The Media Bubble

Saw New Hampshire Representative Al Baldasaro on Facebook today, and I have to say he is right. As far as I’m concerned the media has had a built in bias for many decades. Trump and his team have a challenge ahead of him. Unsurprisingly, I think he will succeed.

I met Al at the Trump rally in Waterville Valley. He is a great proponent of gun control. Use a gun during a crime, and you go to jail. A lot of folks do not like Al, because he does not confirm to norms. However he is right on this one.

After Trump takes on the media, and wins. He will come to the greatest challenge of his life. The D.C. bubble. Yes, D.C. is it’s own world, with its own massive inertia. Most people agree D.C. needs to be changed, however most people do not agree on how it needs to be changed. Trump will pretty much go headlong into eliminating waste and corruption. However one person’s waste is another person’s gravy. I’m thinking that by the second year we will have all forgotten about the pettiness that preceded the election. New battle lines will be drawn.


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