It is a dance step. Commonly associated with the square dance, however the step is also used in other dances. Actually I was thinking about the dance of the compass and the square upon the holy books. If you get the point. Me thinks that the the compass is just an articulating square if you will. Formed of the rib, as in a curve. If a man is the angle, yes men have an angle, only some of them are square. Then the she is articulating. In the end, we eventually know who comes out on top. If we attain wisdom, dancing upon the holy books. Articulation is the creator.

My Father, The President

Much to my surprise they elected my father to be president, of the United States. Let me tell you about him.

My earliest political memory is of when President Kennedy was shot. I was quite distraught. Someone had shot the president, who would lead the country? My first thought was my father could lead the country, he knows everything. I soon learned that there were systems in place for the transfer of the presidential title, why they even had a vice president readying go. Even though I found that reassuring I was still slightly disappointed. I thought my father would have made a better president.

I have always liked cars. Back when my brother and I were Cub Scouts they had a Pinewood Derby. My dad helped us build nice cars. He was also a judge for the race. It was an elimination type of race. When it came down to the trophy run, my car won. Yet my father called the race to the other guy. He said he wanted to be fair.

When Nixon was running for president my father brought us to see him. I was a bit surprised at the time that he wanted to go see someone who was running for president. In hindsight I think that he had wanted to argue with him. We were surprised that So many people went to see him. We barely got a glimpse of Nixon.

We were involved in Boy Scouts, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. My father was somewhat predictable. When there was a dispute between two boys, it was best to be the first one to tell the story to my father. His answer was inevitably the same. You are right, the other boy was wrong. I will give you some money to make it better.

My father was named after a jester and a surgeon. He always had a smile. He walked through life smiling.

One time his company was moving. They paid me to help them move. When I picked up his secretary’s typewriter she burst into tears. That was a bit confusing.

When we were growing up, my father and uncle would swap birthday cards saying they should run for mayor. We never asked why they did that, we do not think about politics much.

Actually my father was a big fan of John Anderson. He gave him money to run for president. Claimed he would be paid back. I thought John Anderson was going to be the next president. I was surprised when he only received six percent of the vote.

Actually my father was having an affair with his secretary. She had a daughter that was institutionalized. My father was very empathetic. He had me institutionalized.

If given the choice between the truth and a lie, my father would believe the lie. I proved it to him one time. I have him the choice between the truth and an obvious lie. I asked him to choose the truth. He chose the lie because he wanted to believe it. He then called me a liar.

My father really got into politics after he retired. Free time and a new girlfriend. He was a liberal’s liberal. He started carrying signs and protesting.

I went to a party with his liberal friends. We played a game where we played different socialists. I was given the high honour of playing Fidel Castro. I was known to enjoy cigars. I wasn’t very good at it. I didn’t know any Fidel quotes.

I told my dad that I would carry his signs if he would get me a cushy union job. He became mad. He did not like unions. He had worked with unions back when he was industry. I was a bit confused, I thought he was in the pro union party.

My father would protest weekly. He called his protest vigils. He would dress up in a black burka and hold a bloody baby doll. He did this in a number of town squares with his friends. Sometimes he would stand in the road. He would be happy when people got mad at him. He could then call them stupid.

He gave most of his money away to charity. Over four figures a month. He was happy that he lived below the poverty line.

He wanted to live in the past, like the 1700’s. Modern conveniences were unnecessary in his mind.

He expected people to work for him for free. Why, because he was smart. Smart people get to tell stupid people what to do. He thought people should pick up rocks and build stone walls. Why? Because that is what they did in the past.

He claimed that the old house was part of the underground railroad. Why? Because there was a small hidden room behind the gable. He would give tours, school buses with children would drive to look at the underground railroad. I said all houses with a gable would have a hidden space, it is the nature of geometry. I did some research about the underground railroad. Most slaves traveled through cities where there would be freemen, or to the car seat where there were forests. They did not travel through open farmland like this place was at the time. I asked if there was any family history that talked about runaway slaves. He replied no, but it was up time to prove that there were no slaves in the room. Reality, the little room may have not existed before the civil war. The gable may have been added after the war.

My father believed being right justified theft. He would steal the oppositions signs. I had thought that was his anomaly. Yet it proved to be the norm for his cause. He would advocate violence for his cause. I disagreed with him.

My father would relish arguing. There was no other point of view other than his own. Most people knew better that to argue with him. Others wished they could argue like him.

Shortly before he died we had an argument, he said I was not of his blood.

