Fascist America

The premise was a well oiled machine unhindered by partisanship would make America great again. The liberal media suggested that one of the great American political parties was doomed. When my liberal friends mentioned this little bit of propaganda to me, I would reply with a twinkle in my eye, which one? The media meanwhile showered praises on China as a golden example of the successes of a unified central government. The only way to compete in a global world would be with a strong centralized government.

Donald Trump was supposed to be a straw man, build him up, then knock him down. Unfortunately for the Democrat Party, it didn’t work. Their expected triumph turned into a tragic loss. Their great political machine collapsed. Unfortunately great portions of it are still alive.

The media has recently reminded me a number of times that Trump supporters are a minority. With that I must agree. In fact most of my life I have been a minority of some sort.

Please note, the government, the entertainment industry, the news media, and the energy are all unionized. Unionism was once needed. Now unionism is self serving thuggery belittling any opposition till it gets its own way. Unionism gets its way by getting people into government that will then unequivocally support union prosperity. In return the politicians will receive the support of union thuggery. Thuggery that now includes media manipulation and collusion.

Unhappy about the unexpected Trump ascendancy, they realised that attacking the man was not enough. The professionals of professional thuggery started attacking the supporters of the man. These attacks were vicious cruel and rather mean spirited. It was a new low in politics. Simple working people suddenly become the most despised minority on earth. For these simple people their reaction was to be resolute disrespect of the unholy alliance between government media and entertainment.

If I had a union job I would have probably supported Hillary. However I really hope that  would have recognized that the people that did not support her would have had a legitimate reason for doing so. Just because someone doesn’t agree politically doesn’t mean they are a racist or a misogynist or a fascist.

Because the headless beast that is the Democrat party is continually unable to engage in political discussion without using racist accusations, we may just end up with the fascist system that they so desired. Not that I am in favor of fascism. I believe competition improves the breed. So I really do enjoy globalist competition, things like Formula I and the World Rally Championship. I was actually somewhat afraid that if the Democrat Party had its way, we would have had a genetically superior president. WIth the genes of two previous presidents, Chelsea would have been a logical and superior choice. Probably would have been reasonable to expect her to be president for life.

I and others like me broke the dreams of the progressive politicised unionised thuggery. So now we find ourselves defined by the unionized media as the most despised political minority. I have decided why on earth should I now allow anyone with that progressive union card shape my political opinion?


The envelope Please

At the Academy Awards last night the liberal left predictably trashed President Trump. Of course I didn’t, nor did anyone I knew, watch it. However I was treated to some of the more nasty bits during the morning news. Biased news reports entertainment bias with glee!

Not that I really care, but after listening to the morning news I was completely confused about who actually won best picture. Seems there was some confusion with an envelope.

When there is a whole culture that depends on pretending to be something that they aren’t gets together something happens. We see culture that is expert at mocking those who do not align with their pretentious posturing, unable to open and read a simple envelope.

A Hole In One

Last Thursday President Trump was accused by the press of boasting when he had G.E. CEO Jeff Immelt recount a story when he previously played golf with Donald Trump. Jeff said that “I have seen the magic (Of Donald) before”. For Donald Trump looked at the three of us and said “I am the best golfer of all the rich people”. Then he promptly hit a hole in one.

The real story is the the exchange occurred during a meeting of manufacturing executives. President Trump was listening to suggestions on how to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.. Manufacturing, which is really the only way to bring wealth to a country, has some challenges to overcome in this country. I am glad President Trump was listening some smart people that know the challenges, and hopefully have good suggestions to overcome them.

President Obama may have had big ears, but did he listen?

The Metrics Of Winning

Here a number of benchmarks that I would consider to be viable proof of winning by a Trump Presidency. I actually believe that President Trump will be able to achieve the following.

The Muslim Problem: A man in Rochester NH with a high BAC (my bigoted inference) stated that we have a Muslim problem. The candidate listened and didn’t give a canned politically correct answer. Instead he said we will have our experts look at the problem. At the end of the day I expect everyone to have a better understanding of Islam. Any one care for a test?

Building The Wall: Just building a wall is not the answer, President Trump says the wall will include a Big Beautiful Gate. This means sensible immigration reform. It also means keeping out bad people. This can be measured by crime rates, and actual immigration status.

