe, you are the President! You are in charge. You can do what you want. I suggest supporting jobs and manufacturing. You said you would do that during the campaign. I know change will not happen overnight, yet you could talk about your plans. How about a bridge across the Bering Sea? Or flying cars. Or even bigger fire stations for your supporters! I like to follow directions. Come on man, give me direction. I want to support something I can believe in.

Transgender men in women’s sports? I do not care about that. Some may, I don’t. Cancel the pipeline, no Jobs in that. They will just ship it by rail and make Warren Buffett richer. The price of gas will go up and effect everything. Sure I like electric cars. However they have to be affordable, the way to do that is not to make everything else more expensive. I just checked CNN and the very first word is TRUMP! Joe that is your network! Trump is not your president! You said you were going to be president to all Americans. Give me something to believe in before I believe something else. Cut it out with the fake news and do something real.

Build back, make our lives better Joe.

January 6th Revisited

When I was younger I remember the Gwangju Uprising in Korea. Rioters, who were called students fought in the streets against police. People would film the riots from tall buildings. They were then broadcast on American TV. I was impressed by the orderliness of the demonstrations. The police had Plexiglas shields helmets and batons. The students would use Molotov cocktails against the police. When they did the students would advance. Sometimes the police would use tear gas to push back the students. Then the police would gain ground. Most of the time it was just violence in the streets. Fists against batons. A raging mob pushing back and forth. That was the flashback in my mind when I saw the images from January 6th.

What struck me (pun intended) about the Gwangju Uprising was the violence was confined to the streets. Parked cars seemed immune to the violence. Plate glass shop windows were not boarded up. They did not need to be. Windows were not being broken. The contents in the shops were safe. Yes there was violence in the streets. From what I understand thousands died. Yet the violence was between the students and the police.

Back in the 1960’s this country had many riots. Nothing was safe, stores were burned. Cars were destroyed. Violence was random. I was very young then, those riots were disturbing. For some reason the random violence of that era returned in 2020. Violence designed to induce fear. Unlike the violence of the 1960’s history was also targeted. Statues were torn down. History was being denied. Our riots were unlike the Gwangju Uprising.

January 6th is yet to be defined by history. Of course people are trying to define it to their benefit. That is what the second impeachment was all about. My first thought was it will be something like Guy Fawkes Day. A failed insurrection. At least that is what the media wants us to believe. Yet there are significant differences. Guy wanted to blow up the system. Literally. His insurrection was carefully planned. It was also done in secret.

The Trump event on January 6th was quite the opposite. It was completely open. The weapons were limited to flag poles and bear spray. The purpose was to raise voices to influence due process, not to undo it. It was believed that there were legitimate concerns about the certification of the vote. Then things got out of control. The similarity to Guy Fawkes Day? The wrath of the mob was actually directed towards governmental oppressors. The innocents were left out. This was something completely different than any previous riot in this country. In another first, Trump’s name was all over it. The imagery was spectacular, and unprecedented.

So what are the ramifications from the 6th? Five trumps supporters died. Add them to the body count of Trump supporters. Yes the officer that died was a Trump supporter. He may or may not have been hit on the head with a fire extinguisher. Reportedly there is no mention of contusion in the autopsy. Some windows and benches were destroyed. They can be replaced. No historic statues or paintings were harmed. A bunch of police were hurt. Yet the real result, a lot of members of the Congress and Senate became scared. Very scared. History was being made, not destroyed.

So my view, the Gwangju Uprising was epic. Something that changed the world, for the better. The January 6th Trump event seems to me to be something similar, a combination of violence and respect. Could it be equally epic? Still way to early to tell. As I said before I think it is the end of the Trump era. Yet Trump lives, he is what people talk about. TDS is real, why I do not know. Actually my current thought is TDS is just used as simple justification warning for a new era of oppression. Our new masters are using technology to keep us down. Time will judge.

Trump Is Still Your President

A few people have mentioned the second impeachment. My initial reaction is that it is fake news. My first thought is you cannot remove Trump from office because he is not in office. My second thought is the supreme court is not involved. Some senator is impersonating the judge. In essence, a show trial.

