The Lovely Lisa Page

A most interesting Trump tweet. It says a lot. Maybe this will put two years of Russian collusion to bed. I would hazard a guess that the lovely Lisa Page knows all the characters in the unconstitutional attempt to frame President Trump with an impeachable offense. She was involved with with the top brass at the FBI. She probably heard instructions from John Brennan on how to proceed with what in all likelihood a treasonous plot. The lovely Lisa Page would know all the dates, places and conversations that went into planning on the FBI side. Additionally she would know about CIA efforts to assist in the diabolical scheme. She probably even knows how they used the press to influence public opinion. Most importantly, she is willing to talk. That is what I take away from the single tweet.

I do not think Lisa can make the ultimate Brennan Obama connection, however I could be wrong on that. There was the Strzok text about Obama wanting to know all about it.

Hearings on the Hill in about a month? It would be nice to put the whole Russian thing behind us. Sure Mueller could clear Trump, but that is not his nature. He will just keep digging. It is his dream to make a shattering difference. He is unable to stop.

Sure I realize that Mueller may have something and is not saying anything. That is what some people like to say. Sorry, those people have been wrong so many times before. I would be more willing to say that President Trump makes colossal errors in judgment during his Tweets. Your right, sometimes I wonder why. However, for me it is entertaining. And I just watch people’s reactions. Of course I wonder why on a lot of things.

Anyway I want to hear more from Lisa Page. I wish she would start tweeting.


Deplorables Don’t Vote

I have been watching liberals on TV describe why they believe Trump supporters are deplorables. This is something that bothers me. As I thought Trump was going to win from the beginning, I associated myself with his campaign. I talked with many of his supporters. They are nothing like what is described by the liberal TV commentary.

I had a bit of an epiphany this last week. I am familiar with the type of voters that are similar to those described as deplorable. Let me explain. There are three types of voters, they are roughly equal in numbers. The first group believe in a strong unified government, reinforced by a compliant and unified media that leaves no room for dissent. Strength in unity is their path to success. Dissent is not to be tolerated. The second group believes in enterprise and individual freedom. Equality under law is what provides strength of the nation. It allows individuals to achieve their own individual strengths. It is a believe that the strength of the sum total of the individuals is greater than the constrained whole. Finally the last group, which is sadly the largest group. This is the group that is most like what what is described as deplorables by the liberal media. These are the people that could vote, but don’t. They don’t care and cannot be bothered with governance.

This could be the fascist fanatics fatal flaw. For when when it is endlessly repeated that the largest subset of voters, those that don’t vote, actually voted for a particular candidate. They may just go and vote for “their” candidate. The beauty of this is they will actually be voting for a most kind, loving, caring candidate. Voting is a good thing.

Changing Stories

I had a nice chat with Don Jr on the day before the election, so I have a tendency to pay attention when he is in the news. I pay zero attention to presidential, or any tweets. However many people do, and some of them are reporters. They think that they are valid news. So it has been reported that the president has given conflicting tweets about a meeting Don Jr and others had with a “Russian Spy”. Heads explode.

So why would the president give conflicting tweets? It is probably a bit more than the enjoyment of watching the talking heads explode. My theory is he wants to draw attention to the story. This is not because he wants to see his son in jail. Listening to the talking heads this story is the most definitive evidence of “Russian Collusion” or whatever they are calling it now. Current Leftist propaganda claims that the president has lost his mind, this strange story fits nicely with that theory.

Nobody likes entrapment. Entrapment is devious and underhanded. It is also a political ploy. My prediction is it will come out who engineered the meeting. Don Jr was asked if he would like “Dirt on Hillary”. Evidently just saying yes can be considered a crime by some. As they say everyone is guilty of something. From what I understand there was some effort made to settle up this meeting. Passports or Visas had to be obtained for the Russian “Visitors”. As this was a short notice meeting the permissions had to go way up the chain. My thinking is that President Trump knows exactly how far up the chain these special requests travelled. The little meeting with Don Jr had with the Russians was most likely approved by the Obama administration. Otherwise the meeting would have never happened. Entrapment will not make any friends. The president knows that.

When have I been wrong before? I found Don Jr to be highly intelligent and very intense. He, like his father, is not someone to be trifled with. They are certainly not your typical politicians.

Donald J Trump has worked hard over his lifetime and made more money than most of us can possibly imagine. He also had the good fortune of being able to build on his father’s success. I do not begrudge his success. Neither do I begrudge those who make, or loose several times Donald J Trump’s net worth in mere minutes. Yes, for some the wealth of Donald J Trump is nothing.

I have to imagine that these hyper wealthy like to have compliant bought and paid for politicians. They do not need any politician messing up their lifestyle. President Trump didn’t fit that mold. That is why they own the media. Sort of like having insurance policies kick in. Bought and paid for media typically just to have things go their way. However perfectly capable of doing dirty work too. I am not sure why, but all the super wealthy all seem to be Democrats. It is just the way it is. I would like to think that is not something to do with their core values. I have read that 90 percent of conservative, or Republican online commentary is suppressed. After checking the stats on Bubbatrump I believe that is something that could very well be true. The term “Shadowbaning” describes the practice. It is a thing.

Interestingly the Democrats thought that they could control the news and media when they have ninety percent control of the content. I have to admit it is a fairly reasonable assumption. This is why before the 2016 election the media predicted the end of “A major political party” and then extolled the virtues of a single party system. Unfortunately for them a man who cannot be bought won the election. Even worse, he can easily troll the media and show the fallacy of their convictions. Some of us really enjoy this.

