Doing A Nancy

With all that happened last week in politics one thing sticks in my head. Nancy ripping her copy of the State Of The Union speech. Of course it was symbolic, but symbolic of what?

Yes she doesn’t like Trump, or his speech. That is her stated reason for ripping the speech. I suppose it’s her copy, and she can do what she wants with it. Yet, the job is not done till the paperwork is done. Paperwork no longer matters? I am no fan of paperwork, and oddly find it satisfying to just rip up something that you don’t like, yet I never do it. Consequences you know.

So what will be the consequences, nothing? It was Nancy’s copy, she can do with it what she pleases. The symbolism of defiance is well worth the value of a signed copy.

Or, is it the emblematic end of the party, the party? Check Mate by Trump.

Defiance or defeat. The story is not finished yet, the conclusion has not played out. Yet the moment was there. Next the great scramble for the spoils.

Money, Unions, Media, they are now on their own. Some unable to adapt, will twitch till their demise. Some will reinvent themselves, evolving with the times. However the traditional Democrat Party is dead. Bloomberg is buying up the remains, motives unclear.

The king is dead, long live the king.


500 Posts

This is my five hundredth post to Bubbatrump. It has taken over four years to write these. I probably could have written many more, as different thoughts continually rumble around my brain. However writing is time consuming, and I have better things to do with my time. Yet at times I have a need to write. I think it helps me clear my mind.

Long before I started writing people would tell me what I was thinking. They would not accept me saying that I did not think what they claimed I was thinking. It was claimed that I was wrong, or stupid, brainwashed or worse. By writing in an electronic system my thoughts would be recorded and time stamped. These are my words.

I consider these posts to be my thought bubbles, like you might see in a comic strip. They are just a bit longer. Originally they were intended to be an invitation to discourse. That was not to be, the vast majority are unread. Maybe this is because I am a boring person, or, perhaps it could be censorship.

I walked into a Holocaust Museum on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Russians. I thought it was the appropriate thing to do. There was not a lot there. However there was a painting of a pile of books surrounding a crumbling Decalogue. Although the books were not on fire the image invoked book burning to me.

The Holocaust was a terrible thing that happened not that long ago. Currently times are so much better then then, however people invoke the emergence of a new Holocaust. Something that in my mind could not be further from the truth. Life is good I say. Yet, there is censorship. I will ask, is it the same as then?

So here I am, 500 posts to an obscure blog. My thoughts right or wrong recorded in time. Yes there a deep sense of satisfaction, because they are my thoughts. They are not thoughts that someone else says that I have. For that I am grateful.

As a postscript, I try to be understanding. I do not think I have used the word stupid when I describe someone who thinks differently from me. At times I have been caught up in enthusiastic name calling. When doing so I try and be creative with a touch of sarcasm. I do not want anyone to be mad. I just want them to think.

A Hundred To One

In my profession, for every dollar that is given to a Republican candidate, a hundred dollars is given to Democrat candidates. This is what I have read, and I believe that story is true. Not much of a balance there. Yes, I am paid by the government.

because of that I have very few political discussions, and I watch what I say. I have to wonder what they think. I love my job, but I can not espouse the political party line that I strongly disagree with. Working for the government is new to me. I identify more with factory working people. I have had a couple of political conversations, but no more than that. I like my job and I do not want to put it into jeopardy by popping the prevailing political bubble.

It will probably be rough after the election, as the results will probably not be accepted. I would hope that people would make their best arguments, then accept the results. That did not happen last time, and I do not see why this time would be any different. Well actually it might be, as before the last election my liberal friends asked what it is like to witness the end of a Great American Political Party. I know they believed that it would be the Republican Party, when I would dryly reply, which one. Then they would look at me funny. Maybe after a couple of losing elections they will willingly through in the towel. Of course that is probably wishful thinking on my part.

Well it is not the first time I have been in the minority, so this is nothing new.

One last thing before I post this hundred to one story. Of every hundred stories you see in mainstream media, you would be lucky to find one that was factual.