A Hundred To One

In my profession, for every dollar that is given to a Republican candidate, a hundred dollars is given to Democrat candidates. This is what I have read, and I believe that story is true. Not much of a balance there. Yes, I am paid by the government.

because of that I have very few political discussions, and I watch what I say. I have to wonder what they think. I love my job, but I can not espouse the political party line that I strongly disagree with. Working for the government is new to me. I identify more with factory working people. I have had a couple of political conversations, but no more than that. I like my job and I do not want to put it into jeopardy by popping the prevailing political bubble.

It will probably be rough after the election, as the results will probably not be accepted. I would hope that people would make their best arguments, then accept the results. That did not happen last time, and I do not see why this time would be any different. Well actually it might be, as before the last election my liberal friends asked what it is like to witness the end of a Great American Political Party. I know they believed that it would be the Republican Party, when I would dryly reply, which one. Then they would look at me funny. Maybe after a couple of losing elections they will willingly through in the towel. Of course that is probably wishful thinking on my part.

Well it is not the first time I have been in the minority, so this is nothing new.

One last thing before I post this hundred to one story. Of every hundred stories you see in mainstream media, you would be lucky to find one that was factual.


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