Drain The Swamp: This is one of my favorites, If Washington D.C. real estate valuations go down compared to the rest of the country, I will considered the swap drained.

Carnage In America: Easy, violent crime down, and employment up in Chicago, Baltimore and St Louis.

Make America Great Again: Jobs, trade deficit, debt reduction.

Tax Reform, and Income Inequality: A progressive capital gains tax that is greater than the income tax.

Term Limits: Yes, legislation passed.

Better than Obama Care: Healthcare for all, funded by a levy on all collective bargaining agreements.

The Unexpected Memorial

I believe that the local High School painted this mural on the side of a local tire dealer some time after 9/11. At the time Tim and I worked on the other side of the street. Tim is the big guy in the white shirt in the mural. The mural even had his name on his shirt so there would be no question. At his side, one of his favorite search dogs, Blitzen.

Tim had volunteered, as he had done so many times before, to help. He would spend weeks caring for the service dogs that worked ground zero. It was tough work for all involved. Afterwards we were pleased to see Tim’s and others work recognised and honored with the mural. Little did we realize at the time, that Tim would also become a victim of the war that was defined by 9/11.

Now the murals paint is faded, and beginning to peal. Other than my few words of tribute to Tim, as far as I know the mural is the only memorial. There was no service and Tim donated his body to science. His wife died shortly after he did, and again no service. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, that’s what Tim believed. As he frequently said, a hundred years from now who cares.

I have to agree to a certain extent. A hundred years for now there will be people that don’t care. Even worse, in a hundred years, there will still be people that manipulate events to their own advantage. However I truly believe that in a hundred years that there will be people like Tim, who will give their lives, because they care.

The Lord’s Prayer

At a recent political rally in Florida Melania Trump read the Lord’s Prayer. She was introducing her husband, President Donald Trump when she read the words. As I believe we can all use the benefit of prayer, I found her words very reassuring. In this country, as well as many others, these are the words that reaffirm Christian faith in God. In Christian sanctuaries around the world, these are the words that guide us in our faith.

I must wonder if the Islamic faith has similar words. I will admit ignorance, for I really do not know. Anthony Bourdain, noted food critic and atheist says that the Islamic call to worship is the one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I have also read that the Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan believes all white people should be eliminated. Both of those statements are second hand. I once talked to someone who had made the pilgrimage to Mecca, I wanted know what it was like. He told me it was just a huge money making scam, surprisingly it was quite an anti Islamic rant. Not really what I expected, and once again only one person’s opinion. Trump himself has said we need a dialog, so we can understand what is going on.

The Lord’s Prayer is part of my life. It is a simple affirmation of faith. I was happy to hear Melania Read the words. She is proving to be a truly wise person, and an American asset. It may have been a simple thing, but Melania has brought the benefit of prayer to politics. Something that has been needed for some time.

The Last Lion

Recently we visited Big Cat Habitat in Florida. It is  facility that gives homes to large cats that cannot survive in the wild. I was surprised learn that the big kitty shown above was possibly the last Barbary Lion. The Barbary Lion is the lion with the full mane on the males. A bit of googling explained that the last wild Barbary Lion was killed in the wild nearly a hundred years ago. Since then the lion has only survived in captivity. Evidently it is easy to breed lions in captivity, it would have been only necessary introduce male and female Barbary Lions together. Evidently the last female Barbary Lion died some time ago. I am hugely disappointed. It was the Barbary Lion was the lion of choice in the Roman Colosseum. The Barbary Lion was the model for Disney’s Lion King. In our animal world, the Barbary Lion is the king of kings.

With the environmental awareness of the last hundred years I am appalled that somehow someone was not able to continue the lineage of this great beast. I hear stories about millions spent to preserve some odd snail or fern. In the meantime the greatest beast of all has been ignored.

I believe that animals can see and sense things that we humans cannot. I wonder what that last great cat thinks when he looks at us. What does he see…

[Edited to correct the faculty name]

Here Comes Da Judge

Some of my gray haired readers may remember Laugh In from the 1960’s. Some things never change. If the recent election was about anything, it was about who would get to pick the next judge. Each side, convinced of their own righteousness determined that they would win the election and then have the right to pick the next judge. There would be no compromise. I was truly impressed that the stakes were so high.

