Controversy De Jour

Modeled after policy and recommendation from the Obama and Clinton administrations the temporary immigration ban has proven to be unpopular in the media. I personally think that President Donald Trump purposely modeled the ban on policy and recommendations from the Clinton and Obama administrations so that he would not be setting precedent. Of course the truth adverse media claims new bigoted precedent. They know no other story.

Of course it is not surprising that when turned around the policy precedent from the Clinton and Obama administrations would be unpopular. I certainly hope that immigration reform will be fair and just. The Trump administration has said that cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis. This was not always done before.

Granted the risk of terror is statistically small right now, but the Trump administration is right to review the process. The inconvenience in no way merits the protests. Hopefully the process can be improved, and our safety retained.

[Edit/update: 872 wavers were processed in the first 72 hours]


The Jackson Portrait

Supposedly Donald J Trump hung a portrait of President Andrew Jackson in the oval office. It is a seemingly logical choice as Andrew Jackson was the first populist president. Despite completely different histories, Donald also successfully presents himself as a populist.

So the first thought could be that Donald sees someone to be emulated in Jackson. In addition to being the first populist Jackson was the only president to eliminate the national debt. A very worthy goal indeed.

Unfortunately Andrew Jackson had a bit of baggage. Baggage that has caused him to fall out of favor. He was a slave owning land owner. Even worse, he was responsible for the trail of tears brought on by Indian relocation. Trump’s detractors, because they are incapable of seeing goodness, will say Trump is idolatrous of Jackson bigotry.

Then again Jackson is the founder of the Democrat party, the party of bigotry. A party whose sole goal now is to make the life of President Trump miserable. My guess is when President Trump looks up from his desk, he sees a reminder of the enemies within.

Donald, being Donald, will defeat them.

The First Briefing

Saw a little bit of argument about moving the press room at the White House over the weekend. Trump of course wants a bigger room. That way more people can hear what he has to say. The press of course doesn’t want any changes to the status quo.

So I about ready to change the channel to watch Full Custom Garage when it was announced that there would soon be a press briefing. So I figured I would watch and see how big the room really is.

Of course they made everyone wait. Then the guy comes out and yells about a bunch of nonsense, then immediately goes away again.

Stunning! Of course it is a ploy, Trump will get his bigger room. He has to, there is no better show on earth.

The Blue Dress

According to the New York Times Melania Trump’s powder blue inaugural gown checked all the right boxes. The gown was made in New York by a up and coming designer. It was deemed politically correct. For those that claimed the Trumps couldn’t bring the same class and elegance to the White House that the Obama’s did, I think that they will probably be disappointed.

Then I heard the Inaugural gown referred to as a “Blue Dress”. It was a completely innocent remark. However my thoughts turned to a completely different presidential blue dress. I had seen the pictures. No wonder Bill Clinton looked at Melania approvingly.

The following day a million women around the world wore pink hats to disapprove of Melania’s husbands words. We will let’s just say he was talking about trying to pick up a pink kitty. Probably not his proudest moment. However Melania believes in her man. It was after all just talk.

Then there is a case of actions speaking louder then words. The literal stain on the dress.  There was no universal displeasure in the media. It was nothing more than a story of the radical fringe. Normal folks claimed that it was none of our business. I ask, where were the millions of women wearing a Blue Dress to disapprove of Bill Clinton’s not so proud moment? No universal displeasure in the press. No, there is no double standard.

So I do agree with the New York Times that Melania’s dress absolutely checks all the right boxes. However, the press didn’t notice.

The Inaugural In A Tweet

A nation exists to serve its citizens. Buy American. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

In the name of Trump I distilled the inaugural address down to its essence and fit it into a single 140 character tweet, as shown above. Of course I left out a lot of good stuff, some of it is below.

Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come. What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow. We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow. God Bless America.

