Why People Hate President Trump

Donald Trump is a New York Liberal, he can’t help it. It is who he is. Being a non politician who wanted to get involved in politics he saw an opportunity in the Republican Party. The man is shrewd.

The presidents secret to success has been to use liberal methods to achieve a conservative agenda. To illustrate, the use of labels is a liberal attribute. Liberals have a label for everyone, and every cause. President Trump also labels everyone and everything. To a true conservative, labels are an anathema. They believe people should be treated equally, without regard to labels. Notice how the use of labels will make a conservative crazy.

Professional politicians, having been defeated by a novice non politician are naturally resentful. With those words, I am being kind. Republicans who believe they are the real conservatives are appalled that their leader has all the attributes of a Liberal Democrat. However there is no reason to believe that the president cannot be a successful conservative. It is fairly well known that he has never had a drink. However, that did not stop him from having successful wineries. How can a guy who has never had a glass of wine successfully sell wine? He hired the right people. A system that is repeatable.

So why didn’t the biggest liberal in the Republican Party run as a Democratic? Obviously he wouldn’t have succeeded. The party is truly corrupt. It is my belief that corruption in politics is what caused the Don to run. He believed that America needs fixing. If that wasn’t bad enough, It is my belief that the Democratic Party is just one goose step away from fascism. Unlike Republicans, Democrats all speak from the same playbook. Without fail. They simply do not tolerate anybody rocking the boat. So even though President Trump is a New York Liberal down to his very core. Democrats will never, never, ever agree with him.

So there you have it, both Democrats and Republicans both hate Trump. So who likes Trump? Those who do not care about labels and are results driven. For those folks, Trump is Hope and Change.


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