A Chat With Moses

All these years later and I am back at school, as a professor. I teach the arts of manufacturing. Manufacturing makes all that we are possible. Yet that is not why I am writing today.

It was the first day of classes, and there are maybe two people in this wonderful building. It is because of Covid. The first thing I do is check my computer to see if I have a Zoom that I supposed to be doing. I have a awesome shop with so many cool machines. Machines that I teach people to use. Yet because of Covid the room is empty, or not. So was surprised when I saw someone had come in and was wondering about, the turned to leave and I asked if I could help.

As is typical during the first day of classes, it was a lost student. He said he was looking for a math class and introduced himself as Moses. He mentioned that it seemed like the Zombie Apocalypse with nobody around. I agreed and we started talking about Zombie Apocalypses. It is very strange having nobody around.

I had to chuckle to myself. Here I am talking to Moses during the Zombie Apocalypse. I had never met a Moses before. Of course I knew the name. Supposedly the staff of Moses is in a museum down south someplace. A very storied and historical name.

Moses and I then tried to find out where his class was. I had a document that has the time and location of all the classes in the college. I easily found the class, yet the location was a bit of a mystery. The building was listed as WIN88. I had a map of the college and there was no building listed as WIN88.

I then checked the schools website. Frankly there was no explanation. During the Zombie Apocalypse WIN88 was definitely an unknown location. Moses and I pondered the unknown, every thing from the big bang to the Hadrian Collider. Moses was a physicist. He studied Newtonian physics. He explained that Newtonian physics is a hundred years old. Maybe Newtonian is out of date, we discussed the possibilities.

Moses was very polite and well spoken. He also had the coolest glasses. I may have been intrigued by his glasses as I had just purchased a new set of spectacals for myself. I had looked at some fancy two toned turtleshell frames, then went with a conservative frame that was identical to my current glasses. He had me wondering if I should have gone with a fancier set.

Moses sported a stunning gold rimmed spectacles with a triple side bar frame. Who says Moses can’t have style. He certainly had more style than I. Anyway Moses suggested that we call campus security, they would know where WIN88 was. So that is what we did. The surprise was campus security had no Idea where WIN88 was either. They then asked what the class was. Moses said it was a higher level math class. Campus security then said that it was probably in the Math building at 88 Winchester Street.

Later I mentioned to another person that I had a chat with Moses. They knew exactly whom I was talking about. They said Moses should have checked his email to see that classes were being Zoomed the first week. They said Moses had drove a considerable distance to get to the school.

The thought that I would start out the new semester with a chat with Moses was unexpected, yet appropriate. The thought that I should have told Moses that the classes were being Zoomed never crossed my mind. That was so obvious that I missed it. Yet I worked with Moses with his goal to help him find the location of his math class. That was the lesson for me.