Deplorables Don’t Vote

I have been watching liberals on TV describe why they believe Trump supporters are deplorables. This is something that bothers me. As I thought Trump was going to win from the beginning, I associated myself with his campaign. I talked with many of his supporters. They are nothing like what is described by the liberal TV commentary.

I had a bit of an epiphany this last week. I am familiar with the type of voters that are similar to those described as deplorable. Let me explain. There are three types of voters, they are roughly equal in numbers. The first group believe in a strong unified government, reinforced by a compliant and unified media that leaves no room for dissent. Strength in unity is their path to success. Dissent is not to be tolerated. The second group believes in enterprise and individual freedom. Equality under law is what provides strength of the nation. It allows individuals to achieve their own individual strengths. It is a believe that the strength of the sum total of the individuals is greater than the constrained whole. Finally the last group, which is sadly the largest group. This is the group that is most like what what is described as deplorables by the liberal media. These are the people that could vote, but don’t. They don’t care and cannot be bothered with governance.

This could be the fascist fanatics fatal flaw. For when when it is endlessly repeated that the largest subset of voters, those that don’t vote, actually voted for a particular candidate. They may just go and vote for “their” candidate. The beauty of this is they will actually be voting for a most kind, loving, caring candidate. Voting is a good thing.


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