Women of the Vote


Last month, where I work they had an award for the “Outstanding Woman of the Year”. The category this year was “Women of the Vote”. One name immediately jumped to my mind. Denise Katz. When I first met her my first thought was that she is a professionally nice person. Not only that she was only steps away from where I work now. So I filled out the form with a glowing review. Who could be more important to the local region in what was a transformative vote. I even suggested that there might be advantages in recognizing a winning team. Of course I also knew that a different political opinion prevails on campus. Thought maybe there could be some respect for success.


Here is Denise with Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle. I am impressed, with the time and effort that Denise puts into politics. I just spent some time putting up some signs years ago. One of my impressions at the time was how many women were involved in politics. Then there was their passion. The most passionate were definitely women. The guys that I meet just felt it was logical to support our candidate. Having been part of the campaign I had an insiders view, I saw what the media said about the campaign was a lie. I speak from first-hand knowledge. Yes first-hand knowledge from inside one of the most transformative campaigns in American history. Yet my knowledge was much less than the knowledge Denise had. Yes, she would have a much better story than I. I believed that the story would be educational to share. So even if the school did not believe in the result, would not it be good to know how such an insurgent campaign worked? I thought it would be good to get past the falsehoods, and recognize the truth.

Here is Denise engaged in conversation with Karen Pence, wife of the Vice President. Now Karen may not be the most influential person in the land, but I bet she would be right up there. Would be even more important, her insights on how things work in the White House. As I would say, how the political machine works. For those of the opposing political view, think of the influence of Jill Biden. Wouldn’t it be good to have her as a friend? So I offered my friendship with Denise to the school. 

The school then chose Liz Tentarelli for Outstanding Woman of the Year. Liz is President of the New Hampshire League of Women Voters. I guess that is impressive, however I had no clue about what she had done. So I Binged her accomplishments. I think my dad would have liked her. Anyway the most defining accomplishment that I saw was something to do with the legal definition of domicile versus residence. Not that the importance was explained.

So there I was left with a bit of a meh feeling about the Outstanding Woman of the Year result. I recognize that there is passion for politics on both sides. How could you forgot the passion of the Pink Hatted Ladies after the election. I did not agree with the politics of the Pink Hatted Ladies, but recognized and respected their passion. Yes they are the ladies of outstanding verbiage. So when it comes right down to it, I guess I am not surprised that the award would go to a lady that is proficient in verbiage.


So I do not know who all these ladies are, however I think I prefer their use of verbiage. So I have come out with an award of my own. “Outstanding use of Verbiage”. It take a bit of skill to use creative verbiage. So for the time being I will anoit the overly verbose with my own recognition of their creativity, and respect for their passion.

When it comes right down to it, it is the creative turn of the verb that made the Democrat Party what it is. So is it is absolutely righteous to award the verb?

More Doing, Less Booing

A physical manifestation of a spiritual process is what we are seeing today. When booing is prominent, doing is left behind. It is not lost on me that the ancient texts were on scrolls. Today in the digital age I scroll through the news and social media. Observationally, the world is obsessed with booing.

It saddens my soul.  At times I have engaged in booing, however I would try and and add a balance, a scale to the times. For I have wondered if it I am part of the problem, or part of the cure. What I have realized is that I really play no part. I listen, and then may have an opinion. No one really cares, for they believe they have the word from a higher authority. Who do you believe?

We all are well off, others make things for us. Regardless of who is in charge, I believe in making things. Things should and can make our life better. Some people have resources, others have talent. The rest of us are, or should be, doing. Hey we all consume, we expect things that fulfill our desires. If our desire is to be booing, well someone will supply. There is a certain irony that COVID 19 was made in China. They make whatever we desire. Or the majority of us. I count myself as being in the minority, as the majority is happy to point out.

I would be remiss if I did not suggest to the majority, let’s build things. Sometimes you need to tear things down to build anew. But to tear everything down leaves nothing. That is where we are going. We cannot have a society where everyone consumes.

Please, more doing, less booing.

Beware the Sundowning Donkey

It is late in the day, the election is still a half a year away. Full Stop.

Some folks make the necessary arrangements and enjoy the sunset. Others are blissfully unaware. Many just are engaged in the daily struggle. Then there are those that sundown.

Sundowning is a medical term associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Such a sad thing. It is dangerous too, as the people that suffer from know not what they do. Yet they are irrational and confused.

Deciding that the world did not need another Clinton or Bush I volunteered in a minor capacity for what to me was an obviously winning teem. There was an eclectic group of people there, all wanting a better future. It would not be long before people were wrongly telling us what we were thinking. It was so common that term was coined to describe the ailment. Trump Derangement Syndrome or in short TDS. Otherwise normal people would go off on unexpected rants. To us it was truly surprising. It was like a virus spread by the media. A rather simple cause and effect.

