A Day Of Celebration

Not that long ago New Hampshire celebrated what was the oldest continually celebrated holiday in the nation. Amazingly it was a celebration of the demise of a prerevolutionary Governor of the state. It was the oldest holiday because of its prerevolutionary origins. I would think that a holiday that celebrates the demise of the leader of the government would be popular in this era. It was replaced thirty five years ago by a much more politically correct holiday. The national holiday that we celebrated today. Well maybe not everyone celebrated it. In actuality, most people had to work. It is a federal holiday for the fortunate that get to celebrate federal holidays.

Sadly the people that helped create the Holiday that some of us now celebrate now embrace the methods of control that they once fought against. Martin Luther King day or Civil Rights day, was once a celebration of equality and a rejection of stereotypes. Today dozens of elected lawmakers took it upon themselves to reject the results of the latest election. This was the first election that I participated in in anything other than a voter. These lawmakers are lead by a lawmaker that had fought for equality under the law. I sincerely believe that now these same lawmakers believe that I am less than equal. Fortunately they are a minority of elected lawmakers. Thankfully the majority of lawmakers believe that I have an equal voice as my fellow citizens. For that I celebrate.

Today’s events bring just two words to my mind. Term Limits! I can think of no better reason.


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