The Fascist Bludgeoning of the Resistance

Like medieval trebuchets hurling twirling tired trope, the powerful siege engines called media outlets bludgeon us over and over with repetitions intent of cracking the foundations of liberty. War sells so well, and is profitable for those that profit from this conflict. Yes Virginia, profit from conflict enriches the Media, and by association the Left.

At times this repetitive bludgeoning is alluring, so I too have been seduced, only to awaken vowing never again. This is how trebuchets work, constant geometrically precise repetitive bludgeoning. It is capable of cracking the most solid of foundations. Repetitive misinformation, the effective tool of fascists everywhere. Beware.

Imaginary glory from past times causes tens of thousands to march against reimagined horrors of the past. The reality today is a loss of place and time in exchange for profit in conflict. We have it so very well, especially compared to the horror that some seek to relive. Today the imagery enemy is so miniscule, a crumbling echo of the horror past that once was.

Unlike those who confuse history with current reality, it is good to remember history for what it was. To loose the lessons of history is to repeat the mistakes of the past. It is better to remember, and learn from the lessons the past has taught us. By doing so it becomes apparent that some of our modern day institutions at times emulate the the crumbling institutions of the past.

A segment of our society today has inexplicably embraced one of the more malevolent times of the not so distant past. Terminology of the era is re-employed to bring the horrors of the past back to life. Labels are haphazardly sown to reignite political strife. While warning of a lost empire the same masses seek to reestablish the same failing systems.

Why else would we put up with the reincarnation of the sturmabteilung, a system of control that is completely at odds with our proclaimed society. Most astounding is the immunity this group of self described black clad anarchists and the like receive form the press. What is truly horrific is the support of this group from the police in certain precincts. Then the horrors of their tactics is not to be called out, and in fact ignored by local and national politicians of a failing political party. We are seeing a new political terrorism. This terrorism is the last gasp of failure in an attempt to regain relevancy in this era. This secretive organization has most assuredly a political point of view.

So why I, amongst others dare call them out? Because this horrific party of horrors past is a disembodied relic of a evil that has already been soundly defeated. With no central nervous system the parts of the whole are truly exposed to those that have not been enraptured to the lost cause that has endured defeat.

The fascist bludgeoning we endure from the self-proclaimed resistance is simply the genetic twitching of a failed, and rather evil system. Let us rejoice, and erect new grander statues to a future where such evil labels no longer exist.

Honesty, it can get you into trouble.

The other day President Trump said the most honest thing a politician has said in, well a very long time. He said that there were good and bad people on both the Left and the Right. That made people and the Media really really mad. I was a bit surprised that honesty was condemned. I guess people just can’t stand an honest politician.

Let that sink in a bit. There are good and bad on both sides, who would disagree? Well almost everyone.  The Left said that all white supremacists are, worse than bad. Then they pretty much expanded that to all Alt-Right are worse than bad. Then everything on the Right is worse than bad by association. The Right was mad because he made the Left mad and call them names.

The president, and the very few that agree with him say that there are some good people on the left. And more importantly some bad people on the right.

From what I hear from the left, there are no bad people on the left whatever, and all people on the Right are bad. So you wonder why the polls don’t work. The people on the right will never say a word, until they vote.

Then of course you get some stupid people like me. They think they are trying to explain things, but really we just don’t know when to shut up. So I sit here waiting for the final solution.

Free Speech? Not in Boston

So a hundred or so people decide to have a free speech rally. The press called them right wingers. The group disavowed hate speech. I checked their website it was as bland as could be. My stuff is much worse. Now I do not know the history of these people. The news did not say. I just don’t care enough to find out. For better or worse the group looked like a nothingburger to me.

Because they were labeled right wingers by the press, tens of thousands marched against them. They had to end their little rally and go into protective custody. So the crowd in instead assaulted some people with Trump gear.

I had no idea what the people had to say, and really don’t care. They were labeled, and forced into silence. Seems to be a bit of a trend these days. The resistance is acting like a one party system, with no tolerance for any other system. If I remember correctly, historically the resistance fought a single party system.

I should look on the bright side though. There was far less violence than some of the past left wing protests. No cars were burned, or police shot.

Something Better

When it comes to healthcare, my stock answer is “I don’t know the answer”. In this post, I will ponder what I do not know.

A signature campaign pledge of President Trump was to replace our current healthcare system with an undefined “Something Better”. There were no specifics for the plan, just that it would be “Something Better”. Hmmm.

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? What will it be? Let’s just say Obamacare was a riff off of Romneycare. There is a very good argument for that. So the probability is President Trump will just use a modification of something existing. The first try at replacement was Republicancare, and that flopped by a single vote, or so they would have us believe. I think it was by design. So the president will have to go with something different. Hillary Clinton has spent lots of time working on healthcare. She is a popular self-proclaimed expert in the field. I wonder how her system would work. Politicians are not above snatching each other’s ideas.

