500 Posts

This is my five hundredth post to Bubbatrump. It has taken over four years to write these. I probably could have written many more, as different thoughts continually rumble around my brain. However writing is time consuming, and I have better things to do with my time. Yet at times I have a need to write. I think it helps me clear my mind.

Long before I started writing people would tell me what I was thinking. They would not accept me saying that I did not think what they claimed I was thinking. It was claimed that I was wrong, or stupid, brainwashed or worse. By writing in an electronic system my thoughts would be recorded and time stamped. These are my words.

I consider these posts to be my thought bubbles, like you might see in a comic strip. They are just a bit longer. Originally they were intended to be an invitation to discourse. That was not to be, the vast majority are unread. Maybe this is because I am a boring person, or, perhaps it could be censorship.

I walked into a Holocaust Museum on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Russians. I thought it was the appropriate thing to do. There was not a lot there. However there was a painting of a pile of books surrounding a crumbling Decalogue. Although the books were not on fire the image invoked book burning to me.

The Holocaust was a terrible thing that happened not that long ago. Currently times are so much better then then, however people invoke the emergence of a new Holocaust. Something that in my mind could not be further from the truth. Life is good I say. Yet, there is censorship. I will ask, is it the same as then?

So here I am, 500 posts to an obscure blog. My thoughts right or wrong recorded in time. Yes there a deep sense of satisfaction, because they are my thoughts. They are not thoughts that someone else says that I have. For that I am grateful.

As a postscript, I try to be understanding. I do not think I have used the word stupid when I describe someone who thinks differently from me. At times I have been caught up in enthusiastic name calling. When doing so I try and be creative with a touch of sarcasm. I do not want anyone to be mad. I just want them to think.


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