Dear Dear Milo

My dear Milo, I read that you’re one of the most horrific political commentators out there. I can not begin to add up all the negative descriptors that have been used to describe you. In other words the press views you as just another Trump supporter. As a fellow Trump supporter I wondered what you had to say, so thanks to Breitbart I found a transcript of one of your Californian provocations. Honestly, I was stunned to learn that your a gay guy that doesn’t like abortion. My first thought was does a gay guy care about what goes on inside a woman’s body. After a bit I began to understand that you believed the stilling of many heartbeats was a form of genocide practiced by feminism. I was waiting for another shoe to drop, but that was it. You do not like people killing unborn babies.

I now consider myself to be in trouble. I think my views to be much more controversial. For I have had such kind words for the great melting pot of partisanship, racism and fascism that is progressivism. You, Milo, simply think that killing an unborn baby is murder. I however, think we’re in a political revolution against prevailing partisanship, racism and even fascism. You define yourself as the defender of the ethics of the church. I find myself as a frightened child in the swirling cauldron of dark politics. This gives me great fear.

Dear dear Milo, you so prove my fears.  You have proven that you cannot speak outside the monolithic thought of Berkley, once the land of free speech. Now the bastion of Blueness. If instead you had preached intolerance against the law, hatred towards those who serve, and unity in disbelief, you would have been lauded.  Instead you have provoked the dark forces of the self described resistance fighters. Unimpeded by the law they have set fires and attacked your supporters. You are condemned for saying a beating hart is life. Yet those that beat your supporters, destroy property and prevent your simple speech of caring go unpunished.

The dark forces of progressivism has already taken lives, when will it end? I find myself in deep trouble. So I save my kindest words for the progressive media. For they are more dangerous than any terrorists. I have written that the progressive media has cared more about royalties than terrorism. I have written that progressive media cared more about selling houses to those that can’t afford them than the health of the economy. I have written that the progressive media entered us into war by promoting bombs that did not exist. I have written that progressivism brought down the European Union wIth unmitigated population movement caused by the desire of cheap oil. Worst of all I have written my independent thoughts.

I think the very very worst of all, I have written that a wall is by definition a gate. A gate that should be a door to opportunity. For there is always a gate in a wall. Unfortunately the door of dialog seems only a wall to the progressive media. In Berkeley they slammed the gate, We await our fate.


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