Heather Heyer

I probably would have agreed with everything Heather Heyer believed in and stood for. I saw here parents on TV and am truly sorry for their loss. They are good people in troubling times.

As I found the images on TV of the “White Supremacists and the White Nationalist” fighting over a old statue somewhat unbelievable, so I started looking for images of the day. White Supremacists, in my mind, are such a tiny part of our society I was bewildered by the deadly event, and wanted to learn more. I thought I might count flags, like I do campaign signs, I am nerdy like that. What I found was a carefully curated images of small groups of people, and that deadly car. At the most I could find four flags in one image. I was unable to find a picture of the larger event.

The largest group of people in an image was of the tiki torch parade of the previous evening. If it wasn’t for the disturbing association with the Nazi Crystal Night, a tiki torch parade looks like fun. I could see how someone would be a part of that not knowing what the association was. There was reportedly no damages involved with the parade. The marchers reportedly chanted “blood and soil” and “we will not be replaced” I saw a couple of articles on the Nazi symbolism of the chants.

My first thought about the violence of the following day was, why don’t they throw these nuts in jail? It was a very good question, reportedly the police were told to stand down. Additionally, unreported in my local news was the involvement of assorted counter protesters. I saw many Black Lives Matter signs surrounding the White Nationalist.

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the event was a disaffected Obama supporter. Sadly he chose to rally together a small group of disaffected whites and organize a public event. An event that would end in tragedy.

I will give credit for political strategy when I see it. It has become quite obvious that the Trump Russia connection has not materialised. After six months of intensive investigation there is nothing more to show than a few sales of overpriced condos and homes to some Russians. The net result of the sales was to bring some money from overseas, and give some Americans some jobs. What were the Democrats to do next? They needed to change the agenda. Unfortunately they knew an opportunity when they saw one. It would be that sorry rally by some of societies losers. To set the trap, they brought in counter protesters and had the police stand down. What would have been a footnote about some sorry protesters would now become national news. As Wile E. Coyote would say, the plan was genius. They would have a moving image of what at one time was the worst of America. The coupe d’etat would be to claim that President Trump supported the white protesters. For he loves us all, that includes the worst of us.

I watched as President Trump condemned the violence by the White Supremacists and others. I watched as President Trump said that there was good and bad on both the left and the right. Something that I thought was the most honest thing a president has said in years. Then I watched as a newscaster immediately said that President Trump was incapable of saying the words White Supremacists and that the president supports racism. With almost complete control of the Media the Democrats would change the agenda from Russia to Racism. Something that really comes around full circle to prove me right. As I have said many times before, the Democrats are genetically incapable of anything other than racist hate.

I am so sorry that the poor girl had to die, the image of the car hitting the crowd defined the day. Hate is such an evil thing. The winner of the battle of that dreadful day goes to the Democrats and their allies. They have changed the agenda on their terms. Unfortunately the war of ideology continues on. I look forward to the day the Democrat Party is replaced with something better.



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