To figure out what Hillarycare would be like, I turned to look at Haiti. During the campaign Hillary touted the wonderful job her foundation had done in Haiti, a claim that included Haitian healthcare. So I poked around to see what Hillary’s Haitian Healthcare plan was really like. Much to my surprise I found what was pretty much a free market solution. I will explain.

Healthcare workers are independent operators, they wander the land on regular routes. On their heads they carry a basket of pills, and a pair of scissors. I have seen pictures of the baskets. They have all sorts of pills, from antibiotics to Viagra. Customers request pills for their symptoms, the provider then cuts the required pills from the packaging with the scissors. The healthcare providers get their pills from a few wholesalers. The wholesalers have government connections get expired medication, which is typically still good because we have artificially low expiration dates. The wholesalers also have generic and knockoff medications from various sources. A simple and effective system.

Somehow I don’t think that a system that depends on expired medication would work in this country, who would we buy expired medication from?

Bernie Sanders promised a healthcare proposal after the summer break, this should be interesting. Many people believe that Bernie would be president, if Hillary was not so crooked. Myself, I have not seen conclusive polling evidence showing that to be the case, but I will say that Bernie has huge support, and is the most popular senator. So I would be very curious to see it.

By my guessing, we spend over two trillion a year on healthcare. If we took all the money from the Fortune 500 worlds wealthiest people, their money would run out within one presidential election cycle. Bernie was prepared for that, he wants a ten percent payroll tax also. Still not enough. Bernie also wants to equalize payroll taxes and capital gains taxes. As I go into retirement, more of my income would come from capital gains. However I do agree that there should be equal tax rates for capital gains and income. Give Bernie a point.

From what I understand there is massive unfunded union healthcare promises for many municipalities. I have had unionized friends in the hospital, I believed that they had many unnecessary procedures before they died. This runs up unionized costs. Unnecessary procedures probably happen to any people that have good insurance. I have no idea how many procedures are just revenue producing. I am also sure that many people have procedures that are not paid for. Probably how the hospitals balance their books.

Another cost is lawsuits, malpractice insurance is astronomical, that also gets added to the bill. Then of course the insurance companies get a rather large cut of the pie. Do not forget the pharmaceutical industry too. They make a lot of money too.

I listen to NPR tell stories about some poor hard luck person that gets Medicaid, it turns his life around. At the end he or she says that everyone should have Medicaid. That is tough to hear for some poor hardworking person that pays $10,000 a year for substandard health insurance. You wonder where people choose not to have insurance, or even not work.

I, like many others get their insurance through their employers. I would be absolutely panic stricken if I lost my job. There is a certain amount of logic to that. It keeps America working. We would be a bit lazier as a society if some of us did not have to work for our insurance.

Funny, how the government privatised the space program because it would be more efficient. Now they want to nationalize the healthcare industry? Hmmm.

Really, it would take something like a twenty percent national income or sales tax to have free healthcare. Since we have a representative system of government we can not just vote up or down on a proposal. Instead we have elected representatives to make the decision for us. There would be benefits and drawbacks to single payer. As I said before I do not know the answer.

President Trump has promised something better. That being said there are two things that I do believe. First is that he is brutally honest, and people do not like that. I however respect him for it. Second is he became president owing no one. Personally, I think he will make the deal with Bernie.


Alt-Left Vs Alt-Right

I really consider myself a pragmatic centrist. Others may view me differently. The first time I heard the term Alt-Right was when Hillary was describing Trump supporters. They weren’t normal conservatives she said. They actively support Donald J Trump for president she said derisively. I figured she must be talking about people like me. Then she said that some of them even have websites (I think she mentioned 20,000), wow I thought I am a real insignificant Trump supporter. Then she said that she was going to do something about it. I will admit surprise when the traffic to my website immediately dropped. As time went on Hillary, and others said worse and worse things about people like me. As I was curious about politics, I had got a little involved with the Trump campaign and put up a few signs. I was sure not to call anybody bad names, nor tell anyone how to vote. That is my nature. I met a whole bunch of active Trump supporters and not a one was as Hillary, or the Media described.

Recently I looked up the origins of Alt-Right and found that there was a group of sarcastic bigots that coined the term. They did not hide their biased bigotry and were not much of an organization, basically just a bunch of cads. So now I know where the term came from.

This week President Trump used the term Alt-Left. They are the people that beat up the people that are labeled Alt-Right. There is a group of people that harass and beat up people that are labeled Alt-Right. Or more precisely beat up overt Trump supporters, and others who are not Alt-Left. This is a very large reason that people do not publicly support the president. However, they still vote.

So far the Media does not acknowledge the existence of the Alt-Left as a political force, this is because the Alt-Left is in part, a creation of the Media. At least that is my view. So once again I applaud the president for calling it as he sees it. I rather doubt the term Alt-Left will go mainstream, as they are part of it. But at least, it is now a term.