Some people believe in spiritually. Pray hard enough in mass, and your prayers may be answered. There has been one prayer from the world’s largest political organization. Defeat the president by any means possible, yes any means. TDS is a virulent virus. It effects some people more than others. However tens of millions have become infected. In due time it will run its course. Just how many will not recover is unknown. Unintended consequences are impossible to predict. Could this have been a collective prayer from the donkey.

Terminal agitation, like sundowning, is just one part of dementia. Terminal agitation is distress anxiety confusion anguish. It really is distressing to observe. Yet it describes the actions of the donkey. Confused, agitated, demanding and most importantly a complete loss of reality. Terminal agitation is just a collection of random moments from a distant past juxtaposed upon the present. Unfortunately an underlying meanness anger or hate can bubble up to the surface.

Probably time to call hospice. The donkey needs some peace. Palliative care please. Yes the donkey is in turmoil and need to be comforted. What at one time was such a proud party, is now just a drove of asses.


Winning Made Easy

Want to be a winner? Get aboard the Trump Train. It is that easy. Plenty of room too, complete with a nice view. All aboard before it is too late, leaving the station at a quarter past eight. Shiny and true, the Trump Train has a place for you.

Of course for every winner, there must be a loser or two. Personally, when I know that have been outclassed, I just say that I am there to make the other guy, or gal look good. Then I admit my defeat, and congratulate the winner on a job well done. I understand that not everyone can be a winner. One falsehood prevalent today is, if you do not admit defeat you are not a loser. Au contrair mon ami. Unfortunately for those that cannot admit their defeat, it just raises the power of loss. Simply they become a loser to the losers. I guess you could put a positive spin on it, being the king of losers. I am looking at you Hillary.

Currently the de facto leader of the Democratic Party is the self appointed Nancy Pelosi. As speaker of the house she has a lot of clout. Unfortunately when you compare Nancy with the animated villain Cruella de Vil, Cruella comes out looking like Snow White in comparison to Nancy. This is not surprising as Nancy has sold her soul to the highest bidder. A very un-American thing to do. No wonder the Chinese like her.

Then there is her side kick, the minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer, a man who gives New York a bad name will do anything to besmirch his political opponents. Chucky does such a good job of it he makes Chucky the doll look like the Elf on the Shelf. Senator Schumer, a man who ultimately gives New York a bad name. A very generous fellow he is.

Beyond those two, whom should be the leader of the Democratic Party? Why the presumptive nominee Joe Biden of course. He should be shaping the rhetoric so that the party could stage a glorious comeback. That is what the presumptive nominee should do. However the party nominated Joe. Emblematic of corruption and graft of the past, the kindest thing to say about is Joe is he suffers from dementia. Why did they nominate Joe Biden? My theory is most of the party leadership was so into immediate gratification and wealth accumulation that they lost a long term vision. Joe, who was a part of the problem knows that. When you saw him on TV he seems to constantly try to apologize. His handlers have their hands full. In the background firefighters glum in fealty, staunchly supporting Joe at their unions behest. it was truly a sad campaign. Then Jim Clyburn gave his endorsement, and everything changed. I do not know what motivated Jim, or more importantly, those that heeded his endorsement. However it was a pivotal moment. So I give thanks to the nameless second tier Democrats. They must have looked up and decided that there was no path forward. Nominate Joe and concede. Yes, falling on the sword can be an honorable thing to do. It is after all the end of the party. Time to clear out and go home. Hopefully the hangover is not to bad.

Um ah oh, OBama. What happened to former President Obama? Every time I see him answer a question, the first thing he says is “Um” I interpret this as his way of saying, I can’t tell you what I really think. Then he says “Ah” an is indicative of us now has a plan and a story to tell. Finally he finishes off with “Oh” which is the beginning of his lesson on how he will tell you what to think. Smart man, telling me what I think. Actually it is quite a popular thing to do. now in a self induced quarantine off on the sidelines. I believe he has taken up prayer. Could be be on his knees as he prays that President Trump is a man of his word. For one thing President um ah oh OBama should fear, is to be investigated by the same means and intensity that he investigated the incoming president. President Trump says that the power of the office should not be misused in such a manner. President Obama prays that Trump is a man of his word.