When he died I fulfilled all his wishes. He filled the church with a standing room overflow crowd. The crowd was a order of magnitude larger than had ever been in that church during my life. There was a very long line of people waiting to get in. Most did not know he had sons.

After he died I opened his mail. I remember a letter from Hillary. Addressed to my father it started “You and I think alike ” and it end with “send me money so I can implement our beliefs”. It was very effective.

My father was a kind and caring person, just at times misguided.

I wonder how he likes being president.


Seems like a simple word. Sustainable. Sort of like the ability to survive. To keep on keeping on. Where I work we teach sustainability. I had likened sustaining to efficacy. It is the more efficient systems that are sustainable.

Of course I am now an old person. When I was young they said to trust no one over forty. Well I am sixty percent over that now. Why should a twenty year old trust what I have to say. In a way, I understand that. So I listen.

When asked for a movie recommendation for a Sci-fi film featuring manufacturing a young expert suggested Snow Piercer. Spoiler alert, I will talk about the film. It is a relatively recent film (in my years) by a Korean director. As I am tired of Hollywood propaganda, I thought it might be interesting. It was. The scenario was a perpetual train on snowball earth. The only life on earth was aboard the train. On board the train was a fascist society with the goal of sustainability. The population on board the train consisted of the haves and the have-nots. The have-nots wanted to overthrow the haves. There was lot of violence.

I disagreed with all the violence. The movie was basically just a train wreck. At the end of the movie two people survive the train wreck and see a polar bear looking at them. Sustainability would be going back in the train and getting a gun to shoot the polar bear. Not a very good definition of sustainability.

Yet, the movie got me to thinking about what people perceive as the meaning of sustainability. The movie described sustainability as the justification of fascism. Yikes, I do not view my job as a justification of fascism. Of course that may be an extreme interpretation, yet violence was heavily promoted.

We teach the U.N. defined definition “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” A rather nebulous statement, that seems a bit word salad to me. As I poked around looking for other definitions I did see a man versus nature balance thing going on. It is true, we do teach we cannot survive living like we do. Something that I personally do not agree with. If I remember correctly it is something they taught when I was in school. Yet here I am, it is something I remind the students of when they ask.

Of course sustainability is not the big thing for me. I believe that manufacturing makes our lives better. The better we make things the better our lives will be. Efficiency and utilization are important, that is how we make things better. Am I fooling myself when I consider efficiency and utilization to be sustainability? I could be. Like the Ying and the Yang I consider the Holy dance of the compass and square to be enlightenment. The articulating she and the he. Sustainability might just be the fourth part of a circle, but it is not creation. Yet where I am, sustainable is the first word. So it demands reasonable definition.

Don’t trust anyone over forty, it is true. I trust the students. They are my muse. They are the future. I willing lend them my experience, for they can use it better than I. Yet I now desire to describe sustainability for them. For they are not satisfied to have sustainability described as a lie.

“The preservation and promotion of humanity” will be my description of sustainability. It is not a us verses them thing. Sustainability should promote improvement, and infer an innate goodness. I will have to ask the young people what they think. I am open for suggestions.

Slipped a Mickey

When I started this journey I listened to NPR and watched CNN and MSNBC. They said older white working males would support the entrepreneurial Trump for president. Sounded like a good idea, so I went to listen to the man. He spoke of love, a big beautiful gate, and jobs. He had my support. I also discovered the entrepreneurial Trump had support from many people that were not older white working males. In fact I was a minority amongst his supporters.

Now I occasionally watch OAN and read Canada Free Press. The American electorate was slipped a Micky. It is quite obvious. Even alleged Biden supporters do not support Biden. The best that could be said is they support unions. That’s it. It was not said that Trump was anti union either, what they said was much worse, and not true. Yah, they slipped the electorate a Mickey.

Now it’s the morning after. Groggy with Coranavirus, not really sure what happened, we assess the situation. The robbery is evident. Yet who and why, not so much. The people with the great wall know the value of bribing the gatekeeper. Yet there is also evidence of an inside job, selfish greed as a motivating factor. Coordinated theft is conspiracy, conspiracy to overthrow is treason. The stakes are high.

So what to do next? I’m not sure. Groggy is my state of mind. Suspicions are not evidence, or proof. Yet, we know it is probably the truth. My suggestion, fasten your seat belts. The chickens will come home to roost.

Lessons Learned

I probably will not get involved in politics again, even when I became involved I thought it would be a one shot deal. Involvement in one campaign and see what it was like. For the experience and to do what I thought was right.

