Danger Minefields

Well it seems Trump has stepped in it again, or has he?

Personally I have no opinion on abortion. Never had one, never caused one. Do not know anybody who has said they have had or caused one. Or even heard a story about one. So what is the fuss. However I do understand the reasons behind both sides of the argument, or why people may think the way they do. Having heard the arguments so many times. So I am actually a bit glad Donald J Trump has no strong opinions, just trying to formulate a party line. In fact he has revived plenty of advice, and is modifying his plank accordingly.

Me? I would allow abortions until the age of 18 or 21, or the age of government mandated healthcare for a dependent child. That way if the little rugrat does not do his/her homework, or cause mischief or other unpleasantness, they could be aborted. Threaten to misbehave, wham! Off to the clinic you go.

Of course, I am actually not in charge of anything.



I love Grasslands, haying, mowing, turf strips for aircraft. I even like golf, even though I have only played it a few times. However the idea of all that grass is awesome. Donald J Trump, when confronted with a series of attack ads at his golf tournament, changed the subject to grass. He is very proud of his grass, and I am sure, rightly so. It has to be some of the best grass there is. Donald makes sure that the grass is fed and watered, manicured and groomed, stays healthy and vibrant, and earns a decent wage. With sixteen golf courses Donald has a lot of grass under his charge.

Now inhale deeply, and imagine. If you are just a single blade of grass. In a world full of blades of grass. Would you be healthy, growing, and productive. What would it be like? Using a rough calculation, with the aid of Google, I figure that Donald has more blades of grass under his care, then there are people on earth. Now you may exhale. I am just a sucker for green grass. Maybe that is where the term “grassroots” comes from.

I am sure that there are more than a few farmers out there that have grown more green grass than Donald, why do they not run for president?

Stuck in the Middle With You

Clowns to the Left of me, and Jokers to the Right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

I have no idea if the song that these lyrics came from bad political overtones, however the lyrics do seem appropriate. The Left thinks that Trump is so far Right that he is right off the the charts. The Right thinks that Trump is the ultra far Left secret weapon to destroy the Right forever.

In reality, Trump is somewhere in the middle, with a desire to make a deal to bring everyone together. Trump sees political gridlock, and that is why he got involved in politics. Most normal people can see the partisan bickering for what it is, and that is the root of Trumps popularity. People are sick of short sighted, narrow minded, partisan rhetoric. Trump says he is going to make the deals. Most people believe him. Those that do not may be afraid of change, or are guilty of something that they would rather hide.

If are reading this, I assume you want, like myself, a path down the middle.

Flying Cars

I think somewhere in the campaign, Donald J Trump should endorse Flying Cars. That would be so cool! We could have Flying Cars, that would absolutely Make America Great Again. I may be just dreaming, but I think it would be doable.

Gone to Look for America


I enjoyed the Bernie TV commercial with the Simon and Garfunkel song, “Gone to look for America” In tribute to Bernie, I drove the Trump Truck across Vermont Sunday the 21st. Vermont is not as much into politics as New Hampshire, however I did get the usual Thumbs up, and horn tooting. Just not as many. Interestingly the college town of Northfield had a number of positive responses, unlike Lebanon NH that did not have any reaction whatsoever. On the way home I hit the highway, in addition to the thumbs up there were people taking pictures with their phones, some thumbs down and a few fingers. I am ok with the thumbs down, and I think the fingers are rather rude. However I was totally unprepared for the black sedan that tried to run me off the road. The last time I had to take such evasive action, a deer was just feet from my bumper. The black sedan purposely and willfully encroached on my right of way sending me into the breakdown lane with my brakes on hard enough to send the stuff under the seats forward into the footwell.

Super Tuesday

Gosh, it is tough being a Trump Supporter. I have, listened to Donald Trump on a snowy night, shook his hand, had a conversation with Donald J Trump Jr. Going into this political election cycle I did not believe the media. Now I really do not believe the media. Because Donald J Trump is the leading candidate, the media has stirred up unbelievable hate against Donald J Trump and his supporters. My boss called the Trump Truck garbage, my town clerk yelled at me and told me to go away, and worst of all my fellow motorist tried to run me off the road. All that for carrying a rather large sign in the back of my truck. Sure there is a lot of support for the sign, and my ability to carry it. But in reality, there is a lot of danger. Something that I did not expect. I and the other Trump supporters that I know have respect for others that may choose to carry a sign of a different candidate.