As the Media condemns the Alt-Right, I condemn the Alt-Left. I feel that they are much worse. I give this point to the president. I feel safe in doing so because almost nobody reads this blog anyway. Thank you Hillary.

Mueller’s Mulligan

Although the final report is not out, conventional wisdom is that Mueller swung and missed. The net result was Trump had sold a few overpriced homes and the like and made a tidy profit. It is what he does.

Au contraire mon frere. Mueller actually scored a hole in one. Let me explain, the win is what we don’t know. I had naively thought the investigation would be about fake news, reportedly from Russia. For example, I had seen a Facebook story about a Iranian nuclear scientist. A scientist that had been put to death because he had been compromised by Hillary’s server. As their was no evidence that Hillary’s server was compromised, this must have been fake news, or so I thought.

I also saw a Russian story that Bernie Sanders was suing the DNC about paying Australian agitators to rough up New Hampshire Trump supporters. There were even links to legal documents. I was tempted to believe the story, as I personally had been “roughed up” still the sources were from Russia, so it had to be “Fake News”. What was real, and what wasn’t? I would like to have found out.

So I was happy when they said that there would be an investigation into the fake Russian news, I would be happy with the truth. Unfortunately nothing (so far) has come from the investigation. Mueller packed the investigation wIth Democrat party loyalists, some folks expected an indictment, others expected false charges, so far a nothingburger. Rumors indicate the sales of a few homes and condos, but that is it. The Democrats have successfully changed the national debate to Racism. Russia is so yesterday. So it has become, what investigation? For the Democrats, it is a mighty success for what has not come out. What I thought was fake news, is probably true. If it was actually fake, we would have known it was fake by now.

So by deduction, Hillary’s server was probably compromised causing death to some of our agents. And worse, the DNC pays to physically attack it opponents. The implications are troubling, and worse, I have to give the point to the Democrats once again.

Heather Heyer

I probably would have agreed with everything Heather Heyer believed in and stood for. I saw here parents on TV and am truly sorry for their loss. They are good people in troubling times.

As I found the images on TV of the “White Supremacists and the White Nationalist” fighting over a old statue somewhat unbelievable, so I started looking for images of the day. White Supremacists, in my mind, are such a tiny part of our society I was bewildered by the deadly event, and wanted to learn more. I thought I might count flags, like I do campaign signs, I am nerdy like that. What I found was a carefully curated images of small groups of people, and that deadly car. At the most I could find four flags in one image. I was unable to find a picture of the larger event.

The largest group of people in an image was of the tiki torch parade of the previous evening. If it wasn’t for the disturbing association with the Nazi Crystal Night, a tiki torch parade looks like fun. I could see how someone would be a part of that not knowing what the association was. There was reportedly no damages involved with the parade. The marchers reportedly chanted “blood and soil” and “we will not be replaced” I saw a couple of articles on the Nazi symbolism of the chants.

My first thought about the violence of the following day was, why don’t they throw these nuts in jail? It was a very good question, reportedly the police were told to stand down. Additionally, unreported in my local news was the involvement of assorted counter protesters. I saw many Black Lives Matter signs surrounding the White Nationalist.

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the event was a disaffected Obama supporter. Sadly he chose to rally together a small group of disaffected whites and organize a public event. An event that would end in tragedy.

I will give credit for political strategy when I see it. It has become quite obvious that the Trump Russia connection has not materialised. After six months of intensive investigation there is nothing more to show than a few sales of overpriced condos and homes to some Russians. The net result of the sales was to bring some money from overseas, and give some Americans some jobs. What were the Democrats to do next? They needed to change the agenda. Unfortunately they knew an opportunity when they saw one. It would be that sorry rally by some of societies losers. To set the trap, they brought in counter protesters and had the police stand down. What would have been a footnote about some sorry protesters would now become national news. As Wile E. Coyote would say, the plan was genius. They would have a moving image of what at one time was the worst of America. The coupe d’etat would be to claim that President Trump supported the white protesters. For he loves us all, that includes the worst of us.

I watched as President Trump condemned the violence by the White Supremacists and others. I watched as President Trump said that there was good and bad on both the left and the right. Something that I thought was the most honest thing a president has said in years. Then I watched as a newscaster immediately said that President Trump was incapable of saying the words White Supremacists and that the president supports racism. With almost complete control of the Media the Democrats would change the agenda from Russia to Racism. Something that really comes around full circle to prove me right. As I have said many times before, the Democrats are genetically incapable of anything other than racist hate.

I am so sorry that the poor girl had to die, the image of the car hitting the crowd defined the day. Hate is such an evil thing. The winner of the battle of that dreadful day goes to the Democrats and their allies. They have changed the agenda on their terms. Unfortunately the war of ideology continues on. I look forward to the day the Democrat Party is replaced with something better.