The results were not what I expected. The experience has left me changed. We as a nation are at war with ourselves. I do not know if it will get worse, or how bad it will get. Proceed with caution.

Be wary of people with strong political beliefs, their political views will affect their actions. They may not do nice things. Demonization precludes discourse. Voices will not be heard. Sad. As a figurative analogy, have you noticed that when some people when they walk into a room they will rip off your head and poop down the hole. Then they expect you to like it. You really have only a couple.of choices. Nod and agree, or leave the room. Or if you are really sophisticated, you make them believe what you believe.

On a practical side, do not give money to any campaign. They will simply ask for more. I gave a couple of bucks just to say that I am on your side, and now it seems that they have spent more than I gave just to ask for more. Sure ask me once a month or so, however don’t ask three times a day. You won’t get any.

Personally I think that it is OK to support the candidate of your choice. In my mind it is not OK to demonize the opposition. Yet that particular methodology has been shown to be highly effective. Violence in the streets has been shown to be effective. Sad but true, Trump supporters are happy just to wave a flag of support. That is in comparison to the Democrat support of Juneteenth. A holiday that is celebrated by killing blacks and burning their businesses. That is not a holiday that I want to celebrate.I

Yet the biggest lesson learned is, to stay away from politics.

The China Ballot

I have read that in one study eleven percent of voters split their ballot. That could certainly make a difference in the outcome of an election. Yet there was not a historical comparison to past trends. As usual a single data point is not very useful.

My father, the liberal’s liberal, enjoyed the argument. It was not the substance, it was just argument for arguments sake. He was a real pro about taking a single data point and building a argument. To be clear it was the argument he enjoyed, not the substance. I am sure he was not alone in his methodology.

On rare occasions when conversation has turned to politics I have mentioned that I write about American politics. So far nobody has asked who I write for. If they had I would have said for the Chinese. According to my WordPress dashboard the Chinese are by far my greatest viewers. Of course they could be just bots. Or WordPress could be lying to me. Yet that is what WordPress says. The Chinese read what I write.

So it would be reasonable to believe that the Chinese have an interest in American politics. They would be foolish not to. By rights they would also have an opinion. However the question is are they involved, and to what extent. Then it is our responsibility to determine if so and why.

Hollywood is by definition people pretending to be someone they are not, for money. These are the people that influence our society. It is my understanding that China has bought most of the Hollywood studios, indirectly influencing our political opinions.

The contrast between Trump and Biden rallies was unbelievably stark. Something that caused the outcome of the election to be confusing to some, myself included. Yet I know a good number of people that absolutely hate Trump and his supporters. Yet, I know no-one who likes Biden. Even the reported Biden supporters do nothing but trash Trump. This is what the Democrat Party has become, a vessel of hatred. I could imagine them accepting unethical support. It would be OK with Yorick.

So dear readers, what is with the reports of ballots for Biden printed in China? Working people in this country are predominantly Republican. It would be very hard to discreetly print false ballots in this country. It would be far easier for corrupt politicians to smuggle false ballots from cooperating ally. No I do not believe everything I read, yet that is the allegation. So far the evidence is simply circumstantial.

Personally I believe self interest powered hatred has won. This is something that gives me the fear. I suppose the masters would be happy with that. Have a nice day.

Surprise Surprise Surprise

I may have said preceding the election to expect the unexpected. To a certain extent the unexpected happened. I am talking about the split ballot. In my state the Republicans walked away with all the local races. While the Democrats won the national races. Preceding the election there was not a single mention of splitting the ballot. Voting straight ticket was the answer on both sides. Yet the evidence says that a large group of people split the ticket. More on this later.

Florida in 2020 held up the election for five weeks. The story of the hanging chad was the headline news of the day. Their reputation suffered. Yet this year the votes were counted on time, and without indecent. Trump was clearly the winner in Florida. The big winner in the vote was Florida, they succeed where others now failed. In counting the vote. To be fair, I will give President Trump five weeks to make his case.

Voting is a solemn thing, it is how we chose governance. Voting is not graffiti. A throw away line. We determine our future with our collective vote. That is the theory anyway.

I believe hate has spoken, and we shall get our rewards. Yet there is another theory, the vote has been stolen. Something that in a strange way brings solace. Not that thievery has succeeded, but not as many voters have hate in their hearts as they say.

I expect to hear nobody has split their vote. So that leaves only one conclusion. Next time there will be no evidence.

