Bubba’s Bombshell

This are my monthly visitor statistics for February

Brazil 34
United States 18
Philippines 3
Portugal 3
Italy 3
Japan 1
United Kingdom 1
Spain 1
Venezuela 1
Germany 1
Puerto Rico 1
Thailand 1
Uruguay 1
Czech Republic 1

And these are my monthly visitor statistics for May

United States 50

That’s it. Sometime in April there were no more intentional visitors. So as far as I know, I did not make any changes that would affect my visitors. I only tell a few people about the website. I built the site to organize my thoughts, and share them if anyone was to express interest. So I was surprised to see a continuous stream of international visitors, then surprised again when they stopped.

As the primaries progressed, I became aware that there were paid operatives targeting Trump supporters, so I thought the sudden suppression of visitors was for my own protection. For this I was grateful. As I dabbled in politics, I became aware that it can be very vicious. So I happily carried on and thought no more about it.

Then the Orlando thing happened, and was blamed on internet radicalization. Huh, if the internet can block little old Bubbatrump, why can it not stop jihad? Now I am miffed, obviously I have been placed on some sort of list that is considered to be worse than international jihadists.

This is the message of this website, you have the right to vote! Vote for who you want. I will vote for who I want. In the end there are a series of rules that will establish a winner.



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