DC Dreams

I had thoughts about going to that coal powered despotic steam punk utopia known as our nation’s capital for the weekend. I even tried to wrangle a ticket, though I was unsuccessful. I even had a brief thought about about just showing up and sleeping in my car. I quickly realized that trying to sleep in my car in the nation’s capital would be completely unwise. Especially with it having a Trump bumper sticker. That would be a path that I would be completely unwilling to pursue. It’s the realization that I know not the ways of the city that keeps me away.

In any case, extreme climate changes at my place of employment had given a number of coworkers a pretty good cold. Finally I too succumbed to the frigid contortions that I endure in pursuit of livelihood. They had broken down my resistances. So ultimately I ended curled up in bed sniffling while watching the proceedings of the transfer of power. If nothing else, this should give me kinship with my political adversaries.

I wish that somehow I could have been at the Thursday evening concert. It was a unprecedented thank you to the voters. A most brilliant tribute to the Trump voter. An unrepentantly glorious bit of stagecraft that left the soul tingling. Talk about a big league thank you to middle America, this was it. It was a nice recognition for the people that voted for Donald Trump. [edit: MSNBC pointed out President Obama had a similar event]

As I sniffled the following day I watched the peaceful transfer of power. So happy that I live in a time where we have a system where such transitions are nonviolent. True it is a long ceremony, but I am happy that our leaders have the energy and stamina to endure such ceremony. After what was admittedly a populist inaugural speech by President Trump, President Obama said good job to President Trump. Indeed the two presidents spent more time together then expected. I would not be surprised, that at some point in the future President Trump will receive the support of President Obama. In any event, the day will go down in history as the day a business man, instead of a politician, become president. Then the transfer was celebrated by a great parade, and some big parties. Of course my favorite part was the tractors in the parade.

The following day was equally remarkable, a massive protest without real cause. It was called the women’s march. The main feature was pink hats. Although some called it a anti Trump rally it was completely nonviolent. The rally also spawned sister rallies in different cities around the country and across the globe. There may have been a million people involved. I applaud the nonviolence, and support the freedom of speech. That being said, there were many inflammatory signs. The Hollywood left made appearances and denounced Trump. Madonna made an appearance and swore on TV. I think that the point of the rally was a displeasure with some of the words that President Donald J Trump used in his campaign. In fact, I would be willing to don a pink hat to denounce the use of bad words. Unfortunately the radical left takes words and actions out of context and amplifies them until the original meaning is unheard. For the use of such bad words are protected under our right of freedom of speech. The end result is a cacoffiny of bad words. This leaves the majority of people struggling to understand what is actually going on.

It is almost to simple to say that the pink hats are snow flakes, each with their own reason for protesting. There is no unifying theme, just individual struggles. But this is to disrespect their cause, for they are unified in the struggle. It is those that try to take advantage of the struggle for their own advantage that will be the losers.

So it is true we are beginning a new era. For this I am glad. The voters have expressed displeasure with the status quo. And each in their own way, the pink hats have also expressed their own dissatisfaction with the status quo. They are expressing hope for the future. With this I agree.

Ruminations And Snowflakes

After more than a year and a half of involvement in this transition of power I have learned a few things, and confirmed a few observations.

I think I was most impressed by the division of urban and rural on political opinions. There is an absolutely huge disconnect between the urban and the rural. Even more amazing was it didn’t matter if it was urban rich or poor, they had one point of view. The rural folks have a completely alternative point of view. This was dramatically brought to my attention with the Trump Truck. On the back roads people would wave and give the thumbs up. On the highway, well I did get the same thumbs up, but I also got the thumbs down along with some vigorous middle finger salutes. Ultimately people tried to run me off the highway. I figured that these people were driving between cities. These traits were verified by voting results of cities versus smaller towns. The denser the population density, the more Democrats in residence. These were the richest and poorest of voters.