Is it fair to vanquish such a weak opponent? Well, the opposition may be morally weak, but the power of the media is strong. They almost won last time. The power of the media is not to be taken lightly.  Once I was a devotee of NPR and CNN, now the WSJ is the most liberal thing I read now on a regular basis. Their favorite RINO Peggy Noonan writes regularly. With a strong case of Trump Derangement Syndrome she pummeles the president weekly. As I am willing to listen to valid criticism, I do read her column. Unfortunately she is just one of the millions of narcissistic minions, however she is famous with rewards and acclamations that are to be envied. I am sure that she is happy with what she sees in the mirror.

Now my words may be somewhat harsh, so I will have to evaluate my words and see if I am projecting, you know, claiming others have faults that I myself possess. So in sequence, I have projected myself as, a cartoon character, a beloved doll, in thoughtful prayer, and narcissistic as a mirror.

I am OK with that. Winning made easy.

Home, A Nice Place To Be

I have been thinking about writing a few stories. Things like “Women of the Vote” “Winning Made Easy” or ” My Safe Space” however I have been putting in long days at the school, and have really not had time. Life is good. Even though some people think that I am a deplorable, I wanted to write something uplifting.

The hate in politics disturbs me. I see it daily, people repeatedly lie, anger and emotion. The students are my savior. I keep my politics to myself, I preach not. Let the others preach. I however take solace in a student’s well timed eye roll. Or probing question. Yes, the students understand. Or at least the ones I deal with do.

As it was when I was young, the youth had no tolerance for the status quo. I personally take a certain amount of joy in todays rebellious attitude, as I am already there. So I was saddened when COVID 19 came around and sent everybody home. My job was to teach students skills in the shop. Now the shop is closed. The school is still open, I still have a job. I have remote access to the school networks, however I have to work from home.

Home is a nice place to be. I get to look out a nice window. I have pretty things on the wall. I upped my data plan and the computers work. Life is good. Now how to help teach? My first task is to make up a lab on heat treating.

I do not know how many times I have reinvented myself in the past. I am sure I can do it again. I am just stunned and amazed that I get to do it from my beautiful home.

Doing A Nancy

With all that happened last week in politics one thing sticks in my head. Nancy ripping her copy of the State Of The Union speech. Of course it was symbolic, but symbolic of what?

Yes she doesn’t like Trump, or his speech. That is her stated reason for ripping the speech. I suppose it’s her copy, and she can do what she wants with it. Yet, the job is not done till the paperwork is done. Paperwork no longer matters? I am no fan of paperwork, and oddly find it satisfying to just rip up something that you don’t like, yet I never do it. Consequences you know.

So what will be the consequences, nothing? It was Nancy’s copy, she can do with it what she pleases. The symbolism of defiance is well worth the value of a signed copy.

Or, is it the emblematic end of the party, the party? Check Mate by Trump.

Defiance or defeat. The story is not finished yet, the conclusion has not played out. Yet the moment was there. Next the great scramble for the spoils.

Money, Unions, Media, they are now on their own. Some unable to adapt, will twitch till their demise. Some will reinvent themselves, evolving with the times. However the traditional Democrat Party is dead. Bloomberg is buying up the remains, motives unclear.

The king is dead, long live the king.

500 Posts

This is my five hundredth post to Bubbatrump. It has taken over four years to write these. I probably could have written many more, as different thoughts continually rumble around my brain. However writing is time consuming, and I have better things to do with my time. Yet at times I have a need to write. I think it helps me clear my mind.

Long before I started writing people would tell me what I was thinking. They would not accept me saying that I did not think what they claimed I was thinking. It was claimed that I was wrong, or stupid, brainwashed or worse. By writing in an electronic system my thoughts would be recorded and time stamped. These are my words.

I consider these posts to be my thought bubbles, like you might see in a comic strip. They are just a bit longer. Originally they were intended to be an invitation to discourse. That was not to be, the vast majority are unread. Maybe this is because I am a boring person, or, perhaps it could be censorship.

I walked into a Holocaust Museum on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Russians. I thought it was the appropriate thing to do. There was not a lot there. However there was a painting of a pile of books surrounding a crumbling Decalogue. Although the books were not on fire the image invoked book burning to me.

The Holocaust was a terrible thing that happened not that long ago. Currently times are so much better then then, however people invoke the emergence of a new Holocaust. Something that in my mind could not be further from the truth. Life is good I say. Yet, there is censorship. I will ask, is it the same as then?

So here I am, 500 posts to an obscure blog. My thoughts right or wrong recorded in time. Yes there a deep sense of satisfaction, because they are my thoughts. They are not thoughts that someone else says that I have. For that I am grateful.

As a postscript, I try to be understanding. I do not think I have used the word stupid when I describe someone who thinks differently from me. At times I have been caught up in enthusiastic name calling. When doing so I try and be creative with a touch of sarcasm. I do not want anyone to be mad. I just want them to think.