The Media Bubble

Saw New Hampshire Representative Al Baldasaro on Facebook today, and I have to say he is right. As far as I’m concerned the media has had a built in bias for many decades. Trump and his team have a challenge ahead of him. Unsurprisingly, I think he will succeed.

I met Al at the Trump rally in Waterville Valley. He is a great proponent of gun control. Use a gun during a crime, and you go to jail. A lot of folks do not like Al, because he does not confirm to norms. However he is right on this one.

After Trump takes on the media, and wins. He will come to the greatest challenge of his life. The D.C. bubble. Yes, D.C. is it’s own world, with its own massive inertia. Most people agree D.C. needs to be changed, however most people do not agree on how it needs to be changed. Trump will pretty much go headlong into eliminating waste and corruption. However one person’s waste is another person’s gravy. I’m thinking that by the second year we will have all forgotten about the pettiness that preceded the election. New battle lines will be drawn.


The Problem With Hillary

So what is wrong with the nice lady that is in charge of the largest political organization in the free world? Let me count the ways.

  1. The continuous trashing of her political opponents. She and her organization fell back on name calling long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene. Remember the vast right wing conspiracy. A conspiracy formulated as a reaction to Bill’s misogynistic tendencies. It is a formula that has served her well. However it does not always work, the proof is Barack Obama.
  2. Her stunning support of the second Iraq war. I was flummoxed by the entirety of the liberal press being in agreement with G. W. Bush about Saddam Hussein’s nuclear capability. That fact was made even more incredulous by the fact that that there was no solid evidence that Saddam had the bomb. Today I believe the only reason the Democrats supported the war was to blame Bush. Ponder that.
  3. There is as much hard evidence to support climate change as there was to support the evidence of Saddam’s bomb. The biggest evidence of climate change is the omnipresent claim of its fact by the liberal media. It is true that there is a measurable correlation between carbon and historical temperatures. However there is no reasonable evidence that carbon dioxide begat increased temperatures, and not vice versa. I have personally looked for reasonable evidence, and have not found it. Look hard enough, and all you find are threats.
  4. The Middle East mess. Sure we have cheap gas, however gas is cheap in part because we supported radical pirates that sold oil well below market rates. By supporting such radical extremist privateers we have helped father the worst refugee crisis since WWII. Truly the worst foreign policy in decades.
  5. The inner city rage. The liberal agenda has not helped the inner city poor. Crime is up, violence is up, poverty is up. Welfare delivers Democrat voters, and rage. Worse it delivers resentment. What they need are jobs, and respect. I am not saying it will be easy, it is never easy. Encouraging rage is not the answer.

These are just the major reasons, there are a number of other reasons that could be just philosophical, reasons for a rational debate. Unfortunately days of rational debate are gone. The mantra of the Democratic party has been, when it comes to power and control, the ends justify the means. That’s why Donald J Trump will win. He is a master media manipulator. For years the Democrats have manipulated the media without rational debate.  The Republicans have been unable to mount a solid challenge, till now.

Made In The USA

I am who I am because of manufacturing. For better or worse I have been a factory worker for many years. There is a certain satisfaction to making things. It is things that we make that make us who we are. The more we make the more we have.

Look at how the skylines evolve around the world’s cities. The skylines tell the story of growth, or the lack of growth. What has happened to our skylines? We have become stagnant. Listen to the stories of the skylines.

White House Plumbers

Remember the White House Plumbers? Well recently the plumbers union decided they need more work, the economy is a bit slow you see. So the White House decided that they would make fifty percent more bathrooms with a stroke of the pen. Now there would be not only bathrooms for Men and Women, but there would also be an extra bathroom for Whatever.

Riding That Train

As the de facto head of the Democrat party, Hillary has control of the largest political organization in the free world. It is many orders of magnitude larger than the Trump political machine.

Gravy is the power of the Democrat machine. A little bit of gravy here, a little bit of gravy there, it is the grease of the of the Gravy Train. Hillary ladles out the gravy for votes, a mighty machine it is. Donate a little money, get some gravy. Gravy for the poor, remember who to vote for. Gravy for the Unions, remember come elections. Can’t we all get aboard the Gravy Train?

So what powers the newly minted Trump Train? Enterprise and hard work. So instead of waiting for the Gravy Train to pull into the station, the Trumpkins built their own train. It came about after the realization that there is no more gravy. Without gravy there is no Gravy Train. So what makes gravy? Enterprise and hard work. Yes jobs, people need jobs. Jobs that society can afford. That is what the Trump Train is to me.

So as we watch the slow self destruction of the Gravy Train, the Trump Train powers on, because it can. It is that simple.

Wiping The Server

The scene opens with a fancy  serving tray filled with a variety of drinks. As the camera slowly pans out you notice that it is being carried by a man in a tux. A large hand offers a cup of coffee as a familiar voice says, “care for a cup of coffee?”. As the tray is carried around the fancy room different drinks are offered. In addition to the first coffee (wake up America) there would be carrot juice, milk, tea (for the partiers), soda and beer(s). Myself, I would have a Tanqueray and Tonic. So the camera pulls back whilst the drinks are being served revealing Donald J Trump in all his glory. At that point  CGI of Hillary Clinton appears and wipes Donald J Trump with a fine cloth. Then the camera comes in for the close up with Donald saying “Make America Great”.

Sure the idea is silly, but if I saw it, I would burst out laughing. Then there could be different ads at different locations, beaches, sporting events, camping. Nobody knows hospitality better than Donald, capitalize on it. Then there is Hillary Clinton wiping down the server. It is of course a play on her home grown server. What a way to make Donald look good.

Shape Shifters

So who is the true hero of the Trump campaign? The media! They are throwing off their shackles of the last fifty years. No longer are they laying prostrate before their liberal establishment overlords. The media are the true revolutionaries climbing aboard the Trump Train. Sure it took dissatisfied voters to raise the alarm, however it is the media that gives the dissatisfied a voice, and a new course. So where is the Trump Train going? To a Greater America. ( Just a note, America is Great. The slogan to Make America Great Again is for the dissatisfied that do not think America is great ). So can you find a greater engineer in America? You can not. Proven and successful you can not find a greater leader. Nobody trusts politicians any more. The only way politicians create support is with a gravy train, and the gravy is running out. Sure, there are richer, more powerful, and more successful business men than Donald J Trump. However none have a greater stake on their good name. None.

Financial Crisis of 2008

Sure the crisis was caused by the failure of the subprime market. Or that is what they want you to believe? I’m slightly suspicious that the crisis was engineered to hand the presidency to Hillary. “It’s The Economy Stupid”. Speaking of the 1992 election, I do not think the economy is much different now than it was then.

Refugee Crisis

I hate to say it. However, the largest refugee crisis since world war II is a result of the policies of the current administration. Not that going into Iraq by the previous administration was smart, I do believe Bush was snookered into invading by the Democrats. But pulling out was worse. Then the instability caused in half a dozen other countries by trying to befriend the Muslim Brotherhood just caused massive instability.

I think most people see it for what it is. Tired old political slogans of it’s Bush’s fault do not cut it. Hillary’s fingers are deeply in this mess. The solution will not be easy. Any body that wants to take on the job of cleaning up the mess has to be crazy.