The Jackson Portrait

Supposedly Donald J Trump hung a portrait of President Andrew Jackson in the oval office. It is a seemingly logical choice as Andrew Jackson was the first populist president. Despite completely different histories, Donald also successfully presents himself as a populist.

So the first thought could be that Donald sees someone to be emulated in Jackson. In addition to being the first populist Jackson was the only president to eliminate the national debt. A very worthy goal indeed.

Unfortunately Andrew Jackson had a bit of baggage. Baggage that has caused him to fall out of favor. He was a slave owning land owner. Even worse, he was responsible for the trail of tears brought on by Indian relocation. Trump’s detractors, because they are incapable of seeing goodness, will say Trump is idolatrous of Jackson bigotry.

Then again Jackson is the founder of the Democrat party, the party of bigotry. A party whose sole goal now is to make the life of President Trump miserable. My guess is when President Trump looks up from his desk, he sees a reminder of the enemies within.

Donald, being Donald, will defeat them.


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