The China Tide?

Conventional wisdom? A midterm blue wave. Alternative wisdom? It will be a red wave. How about a blue tsunami! Or just a red tide. No it it will be a blue blizzard! That’s a lot of snowflakes! If that is the case the augers will win in the end. Boring. The reality is that it is a China tide. Cloaked in the guise of glorious globalisation we are experiencing a new digital reality. We are what we read, and in a digital world what we read can be uniquely tailored.

CNN pays the airports of the word to air it’s content. A strategic strategy to influence. Fox on the other hand, spends it’s time in rebuttal. The “smart” people ignore the interloper trying to influence the national conscience. It is Hollywood that sets the national conscience. Hollywood defines our dreams, and our activities.

Hollywood is now owned by the Chinese, John Wayne has sold out. This is just the first step to controlling the world’s consciousness. The second is controlling the digital world. I believe that is a work in progress, and it is working. Content is disappearing, I will attest to that. There are national databases, that are private. What we think is stored somewhere. I used to think that it didn’t matter. Nobody cared about what I thought. However now some algorithm is trying to tell me what to think.  Will resist until I am unable.

Finally the last triad, fear. As any Trump supporter knows, fear is a motivating factor. It’s not possible to wear a MAGA hat in many places. An internet savvy Antifa will get you. Just yesterday a Bernie supporter carrying an American Flag was bloodied. An army of black clad thugs is allowed free reign, where simple commentators are censured. When I pressed the Trump campaign for tickets to the inaugural I was told by a member of the campaign that I would get beat up. At the time I dismissed it as disorganization on the campaign’s part. Looking back, the Antifa thugs would have probably burned the bus. It is true that they dismissed the charges against the Antifa thugs at the inaugural.

Most people know that people’s political thoughts are tracked on the internet. The Chinese know the most. They know what was on Hillary’s server. They would have liked her. They know how Antifa operates, they know what I write. They know what you think. I write because my father was an activist, I am more of an observer, and commentator.

I have to wonder how many people give no indication of political beliefs, even though they have one. If it is dangerous to be a Trump supporter, then the only safe place to support the President, is in the voting both. This will make it tough to predict the next election.

North Korea has an economy half the size of Vermont. Russia has an economy the Size of Texas. China has an economy twice the size of California. So I really don’t know what to call the globalist tide, however China has huge influence. What I really don’t understand is the globalist agenda. What is wrong with equality under law?

Some people don’t like the phrase America First. For them it symbolizes oppression. I would ask would you feed a stranger before you feed your family? America is our family. It does not mean we cannot be a good neighbor. I am not saying that we cannot be a better neighbor. We can always be better.

Speaking of oppression, one of the symbols of President Trump’s detractors is the woman in the hijab. After earning the right to vote, and equality under law, imperfect as it may be. Globalist take up the symbols of subservience and oppression.

So the tide ebbs and flows. During the election, where will it go?


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