The Mueller Body Count

Because America is Great, I used some of my time off today to read the Wall Street Journal. I of course read an article about the progress of the Mueller investigation. It was a subjective conversation about who emailed who. The article then concluded with the fact that Mueller has over two dozen indictments and five convictions.

Over two dozen indictments and five convictions is a great talking point for the presidents opponents. I hear it used regularly. What I don’t hear are what the indictments and convictions are. I came aware of some of them and they are totally unrelated to the actions of the president.

It could be argued that Trump made a poor choice of associates. For me that does not work. With Spanish Inquisition or Gestapo like tactics that are employed by the Mueller Investigation, it would be hard to find any one innocent. DC is such a swamp. It’s all about finding crime, and guilt by association.

It all reminds me of the Vietnam War, and the associated body counts. Think of the logic of the time. Look at all the people we are killing. We must be winning the war. Victory is inevitable. We are just killing our enemies. Body counts didn’t work back then. What makes people think that they will work now?

Funny, the media liked running with the body counts back then too.


Congratulations and Thank You

First, a hearty congratulations to all those that won their midterm elections. No matter the ideology it is a hard thing to do. The pathway to victory is rarely easy.

Then a sincere thank you to all the veterans, present and past. For without our veterans, we would probably have no elections. Without veterans, we would truly be subjugated.

Prayers and thoughts to all. Pray for our politicians, that they may do the right thing. Pray for the veterans past present and future. Bless us all and keep us safe. No matter what our affiliation.

Life is good, remember the past, and learn from it. It is all to possible for life as we know it to get worse. Orders of magnitude worse. Conversely it is entirely possible to become better. Unfortunately it is easier to destroy than to build. We should remember to ask ourselves whether we are destroying or building. Sometimes it is hard to know.

“We will see what happens” is a refrain used by President Trump. So I will go with that when it comes to the results of the blue tide midterms. Bipartisanship? Or war till the death of a party? I have previously predicted the collapse of the Democrat party, and that may have already happened. For they may have already sold out. I see the leaders reading lines written by others. Who’s playbook are they using? I am not really sure. We will see what happens. For me the allure of candidate Trump was that he was not beholden to any other. Additionally he successfully managed a multifaceted corporation. Objective qualifications in my mind.

So what happens next? Conventional wisdom says gridlock, with that I probably agree. However don’t discount President Trump, he has been unconventional, and revolutionary. I would say be prepared for a surprise, yes a surprise that is unexpected. That is Trumpian way.

Forgiveness. I regularly forgive, I think that forgiveness is a healthy thing. So I do not think it is healthy when people say they will never forgive. So when it comes to politics, I advocate forgiveness.