Alt-Left Vs Alt-Right

I really consider myself a pragmatic centrist. Others may view me differently. The first time I heard the term Alt-Right was when Hillary was describing Trump supporters. They weren’t normal conservatives she said. They actively support Donald J Trump for president she said derisively. I figured she must be talking about people like me. Then she said that some of them even have websites (I think she mentioned 20,000), wow I thought I am a real insignificant Trump supporter. Then she said that she was going to do something about it. I will admit surprise when the traffic to my website immediately dropped. As time went on Hillary, and others said worse and worse things about people like me. As I was curious about politics, I had got a little involved with the Trump campaign and put up a few signs. I was sure not to call anybody bad names, nor tell anyone how to vote. That is my nature. I met a whole bunch of active Trump supporters and not a one was as Hillary, or the Media described.

Recently I looked up the origins of Alt-Right and found that there was a group of sarcastic bigots that coined the term. They did not hide their biased bigotry and were not much of an organization, basically just a bunch of cads. So now I know where the term came from.

This week President Trump used the term Alt-Left. They are the people that beat up the people that are labeled Alt-Right. There is a group of people that harass and beat up people that are labeled Alt-Right. Or more precisely beat up overt Trump supporters, and others who are not Alt-Left. This is a very large reason that people do not publicly support the president. However, they still vote.

So far the Media does not acknowledge the existence of the Alt-Left as a political force, this is because the Alt-Left is in part, a creation of the Media. At least that is my view. So once again I applaud the president for calling it as he sees it. I rather doubt the term Alt-Left will go mainstream, as they are part of it. But at least, it is now a term.

As the Media condemns the Alt-Right, I condemn the Alt-Left. I feel that they are much worse. I give this point to the president. I feel safe in doing so because almost nobody reads this blog anyway. Thank you Hillary.


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