Andrew Yang

I recently had a conversation with a coworker whom I will describe as a NPR liberal. She is extremely smart and I respect her immensely. Like most liberals she seems appalled that I support President Trump. Supporting President Trump is not something that should be done where I work.

Actually I do not have many political conversations, I do not try to will my beliefs on others. However I will defend the President if he is attacked. I also defended President Obama on more than one occasion when he was president. However I would also criticize him too.

My coworker, with whom I agree with ninety eight percent of the time, was willing to listen to my opinion. For that I thank her.

She is willing to publicly admit that she gets her news from NPR. I told her that I used to get my news from NPR, CNN, and MSNBC exclusively. Now I don’t listen to them at all. I feel that strongly about it. Actually, truth be told I do occasionally check them out as a matter of opposition research. But really, I now consider them to be part of the fascist estate.

I did not mention the reason why I no longer listen to them, but it is rather simple. The networks had agreed that candidate Trump appealed to older white middle class working people. Who was I to disagree? I checked Candidate Trump out, then got on his bandwagon. All was good, for a while. As Trump began winning I was told that I was no longer a older white middle class working man. I was now a racist, fascist, nazi. Moreover they advocated hurting me. These things were self evident in real life!

I did mention that I put up Trump signs and people would steel them as fast as we could put them up. When we complained to the paper they wrote a completely different story. I also mentioned that someone tried to run me off the road.

Then I mentioned that I went to two Trump rallies, and he talked about a Big Beautiful Gate, something that you did not hear about.

She said that she liked the policies of candidate Andrew Yang. I probably made a face, because she quickly added that he would probably not win. I will have to say there is a couple of good points about Yang. First he has not drunk the hate Trump Kool-Aid, secondly he says to build on what we have. The Freedom Dividend of whatever he calls the free money could be open for more debate. Anyway a thoughtful choice on her part.

Then I mentioned why I think “they” are the way they are. Unions. She became defensive and said that the unions have been good to us. I then mentioned that WMUR had hosted a presidential debate, and had not been allowed to ask a question. The reason was because one of their weather people was not a member of a union.

It was a good time to stop the conversation, we parted friends.

Merry Christmas


I Agree With AOC

“What we’re living in right now is not an advanced society.”

“It is fascism, what we have, what we’re evolving into, as well.”

Sadly those were the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she described our country while she campaigned with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. I wholeheartedly agree with that description of her world. I most fortunately live in a different world.

I am reasonably confident that her world will collapse at the ballot box. At least I hope so,  as I rather like my world.

Impeachment Logic

Watching the impeachment saga plays out in the most improbable way I see a certain crystalline clarity to the logic of the impeachment proceedings.

Like cut Waterford Crystal held up to the light there can be a sparkling brilliance to be seen. For the motivations are as old as recorded time itself. Michael Bloomberg (who also happens to be running for president) pledged 10 million dollars for the reelection campaigns of those who vote for impeachment. The deed has now been done, for the money. Never mind what happens next. It is no different than the worlds oldest profession.

Of course they wanted to vote to impeach anyway, I am sure the money just made the vote that much sweeter. Plus the money added a certain amount of justification to something that was not quite really legally justifiable.

Impeachment, held up with a sparkling light, illuminates, darkness.

Don’t Be A Pink Hatted Fascist

I am serious about this. I may say, and listen to lots of silly things. However I am completely perplexed by the given logic of impeachment. Listening to Adam Schiff I hear nothing except a long string of serious sounding words. In his words I see no logic. All I see is hate dressed up in fancy words.

Yet a hundred million people believe they understand and should act on Schiff’s words. They might as well be wearing pink hats with snowflake armbands. Individually they are likely very nice people. Yet together, there is a destructive solidarity. Thoughts are frozen,  freedom of speech is prohibited.

Pink Hatted Fascism is a double edged sword. The red MAGA hat will eventually fade to pink. Live by the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

I was just thinking, a golden hat would never fade.

State Of The Race

Biden, Bernie, Bloomberg. Icaramba. Three old white guys leading the party of woke. Repeto Icaramba. They did say killer Bees were going to be a thing. The New Hampshire primary is still two months away. As Trump likes to say, we will see what happens. I however will make a prediction.

I see a brokered convention with Elizabeth Warren being the annotated one. Who better to lead the party of woke? Smart and opportunistic I see her as being the choice of the world’s biggest political machine, that just happens to be in search of a leader.