I am sure Donald J Trump could have run as either a Democrat or a Republican. He just found the Republicans more accommodating. So where does leave the party that thought they would be the only party right now? A party that that controls the media, had political influence in the Justice Department, the IRS, and even the CIA. This is something that I will not predict. It is up to the voters to decide. I also realise now that I do not understand the mind of the urban dweller.

So where does this leave Don Jr? He is a big boy and can take care of himself. Even more important he has a caring partner. That being said, all those people that thought they were going to be the only party in charge are very unhappy, and will do anything to take any Trump down. That is the reality of the Trump Revolution.

The evidence is that the Obama administration went to elaborate lengths to frame Don Jr with “Russian collusion” is quite compelling. To attack a man’s son because of politics is beyond deplorable, it is quite despicable. It is a level below what I thought any American politician would stoop. Take a moment to think of times in history when children are used as leverage against the parents.

The chorus sings Trump separates the children at the border, truly despicable! Triggered. Funny that they think it is unjust that the actions of a parent should affect the child. Isn’t that what I was just saying? The border was a problem before Trump. He thinks that if there was a wall with a big beautiful gate, where admission was charged, there would not be a problem. Simplistic, yes. However the idea is not as bad as people suggest ( I have never heard anyone ask about the gate ). I had thought that a problem was unaccompanied children, there are many more of them than separated children. The lesson is, you commit a crime you are separated from your children. That is nothing new. I feel bad for the kids with no parents, how did that happen? Was this a Trump Trolling Trigger?

For the life of me I cannot understand why the Democrats support criminals. Maybe this is evidence that there are criminals in charge of the party? Vote.

Mars Attack

The pigeon has come home to roost. This is not just any ordinary pigeon, it has been carefully genetically engineered. With a larynx from a parrot and stem cells from the brain of an elephant this bird has a remarkable ability. When fed marigolds petals it will remember all the sounds that it hears. Then when feed avocado, this amazing animal will faithfully reconstruct those sounds. This bird has been named Edison.

The pigeon had been carefully ensconced in an ancient cuckoo clock in an elaborate old pile of a palace located on the north side of Market Square in Helsinki. The room and cuckoo clock were carefully examined by multiple security services for electronic devices, or bugs. None were found, for this was a bird. The stage was set, and the pigeon heard it all.

All the world wants to know, and the pigeon finally returned. It’s time to get out the guacamole. We anxiously awaited the Edison recording. Now here it is, faithfully transcribed from the parrots larynx in a pigeons beak.


“Who you think I am? Bernie Sanders? I asked for the lost Hillary emails, not something that from the DNC that raised Bernie’s blood pressure. You trying to give an old man a heart attack?

Aye, we just humbly do what we can do. Your media doesn’t like like you, we have nothing to do with that. You stew in your own doing.

My people do like me. I am the most popular Republican president. So what makes YOU so popular in your country?

Because I am like your Kennedy, starting as a simple thug with simple ambition. Then acquiring wealth while rising up through the mob, I started buying legitimacy. Now I depend on brutal honesty.

Honesty? Wow, I like the way you think. How do you deal with the Press? They seem not to like honesty. You are right, they do not like me.

In my country, they say what they want to say, and I do what I want. It is that simple. Your problem is that your an outsider, and they have the power of the insider. You need the power of an insider.

How do I do that? I do know how to listen.

That’s your problem, we chat as friends.

So what do you want?

Prosperity and world peace.

On what terms? We might as well negotiate.

(The sounds of papers)

This here, here and here. Minimum of $90.

Nope, maybe and OK. Well see.

So how do I know that you will keep your end of the deal?

I will get it though Congress, I and the country want it to happen.

Your intelligence service is working against you. They prefer conflict.

Can you prove that?

Only to a limited extent, talk to General Xi.

I have, he is stereotypically inscrutable, though he was willing to turn the screws on Kim. So I must ask would you turn the screws on Hassan?

I mentioned my price earlier, he and your O’Botard turned the screws on me when they dropped the price, they cut out everyone. I don’t forget.

So we got to stay over 90.

Should be easy, That genius Maduro should make it easy for us.

Looks like we have a plan, you like winning.

We all like winning.

Everyone is a winner with my plan.

You sound like a socialist!

No, I am not Bernie. My I mind you that I don’t like to repeat myself.

I don’t care if you win or lose, I will profit either way. I suspect you repeat yourself when it comes to winning.

You get my point.

I’m waiting to see how you handle your media friends.

You know that when I get tired of watching Fox, I switch on RT.

I consider that a compliment, thank you. There is something to be said for advertising free TV. Beholden to no one, that is something that you don’t find on your American TV, it enables free speech.

I don’t tell anyone though, because you are right about our media… Do you know that Musk guy who is building a place on Mars.

Yah, the Tesla guy.

Like me he just makes people’s heads explode. I just do it better.

You colluded with that Tesla guy from Mars to get his death Ray, and your plan is to achieve peace on earth is by making people’s heads explode?”

Oh I don’t make people’s heads explode, they are self triggered. They spontaneously combust.

Why do you think that is? I find it fascinating that you cause your enemies to self immolliate. You have my full attention.

It’s the truth, when you live in a world of lies the truth is explosive.

As I was saying earlier..


At that point Edison the pigeon gave a distinct wink, then a nod, and said “Watch This”


And there you have a Edison recording of the secret Tesla death ray.