Let me ruminate about monolithic thought exhibited by the liberal left. Meryl Streep is a nice recent example. During her heralded keynote at the Golden Globes where she achieved a lifetime achievement award. She put forward a rather dramatic performance. I can only be reminded of a speech given by Kim Jong-un. Based on false evidence, it was a reminder to all media on who the boss really was. It’s forcefullness was enforced by a not so subtle threat of violence. Truly a fascist performance. I enjoyed watching the members of the audience, their reactions were the same as shown by the generals at a Kim Jong-un speech. I am sure these people will remember the joy of President Obama when he had a successful drone strike. In the left, there is no dissension. No matter how outrageous the lie.

There are people that believe all the mainstream has to say. When, so unfortunately, the propaganda propagated by the mainstream left fails to deliver. There is heartbreak and angst. The Trumptards, we, having endured so many demeaning names and labels have come up with a name for these people. Snowflakes. Yes, the people that been labeled Trumptards, and other much worse names have come up with a label for those who have demeaned them. No two alike, they are snowflakes.

When Barack Obama was elected president, I sincerely wished him health and success in bringing peace and prosperity. I also figured life would get better in the west side of Chicago. So far President Obama has remained healthy. Hopefully he will remain healthy for the next couple of days. The peace and prosperity are debatable. Unfortunately for those who live there, life didn’t get better on the west side of Chicago.

Maybe those flyover rural deploratards are not so dumb after all. They elected a high density rich coastal liberal. Let it snow.

A Day Of Celebration

Not that long ago New Hampshire celebrated what was the oldest continually celebrated holiday in the nation. Amazingly it was a celebration of the demise of a prerevolutionary Governor of the state. It was the oldest holiday because of its prerevolutionary origins. I would think that a holiday that celebrates the demise of the leader of the government would be popular in this era. It was replaced thirty five years ago by a much more politically correct holiday. The national holiday that we celebrated today. Well maybe not everyone celebrated it. In actuality, most people had to work. It is a federal holiday for the fortunate that get to celebrate federal holidays.

Sadly the people that helped create the Holiday that some of us now celebrate now embrace the methods of control that they once fought against. Martin Luther King day or Civil Rights day, was once a celebration of equality and a rejection of stereotypes. Today dozens of elected lawmakers took it upon themselves to reject the results of the latest election. This was the first election that I participated in in anything other than a voter. These lawmakers are lead by a lawmaker that had fought for equality under the law. I sincerely believe that now these same lawmakers believe that I am less than equal. Fortunately they are a minority of elected lawmakers. Thankfully the majority of lawmakers believe that I have an equal voice as my fellow citizens. For that I celebrate.

Today’s events bring just two words to my mind. Term Limits! I can think of no better reason.

Simple Math

I was asked how the Mexicans were going to pay for the wall. I replied tariffs and fees, though I don’t really know.

Let’s say the wall costs one thousand dollars a foot. The total cost would be ten and a half billion dollars. Or a little more than five million dollars a mile.

There are many good people that want to become citizens. I really don’t know if there is a fee to become a citizen, but I have read that illegals pay footage fees of four thousand dollars and up. It is said that there are twenty million good Mexicans living here illegally. If they were all to pay $500 for residency, the wall would be paid for. I am not saying that would happen, it’s just one possibility.

Another possibility is three hundred fifty million people cross the boarder a year. If they were to pay three dollars a piece. It would take ten years to pay for the wall.

Then of course our daily trade across the boarder. It is more than a billion dollars a day. It would actually take a very small fee or tariff to pay for the wall. But once again, I don’t know how those rules work either.

So no, I don’t know how the wall will be paid for. But I am sure it will be. I just see it as a jobs program.

Islamic and Terrorist

During Barack Obama’s speech last night, did I hear him use the words Islamic and Terrorist in the same sentence? The words were not consecutive, but I thought they were in the same sentence.

That being said there were some good bits to the speech. I must admit he has huge effect on his supporters. They were screaming like Manchester United made a cup winning goal. He will have lots of power after he leaves the Presidency. I hope he uses it positively.

Sadly the president has a strong affection for racism, he just can not let it go. Today the most racist white person in a more than a decade was sentenced to death. So I say a prayer for the Emanual Nine. They are heroes.