The Mueller Body Count

Because America is Great, I used some of my time off today to read the Wall Street Journal. I of course read an article about the progress of the Mueller investigation. It was a subjective conversation about who emailed who. The article then concluded with the fact that Mueller has over two dozen indictments and five convictions.

Over two dozen indictments and five convictions is a great talking point for the presidents opponents. I hear it used regularly. What I don’t hear are what the indictments and convictions are. I came aware of some of them and they are totally unrelated to the actions of the president.

It could be argued that Trump made a poor choice of associates. For me that does not work. With Spanish Inquisition or Gestapo like tactics that are employed by the Mueller Investigation, it would be hard to find any one innocent. DC is such a swamp. It’s all about finding crime, and guilt by association.

It all reminds me of the Vietnam War, and the associated body counts. Think of the logic of the time. Look at all the people we are killing. We must be winning the war. Victory is inevitable. We are just killing our enemies. Body counts didn’t work back then. What makes people think that they will work now?

Funny, the media liked running with the body counts back then too.


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