However the inquires got me thinking. I checked the CNN website a few times. Always their was a picture of Trump, or his name in the very lead. Funny, I thought Joe Biden was in charge. Nope. As they say Trump was living rent free in their heads. Me I am waiting to hear more about “Build Back Better” I had thought Trump lost the election .

Let’s just say impeachment fails. That would indicate that they were unable to remove President Trump from office. So would that mean Trump is still your president? From what I read the vote will happen latter today. So when it comes right down to it, I expect nothing will happen. It is all fake news. Trump is not your president after all.

Currently I do not participate in politics. My commentary is somewhat brief. My opinion is we live in a fascist society, and I just want to get along. So I rarely express my views. The power of hate and rage is strong. I truly miss the times when discourse was not confrontational. I guess those times are not the norm. The those times were a brief, though wonderful aberration. Memories that I cherish.

I am not smart enough to know all there is to know about politics. Those that think they do, they frighten me.

Hyper Joe

I wish I had a cup of coffee with that much energy. Before the election Joe Biden was hard pressed to make a fifteen minute speech. Trump called him sleepy Joe, and nobody argued. In his first week Joe reportedly signed 22 executive orders. In his first week Trump signed 4 executive orders. Joe is doing a lot more than undoing Trumpism. A bit of me is just hoping that this is how build back better works. Yet I do not understand why they are letting guys compete in girls sports. Or why we will be better off if the price of gas goes up.

For some, Hyper-Joe Biden was unexpected. True, he was expected to undo the hated Trump legacy. Some expect Joe to punish Trump, and his hated supporters. The more canceled the better. Yes, I am a bit nervous. Though nothing has happened to me, yet. Trump was the same before and after the election. Joe, well a different Joe emerged. In retrospect Joe’s low energy campaign consisting of the simple message of “Trump Bad” made sense. Why campaign when you know the fix is in.

Elections have consequences. There are winners and losers. That is why we vote. I have reinvented myself before, and I can reinvent myself again. Hate will not be part of my picture. I will fit in, if allowed. Hoping for equity as they say. Cancel hate is my motto.

The Drone Show

I would like to congratulate President Joe Biden on the drone show during his inaugural. I managed to find the show on Youtube and was impressed. From what I read it is difficult to set up a drone show in restricted airspace. The permitting was started even before the election. So the event was planed to proceed whomever may have won. Pretty much a non political procedure. Sure the display would honor the victor, that is the way it should be. So thanks again to the big guy for letting the show go on.

The Riots Continue

I am afraid of riots, they signal the end of civilization. Over the summer there were hundreds of riots. Mostly in Democrat cities. Many were planned, with the tact approval of liberal politicians. I am sure the secretive Soros foundation had a hand in preparation. Yes it is called the Open Society foundation. It is the second largest charity in the country, second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Open Society invests in political activism, with more money than Donald J Trump.

Joe and company built a wall around Washington D.C.and all the State Houses. Said the Trumpers were going to start an armed insurrection. I do not really mind it when people tell me what I am thinking, except when they are wrong. I find it especially deplorable when they accuse me of bad thoughts, that they themselves are thinking. Some things I am not capable of doing. Why do they say what they do?

So Antifa attacked the Democratic party building in Portland. There were also a few other small Antifa riots. I did not see any Trump violence during the inauguration. So unlike what happened four years ago. Were we promised that the riots would stop if Joe was elected? I heard more than on commentator say that very thing. Now they tell us that the Trump people will be rioting. With all the riots in the last year, there was only one glorious riot with Trump’s name on it. The Capitol riot. It was the only riot that did not target innocent civilians and property. The Trump riot targeted the corrupt politicians of this country. The riot failed. The guilty will be prosecuted, it is over. I am only sad that innocents had to suffer. Yet with all the other riots, much was condoned, and very little prosecuted. So many more innocents suffering. It is sad.

