Here Comes Da Judge

Some of my gray haired readers may remember Laugh In from the 1960’s. Some things never change. If the recent election was about anything, it was about who would get to pick the next judge. Each side, convinced of their own righteousness determined that they would win the election and then have the right to pick the next judge. There would be no compromise. I was truly impressed that the stakes were so high.

Personally I don’t see what a huge thing it is. A Judge should simply determine right from wrong. Unfortunately there is some sort of partisanship going on. I could care less about Roe vs Wade. I might be upset if the IRS messes with me, but I really don’t expect a judge to help me with that because of that previously mentioned partisanship.

So ideally I would not think a judge would set policy, but of course I was just proved wrong. Evidently a judge can set national policy, so I must be impressed. I am delighted to point out that it is a Republican judge countering a Republican president. It may even be in the way the founders envisioned. Or it could be a ruse or distraction, a red herring if you prefer. As I see it now the left is delighted that that a judge has independent thought. The right happily proclaims independence of thought is justice. Trump takes a blow and the world is a good place.

The system is working. Do you really think we would have had this type of scenario under Democrat rule? I am unaware if it was so. I almost think President Trump set himself up to take the blow for the sake of unity. The alternative scenario is he is just an easily manipulated rube. Do you really believe that? I don’t. The end result is great theatre.

Out of curiosity, how much of a role do you think money is playing in this. I sense big money wants cheap labor. Big money is looking to get the wheat, while the rest of us will get the chaff. Or will we?

Go back to when life was really rough, and the life of a refuge was epic. I won’t pretend to understand how bad it was because I don’t. I do believe in compassion, but I also believe there is no free lunch. As President Trump says, I want experts to figure it out. If this the worst we have, life is good. The promise I see being made is refugees will be vetted as individuals. If these individuals want to be American, and live a productive American life, will be let in. Any sort of existing quota system I hope will be abolished.

Once again I have known a good number of refugees. Some have been some really good people, people that I have been glad to know. Then some, well, may have not been. So I want to leave this little essay on a positive note. I think the system is working.


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