Super Tuesday

Gosh, it is tough being a Trump Supporter. I have, listened to Donald Trump on a snowy night, shook his hand, had a conversation with Donald J Trump Jr. Going into this political election cycle I did not believe the media. Now I really do not believe the media. Because Donald J Trump is the leading candidate, the media has stirred up unbelievable hate against Donald J Trump and his supporters. My boss called the Trump Truck garbage, my town clerk yelled at me and told me to go away, and worst of all my fellow motorist tried to run me off the road. All that for carrying a rather large sign in the back of my truck. Sure there is a lot of support for the sign, and my ability to carry it. But in reality, there is a lot of danger. Something that I did not expect. I and the other Trump supporters that I know have respect for others that may choose to carry a sign of a different candidate.


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