The Lovely Lisa Page

A most interesting Trump tweet. It says a lot. Maybe this will put two years of Russian collusion to bed. I would hazard a guess that the lovely Lisa Page knows all the characters in the unconstitutional attempt to frame President Trump with an impeachable offense. She was involved with with the top brass at the FBI. She probably heard instructions from John Brennan on how to proceed with what in all likelihood a treasonous plot. The lovely Lisa Page would know all the dates, places and conversations that went into planning on the FBI side. Additionally she would know about CIA efforts to assist in the diabolical scheme. She probably even knows how they used the press to influence public opinion. Most importantly, she is willing to talk. That is what I take away from the single tweet.

I do not think Lisa can make the ultimate Brennan Obama connection, however I could be wrong on that. There was the Strzok text about Obama wanting to know all about it.

Hearings on the Hill in about a month? It would be nice to put the whole Russian thing behind us. Sure Mueller could clear Trump, but that is not his nature. He will just keep digging. It is his dream to make a shattering difference. He is unable to stop.

Sure I realize that Mueller may have something and is not saying anything. That is what some people like to say. Sorry, those people have been wrong so many times before. I would be more willing to say that President Trump makes colossal errors in judgment during his Tweets. Your right, sometimes I wonder why. However, for me it is entertaining. And I just watch people’s reactions. Of course I wonder why on a lot of things.

Anyway I want to hear more from Lisa Page. I wish she would start tweeting.


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