Controversy De Jour

Modeled after policy and recommendation from the Obama and Clinton administrations the temporary immigration ban has proven to be unpopular in the media. I personally think that President Donald Trump purposely modeled the ban on policy and recommendations from the Clinton and Obama administrations so that he would not be setting precedent. Of course the truth adverse media claims new bigoted precedent. They know no other story.

Of course it is not surprising that when turned around the policy precedent from the Clinton and Obama administrations would be unpopular. I certainly hope that immigration reform will be fair and just. The Trump administration has said that cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis. This was not always done before.

Granted the risk of terror is statistically small right now, but the Trump administration is right to review the process. The inconvenience in no way merits the protests. Hopefully the process can be improved, and our safety retained.

[Edit/update: 872 wavers were processed in the first 72 hours]


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