Hurricane Harvey

The media storm over Harvey Weinstein is quite amazing. I had thought that everyone knew that that type of behaviour was quite typical, especially in the entertainment industries. I am surprised that people actually seem ignorant of that type of behaviour exists. For about a week I wondered who the heck did he piss off. I briefly considered the Clintons, maybe they thought he did not donate enough to get Hillary elected. However Hillary’s loss was certainly not Harvey’s fault. The blame is clearly on the Russians. So I will profess ignorance of ┬ámotivation for the New York Times in releasing the story that has had a Hurricanes effect on Hollywood.

Then of course there were the words of President Trump earlier on the fateful day that the Gray Lady exposed the dark side of Hollywood. Coincidence you may say of my interpretation of his words. So I will ask what do you think President Trump ment when he rather smugly said before the upcoming media storm? “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Could be, the calm. The calm before the storm.”

Of course old Harvey did not really piss anyone off. Even his victims knew it was just the cost of doing business. However just because something is routine and commonplace does not mean it is morally right or even legal. For some unexpected reason the story in the Times was allowed to run. Nobody was there to fix it.

Rest assured that if Hillary was in charge she would have made sure that her old buddy Harvey would not have been slandered by an uncaring press. Unfortunately for Harvey, elections do have consequences.


Crazy White Man

Big media talk is about what motivated the crazy white man in Vegas. I think that it rather obvious that he did not like country music. Now why would a rich crazy white man not like country music? That could be left to speculation, however there was a report from CNN that that country music fans are Trump supporters. Has CNN scooped the other media outlets on the motivation of the shooter?

When a news organization specialises in the creation of fake news, they are bound to get a scoop or two. I say that in my best Dick Cavett voice for I wish to offer thoughtful insights. First, and most obvious, is the methodical planning for a deadly attack on a country music festival. Why country music? I must wonder if the crazy white man listens to music. I wonder what the stations on his radios are tuned to, or what TV channels aware on the preference list. With a almost nonexistent online presence, the crazy white man must have been a passive recipient of media. I wonder if he listened to NPR? If he did they would have assured him of his intellectual superiority over those who do not. If he listened to CNN he would believe that Hillary had been unfairly robbed of the presidency by Russian thugs. If he watched the Rachel Maddow Show he would have learned how to commit villainy against the irredeemable deplorables that cost Hillary the election.

I’m not kidding about Rachel, I tuned her in after the shooting and there she was gleefully describing how to modify semiautomatic weapons into automatic weapons to effectively kill country music fans. She was doing the same thing after the Steve Scalise shooting back in June. When again did today’s nut begin planning for this horrific event?

While the brother claims no family political affiliation, he specifically specified that his brother was not a white supremacist. So is this a crime of passion or greed? The crazy white man had a girlfriend, and plenty of money. He was actually very well to do. So that alone would increase the statistical probability that he was a Hillary voter.

Two days out from the dastardly deed the media has two talking points. Gun control, aind why? Obviously, gun control would not have prevented the dastardly deed. The Crazy white man demonstrated his intellectual superiority by changing the legality of his weapons by converting them to illegal automatic weapons as clearly illustrated by Rachel Maddow on her number one cable show. As for the why, I am sure the crazy white man left plenty of explanations on why. He will surely justify his intellectual superiority to the rest of the world. The reasons will either be covered up or they will come out. I am sure those in charge of the investigation by now know, it’s just a matter of how to explain to the public. Could it be many people will not accept or believe the truth? I am guessing the truth will be controversial, otherwise it would have already been leaked.

So many victims, and they are guilty of what? Enjoying country music? Being patriotic? Just possibly, be perceived as having voting for Trump. My guess, and yes it is just a guess. The crazy white man was methodically avenging Hillary’s loss.

Mr Cavett, have you any thoughts?