Mueller’s Mulligan

Although the final report is not out, conventional wisdom is that Mueller swung and missed. The net result was Trump had sold a few overpriced homes and the like and made a tidy profit. It is what he does.

Au contraire mon frere. Mueller actually scored a hole in one. Let me explain, the win is what we don’t know. I had naively thought the investigation would be about fake news, reportedly from Russia. For example, I had seen a Facebook story about a Iranian nuclear scientist. A scientist that had been put to death because he had been compromised by Hillary’s server. As their was no evidence that Hillary’s server was compromised, this must have been fake news, or so I thought.

I also saw a Russian story that Bernie Sanders was suing the DNC about paying Australian agitators to rough up New Hampshire Trump supporters. There were even links to legal documents. I was tempted to believe the story, as I personally had been “roughed up” still the sources were from Russia, so it had to be “Fake News”. What was real, and what wasn’t? I would like to have found out.

So I was happy when they said that there would be an investigation into the fake Russian news, I would be happy with the truth. Unfortunately nothing (so far) has come from the investigation. Mueller packed the investigation wIth Democrat party loyalists, some folks expected an indictment, others expected false charges, so far a nothingburger. Rumors indicate the sales of a few homes and condos, but that is it. The Democrats have successfully changed the national debate to Racism. Russia is so yesterday. So it has become, what investigation? For the Democrats, it is a mighty success for what has not come out. What I thought was fake news, is probably true. If it was actually fake, we would have known it was fake by now.

So by deduction, Hillary’s server was probably compromised causing death to some of our agents. And worse, the DNC pays to physically attack it opponents. The implications are troubling, and worse, I have to give the point to the Democrats once again.


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