Personally I don’t see what a huge thing it is. A Judge should simply determine right from wrong. Unfortunately there is some sort of partisanship going on. I could care less about Roe vs Wade. I might be upset if the IRS messes with me, but I really don’t expect a judge to help me with that because of that previously mentioned partisanship.

So ideally I would not think a judge would set policy, but of course I was just proved wrong. Evidently a judge can set national policy, so I must be impressed. I am delighted to point out that it is a Republican judge countering a Republican president. It may even be in the way the founders envisioned. Or it could be a ruse or distraction, a red herring if you prefer. As I see it now the left is delighted that that a judge has independent thought. The right happily proclaims independence of thought is justice. Trump takes a blow and the world is a good place.

The system is working. Do you really think we would have had this type of scenario under Democrat rule? I am unaware if it was so. I almost think President Trump set himself up to take the blow for the sake of unity. The alternative scenario is he is just an easily manipulated rube. Do you really believe that? I don’t. The end result is great theatre.

Out of curiosity, how much of a role do you think money is playing in this. I sense big money wants cheap labor. Big money is looking to get the wheat, while the rest of us will get the chaff. Or will we?

Go back to when life was really rough, and the life of a refuge was epic. I won’t pretend to understand how bad it was because I don’t. I do believe in compassion, but I also believe there is no free lunch. As President Trump says, I want experts to figure it out. If this the worst we have, life is good. The promise I see being made is refugees will be vetted as individuals. If these individuals want to be American, and live a productive American life, will be let in. Any sort of existing quota system I hope will be abolished.

Once again I have known a good number of refugees. Some have been some really good people, people that I have been glad to know. Then some, well, may have not been. So I want to leave this little essay on a positive note. I think the system is working.

Dear Dear Milo

My dear Milo, I read that you’re one of the most horrific political commentators out there. I can not begin to add up all the negative descriptors that have been used to describe you. In other words the press views you as just another Trump supporter. As a fellow Trump supporter I wondered what you had to say, so thanks to Breitbart I found a transcript of one of your Californian provocations. Honestly, I was stunned to learn that your a gay guy that doesn’t like abortion. My first thought was does a gay guy care about what goes on inside a woman’s body. After a bit I began to understand that you believed the stilling of many heartbeats was a form of genocide practiced by feminism. I was waiting for another shoe to drop, but that was it. You do not like people killing unborn babies.

I now consider myself to be in trouble. I think my views to be much more controversial. For I have had such kind words for the great melting pot of partisanship, racism and fascism that is progressivism. You, Milo, simply think that killing an unborn baby is murder. I however, think we’re in a political revolution against prevailing partisanship, racism and even fascism. You define yourself as the defender of the ethics of the church. I find myself as a frightened child in the swirling cauldron of dark politics. This gives me great fear.

Dear dear Milo, you so prove my fears.  You have proven that you cannot speak outside the monolithic thought of Berkley, once the land of free speech. Now the bastion of Blueness. If instead you had preached intolerance against the law, hatred towards those who serve, and unity in disbelief, you would have been lauded.  Instead you have provoked the dark forces of the self described resistance fighters. Unimpeded by the law they have set fires and attacked your supporters. You are condemned for saying a beating hart is life. Yet those that beat your supporters, destroy property and prevent your simple speech of caring go unpunished.

The dark forces of progressivism has already taken lives, when will it end? I find myself in deep trouble. So I save my kindest words for the progressive media. For they are more dangerous than any terrorists. I have written that the progressive media has cared more about royalties than terrorism. I have written that progressive media cared more about selling houses to those that can’t afford them than the health of the economy. I have written that the progressive media entered us into war by promoting bombs that did not exist. I have written that progressivism brought down the European Union wIth unmitigated population movement caused by the desire of cheap oil. Worst of all I have written my independent thoughts.

I think the very very worst of all, I have written that a wall is by definition a gate. A gate that should be a door to opportunity. For there is always a gate in a wall. Unfortunately the door of dialog seems only a wall to the progressive media. In Berkeley they slammed the gate, We await our fate.