EU Collapse

Did Obama just take out the EU? Is that a good thing? I know my manmade climate change friends believe that the war in Syria was caused by increasing global temperatures causing crop failure and the displacement of Syrian farmers. A alternative view is CIA funded oil pirates displaced regional populations for financial gain under the guise of religious purity. Either way the result was the largest refugee crisis since world war two. This refugee crisis laid the city of Brussels into crisis. I once considered Belgium to be a quiet trouble free country of intellectuals. Today’s news dispels that opinion. I’m sure the chaos in the seat of the European Union had some effect on the British voters.

I am not sure what the break up of the European Union means, is it like the fall of the Soviet Union? The war between the state’s? Is the economic crisis real, or threat and bluster? Or will there be no real change? Or possibly, will the European Union became even stronger. I am not even going to make a prediction, but I do not think the results will be as dire as the pundits predict.


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