Pretty in Blue

Watched Hillary and Elizabeth the other night, they looked pretty in blue. They were enthralled with joy as they took turns trying to out due each other with verbal abuse of Donald.

Of course Donald calls Elizabeth wacky, and Hillary crooked. It is what he does. However he does it in a sort of deadpan matter of fact way. It’s proved to be a winning formula, he has learned from the best. The Clintons.

By mimicking the Clinton formula, Trump is calling them out on it. He manages to goad the Clinton formula into absurdity that it is. Then he turns around starts to talk about his golf courses, hey it’s just business.

Chris Matthews

I enjoy and respect Chris Matthews, I have watched him occasionally for years. He is a Democrat that loves his party, but he wants it to be a better party. I respect him because he will point out the flaws in his own party. The reason he does so is because he wants it to be the best party it can be.

The other night he looked straight into the camera and said that the Democrats should not rejoice, because Donald Trump will be the next president. It was a powerful statement. Chris gets it.

EU Collapse

Did Obama just take out the EU? Is that a good thing? I know my manmade climate change friends believe that the war in Syria was caused by increasing global temperatures causing crop failure and the displacement of Syrian farmers. A alternative view is CIA funded oil pirates displaced regional populations for financial gain under the guise of religious purity. Either way the result was the largest refugee crisis since world war two. This refugee crisis laid the city of Brussels into crisis. I once considered Belgium to be a quiet trouble free country of intellectuals. Today’s news dispels that opinion. I’m sure the chaos in the seat of the European Union had some effect on the British voters.

I am not sure what the break up of the European Union means, is it like the fall of the Soviet Union? The war between the state’s? Is the economic crisis real, or threat and bluster? Or will there be no real change? Or possibly, will the European Union became even stronger. I am not even going to make a prediction, but I do not think the results will be as dire as the pundits predict.

Bubba’s Bombshell

This are my monthly visitor statistics for February

Brazil 34
United States 18
Philippines 3
Portugal 3
Italy 3
Japan 1
United Kingdom 1
Spain 1
Venezuela 1
Germany 1
Puerto Rico 1
Thailand 1
Uruguay 1
Czech Republic 1

And these are my monthly visitor statistics for May

United States 50

That’s it. Sometime in April there were no more intentional visitors. So as far as I know, I did not make any changes that would affect my visitors. I only tell a few people about the website. I built the site to organize my thoughts, and share them if anyone was to express interest. So I was surprised to see a continuous stream of international visitors, then surprised again when they stopped.

As the primaries progressed, I became aware that there were paid operatives targeting Trump supporters, so I thought the sudden suppression of visitors was for my own protection. For this I was grateful. As I dabbled in politics, I became aware that it can be very vicious. So I happily carried on and thought no more about it.

Then the Orlando thing happened, and was blamed on internet radicalization. Huh, if the internet can block little old Bubbatrump, why can it not stop jihad? Now I am miffed, obviously I have been placed on some sort of list that is considered to be worse than international jihadists.

This is the message of this website, you have the right to vote! Vote for who you want. I will vote for who I want. In the end there are a series of rules that will establish a winner.


Epilogue Orlando

First, let me congratulate the black community for not being part of this mess. Otherwise there are no winners. Seems all agree that we do not want to sell guns to terrorists or potential terrorists. President Obama pretty much blamed the gun, and Christian bigotry. Hillary in a act of political correctness while Security of State, prevented the FBI from investigating the shooters Mosque. Trump congratulated himself for saying Muslims are terrorists. The most surprising thing was Barney Frank congratulated Trump for standing up for the Gay community.

Burning Bernie

I feel the Bern. For all the Democrats dissatisfied with their party, they went with Bernie. I understood. I may not of agreed with everything Bernie stood for, but I understood. Bernie was fighting the evil empire from within. He fought valiantly, however in the end he came up short. Bernie Sanders gave a last request to his party as a condition of unity and support. Bernie asked that Barney Frank be removed from the rules committee of the Democratic National Convention. I was surprised by, and applaud the request. Barney Frank is one of the most contentious and corrupt members of the Democratic Party. This would be a reasonable request for the betterment of the party.

Instead Barack, Hillary and other top Democrats closed ranks and totally eliminated Bernie, barely a puff of smoke was left from the Bern. Bernie has been replaced by the partisan attack dog Elizabeth Warren. Resistance from their ranks will not be tolerated. That’s the message, do not forget that.