A Battle Cry

With Trump

On the stump

He will pump-

Pump up the call

Come one and all

Save the USA

The Trump way.


Thank you Barb, I  shall try. As promised I posted the poem to Bubbatrump. I owe you a couple of Trump signs.




Adding the finishing touches to the Trump Truck. Have to replace the strap with guy wires. Thanks to Cindy & Phil Howard, Zach Montanaro, and of course, Donald Trump for the sign.

Forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago.

A Tribute

America Strong-

Know right from wrong

Save the babies

No if’s or maybe’s

Save marriage -One man one wife

Elemanates the strife!

On a new path

Trump will do that

Prosperity he will bring

Families will sing!-

The praises of Trump

( A man for the USA )


Thanks to BarbB the poet,


I enjoy listening to Garrison Keillor on Sundays when I take the Trump Truck to the dump on Sundays. The rest of the time when I am driving (my electric car that is powered by the wind) I listen to XM music. Now that I drive the Trump Truck other places and times I get to listen to more NPR. NPR does not like Donald Trump! Every other moment they call Donald Trump some sort of name. The ones that I remember are “racist” “fascist” and “white supremacist” plus plenty of milder digs.

This actually made me feel pretty bad, made me feel like I was supporting somebody for president that would make Hitler and Stalin look like choir boys. Really made me think about my choice of a guy that owns a bunch of golf courses as president. Hitler and Stalin formed their theology during WWI. Trump developed his theology growing grass, legally, and profitably. Could NPR possibly be wrong?

NPR was wrong when they agreed with GWB that Saddam Hussein had the bomb. I was absolutely stunned that NPR would agree with anything GWB would say, let alone that Saddam had the bomb. I did not believe Saddam had the bomb. The best justification for war for me, was a grainy photo of Mohamed Atta entering the Iraqi embassy in Prague. Something that I seriously thought would not hold up in court. Politics being what it was, there was huge bipartisan support for the second gulf war. NPR said Saddam had the bomb, why did they say that? Why do they hate Trump? Politics.


One thing nice about going to one of the smallest rallies Donald Trump hosted was there were only two interruptions (which Donald handled nicely). That gave Donald and a couple of other speakers more time to talk. At one point I am pretty certain I heard that refugees would be allowed once they were “properly vetted” and their would be no “amnesty” for potential terrorists.