Hate and Treachery Succeed

Jill Biden is now the president elect. Yes, I know Joe won. However his mental capabilities are fleeting. Every time he meet with his supporters he derided them, so Jill wisely at most times kept him home.

Meanwhile a massive army of propagandists were deployed, at incredible cost. I have to wonder who was footing the bill, and why, for what they were selling was simple. Hate. I talked with person after person, the motivation to vote for Joe was simple hate. Mountains of hate. So sad, the Republic has been defeated.

For the first time I do not support the newly elected president. Joe does not like his supporters. I am in enough trouble as it is. I do not need any more.

I will not riot in the streets, or cause other problems. I will write a few words and call it a day. True, I will wonder what Smiling Joe will do. He has never really professed to any real ideas other than hate, that and plagiarizing. To my surprise he was Plagiarizing Trump commercials. The Jeeps in his latest campaign events are a direct rip off of the Trump caravans. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So maybe things will not change to much. Biden will just mime Trump and all will be well. No scandals, you think. Who would dare to go up against Joe. Joe outspent the Billionaire Trump like four to one. I am thinking it was more than just union money. Some say it was tech money. Yet, why would tech pay when it is on the dole? Censorship is real. Hollywood, the purveyor of fantasy has sold out. Who has more money than all the rest put together?

Well, I do not want to use the other “T” word. I almost used it in the headline, Then thought better of it. I am not a Nazi. Yet it could be a possibility. The corruption is deep. The swamp was not drained. In a word Trump failed. So we are on to the next chapter in uncharted waters.

Not everyone is a hero. President Trump tried. I respect him for that. he is still my hero for taking on injustice. Despite what many people say, he did good. His detractors, theirs is another story.


Aretha Franklin had it right. Fifty three years later we still have not learned. I am saddened. Society has failed.

No, I do not know the results of the election. Yet there will be no real winner. There will be no winner because there will be no respect. People are preparing for violence, that is so sad. We should be better than violence. Yet violence is advocated for, then denied. All for power and control.

Listen to Aretha, listen to music unpoliticized. Watch unpoliticized video. Read unpoliticized stories. It can be done. Beware of politicization. Because then you will never know the truth.

Seven Days

I plan to vote in seven days. Hopefully I do not catch COVID between now and then. I plan on voting the way I always do. It is my way of imposing a sense of normalcy on the election craziness.

In my home there can be no other choice than Trump, well yes there is a choice. However Trump is the answer. Yet when I go to work, there is no other choice than Biden. There is no choice, it is Biden or fear. Real fear. MSNBC plays constantly. 1984 was prophetic. It is very easy for me to rationalize that societies fail.

I guess the best thing to say is to expect the unexpected. Let me recap my thoughts. For the first time in my life we have gone into an election with peace in the Middle East. That was always the holy grail of politics. It has been largely achieved. The most amazing thing to me personally is that we as a country have achieved energy independence. Something that may have something to do with peace in the east. Yet we do not talk about things like that. Turn on the news, and realize that the news has been measured at Ninety Six percent against the president. A truly impressive measure hatred. For when it comes down to it Ninety Six percent of the negative news is false. It is so bad that I have given up refuting it. Society has failed.

Saw a simultaneous Trump Rally and Biden rally on TV today. Two separate channels, I flipped back and forth. The difference in enthusiasm is staggering. Trump, the comfortable storyteller versus the stammering fearmonger. They wouldn’t show the Biden crowd, but it did not sound very large. Trump crowds, they are massive. Even in the time of COVID.

When it comes to driving the roads there are more Biden signs than there were Hillary signs four years ago. I guess that just goes to show that the Democrats are really sexist. Trump signs are not that prevalent. The ones that show up disappear shortly later. Either that or they are vandalized. There is a large Trump sign at a major intersection that is broadly painted with the word “Racist”. These people are not kind. Another Trump sign at another major intersection is covered in white paint. Vile.

Joe Biden has more bought enthusiasm than Hillary did. There was also a tolerance for tokenism in the last election. Now, we give in to the fear. There is no debate, only the threat of war. It was a Hillary campaign worker that first told me of the coming civil war, so it has been in planing for some time. Yes I still hear about it. I write about what I hear and see. It comes from the left.

I see on the news that there is violence in the cities. People are dying. Political violence, paid for by billionaires. Be afraid.

My plan is to hide, I do not want to fight. I hope it does not come to that though. Also I plan to vote, like there is nothing wrong. I will say hi to the protagonists in the most evil of charades, as they are still my neighbours. I will wonder, where do we go from here?

In seven days.