I paid slight attention to the inauguration, hoping I would hear “Build Back better”. Nope did not hear it. Some nice young lady in yellow did read a poem though. Not really interested in staying tuned in. Yet I am sure I will hear it. I wonder how many people watched the Biden inauguration versus the Trump inauguration? Yes I will include the TV viewers in that number. It would only be fair. From what I understand the drone show was pretty good, I will have to see if I can find it.

TDS Continues

I would like to say TDS stands for Technology, Design & Safety. Sadly TDS continues as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Personally I would like to integrate Technology, Design & Safety into Build Back Better, a phrase I once heard from the Biden team.

I am not sure who the official mouthpiece of the Biden administration, so occasionally I check CNN. As usual they have nothing nice to say about Trump. Note to CNN, Trump lost. Your guy won. Act like it. So far what I have learned is to question the results of the election is to be guilty of treason. So I will not question the results. Yet I want to see more. What we did get was more troops in DC. Reportedly over twenty thousand. Qin Shi Huangdi would be proud. Oh yes, we built a wall around the government too.

Interestingly I have been cancelled by my readers from China. I do not know how far the great arm of censorship will reach. I do not advocate violence, nor do I repeat the party line, I just express my opinion. They must no longer care about my views. From what I understand the Chinese economy is half the size of the U.S. economy. The Russian economy is about the size of Texas. So if either was to take over our government, it would definitely be leveraged. Wonder if it will go as planned.

Like I said earlier, I have not heard anyone support Biden. They only bash Trump. I did hear about one person that just wanted to vote for free stuff. So I am just waiting to hear some good news. So until then, all we have is bad news. Unfortunately I do worry. If anyone knows where I can find some good news, please let me know.

I Believe In Budda

Spin a wheel, and your good. Fly a flag, and you’re good. Rim a bowl till it sings, and you’re good. I really do not know much about Buddhism, however it seems like a simple religion. Bow to a pleasantly plump fellow and you’re good.

Having been betrayed by the media I need some solace. I am sure others will have their ways, yet I will turn to Budda. Never mind the words, they are on the wheel. Spin the wheel and I am good. Never mind the words, they are on the flag. Fly the flag, and I am good. Never mind the words, they are on the bowl, I can make the bowl sing. So I am good. I like that logic. I need the solace.

Of course I am just one betrayed deplorable. Others will have different reactions to being called deplorable, and worse. Being called a deplorable enough times may actually cause deplorable behavior in some people. Being told what your thoughts are may cause irrational thinking. So what is Karma? I am not sure. Some suffer that should not have. My heart goes to them. Yet others, it may have been Karma. To wilfully cause suffering may be cause for suffering. It is just so sad that others had to suffer, just so a few could experience a brief moment of Karma.

I do know the words say, but I believe they say to be compassionate, love and be a good person. Be free and kind. Maybe someday I will find out. However I am sure that the words don’t say hurt people and break things.

Be a good person, spin the wheel, fly the flag, sing the bowl. Do not cause suffering. My words for today.


Treason is trending. December 18th my Senator Jeanne Shaheen said something like. These who refuse to acknowledge our free election are bordering on treason. Then again on December 31st Shaheen said any challenge to The results of Biden’s victory was outrageous and it borders on treason.

I actually have not heard of a single person who voted for Biden, I only know people that voted for or against Trump. I have read about many allegations of election irregularities. I do not know if they are true, Yet to question is to be treasonous? I am not a constitutional scholar, however it is my understanding there were procedures in place that culminate on the sixth of January. To subjugate the constitutional process in place would be? I fully expected that the fix was in and the results would be to Senator Shaheen’s satisfaction.

I believe treason is punishable by death, so I dare not question the results of the election. However I question if Senator Shaheen is actually upholding the constitution. What are the ramifications if she is not?

I also find her distrust of the process to be questionable. More importantly her distrust of the process mirrors the same distrust of process that caused the protesters to storm the capital on the sixth of January. Coincidence? Most importantly, why are only some that distrusted the process being prosecuted. I also question are the right people being prosecuted?