The Problem With Hillary

So what is wrong with the nice lady that is in charge of the largest political organization in the free world? Let me count the ways.

  1. The continuous trashing of her political opponents. She and her organization fell back on name calling long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene. Remember the vast right wing conspiracy. A conspiracy formulated as a reaction to Bill’s misogynistic tendencies. It is a formula that has served her well. However it does not always work, the proof is Barack Obama.
  2. Her stunning support of the second Iraq war. I was flummoxed by the entirety of the liberal press being in agreement with G. W. Bush about Saddam Hussein’s nuclear capability. That fact was made even more incredulous by the fact that that there was no solid evidence that Saddam had the bomb. Today I believe the only reason the Democrats supported the war was to blame Bush. Ponder that.
  3. There is as much hard evidence to support climate change as there was to support the evidence of Saddam’s bomb. The biggest evidence of climate change is the omnipresent claim of its fact by the liberal media. It is true that there is a measurable correlation between carbon and historical temperatures. However there is no reasonable evidence that carbon dioxide begat increased temperatures, and not vice versa. I have personally looked for reasonable evidence, and have not found it. Look hard enough, and all you find are threats.
  4. The Middle East mess. Sure we have cheap gas, however gas is cheap in part because we supported radical pirates that sold oil well below market rates. By supporting such radical extremist privateers we have helped father the worst refugee crisis since WWII. Truly the worst foreign policy in decades.
  5. The inner city rage. The liberal agenda has not helped the inner city poor. Crime is up, violence is up, poverty is up. Welfare delivers Democrat voters, and rage. Worse it delivers resentment. What they need are jobs, and respect. I am not saying it will be easy, it is never easy. Encouraging rage is not the answer.

These are just the major reasons, there are a number of other reasons that could be just philosophical, reasons for a rational debate. Unfortunately days of rational debate are gone. The mantra of the Democratic party has been, when it comes to power and control, the ends justify the means. That’s why Donald J Trump will win. He is a master media manipulator. For years the Democrats have manipulated the media without rational debate.  The Republicans have been unable to mount a solid challenge, till now.


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