This is a party that looks with nostalgia at the pink hatted marches, millions in the streets protesting in unity. They are going to go backwards and pick an old white guys as a leader?

For a smart intelligent woman Elizabeth’s two cent proposal to pay for everything is rather preposterous. Enough people agree with that statement to cause her to fade in the poles. She is an opportunist and should quickly learn. Lizzie the shape shifter. Still, her attachment to reality is fragile. As an opportunist she speaks before she thinks, and I say that with the realization that she is a great thinker. There is a difference between being a fast talker and being blunt.

Trump will trounce her despite the fascist propaganda machine. Americans are not ready for pink hatted fascism.  My apologies to my pink hatted friends, I understand that you just want to belong to righteousness. However to be united in hate is wrong. Some of my friends will understand, others never will.


Lawfare. It is a noun, defined as legal action undertaken as part of a hostile campaign. Simply put, the Democrat Party is engaged in lawfare. Watching the news it should be obvious the Democrats are engaging in lawfare. The first thing they target are the attorneys. They then target the attorney client privilege, the goal is to eliminate legal representation. Look at all the attacks on Donald J Trump’s attorneys. If Donald J Trump was not President. They would attack whoever was.

When it comes to lawyers investigating Democrats, everyone gets immunity. Then when it comes to investigating the Trump team, not only does everyone get a subpoena. They get spied on. Worst of all, the charges can be false.

Definitely lawfare. Now most of the time I say turnabout is fair play. However President Trump says nobody should go through what his team has endured. I guess that means he will not treat this political opponents the same way. That gives the Democrats an advantage, unless karma.

There are so many laws that anything we do could be considered legal and illegal at the same time. That is why we get lawyers, to argue our case. To increase the odds, some of us can afford a table full of lawyers. The truly rich can afford a room full of lawyers. Then of course corporations can afford a full floor of lawyers. Major corporations and the government will have buildings full of lawyers doing their bidding. That is just the nature of the business.

Times are changing. We are becoming a nation of lawyers, controlled by a single political party. That is the definition of fascism. Beware lawfare.



I finished reading Don Junior’s book Triggered today. It was a good read. I thought his writing was well grounded and perceptive. As I pay more attention than I should to politics, I pretty much agree with what he said. If I were to add an addendum it would be fake news has been around for a long time. However after reading the book I would consider myself one of the Triggered.

I did learn something too. Don writes SJW means Social Justice Warrior. I had seen the acronym before, but never bothered to look it up. Basically they are the people that do not believe that I have a right to express myself. From what I understood from the book they are the same people that I call the Pink Hatted Fascists. What do you think is a better description SJW or PHF? SJW is probably more politically correct, however I believe PHF is the more realistic description.

In my view the country is approximately one third PHF’s, one third politically oblivious (PO?) and one third Triggered. I am willing to coincide that the PHF are genetically superior. For the way we measure genetic superiority is the ability to repeat lies. It is the way society is controlled. The Politically Oblivious are just taken advantage of and they typically suffer. The Triggered, well they just don’t want to take it anymore.

It is my feeling that the Triggered will become the SJW of the future. I mean that in a good way. The PHF believe in thought control. That is a big statement and I will back that up. I will reference Peggy Noonan of the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). Before the election she said that one political party must die. She was a bit surprised that that Trump won. Something that upset her greatly. She once was a speech writer for Ronald Reagan, however she became just another tool of the deep state (Yes, it is real). Money & Power. Peggy received a Pulitzer for the ability to understand and write about the “Trump voter”. Nothing was further from the truth. In reality all she did was project all of her hateful racist views onto the Trump voter. Opinions that were eagerly devoured by like minded PHF. The most amazing thing was the views of actual Trump voters were eloquently stated in the comments section of the column. I enjoyed reading the comments, for frequently you could find the truth there.

Then came the troll farms, people paid by some political action committee to verbally beat up Trump supporters. They start out nice, then they get vicious. Sort of like what  happened after the inauguration out in the streets. Physical beatings of Trump supporters. Then the paper started policing comments. Yes thought control, you can’t write that. That is why I write here.

There is a reason Hillary wants to be president of Facebook. Control of information. If there is another major war it will be to control information, maybe there already is. There certainly are well documented skirmishes for control of information.

To recap, the Pink Hatted Fascists want to control information (thought) and the Politically Oblivious don’t care. However some people notice, and they become Triggered.

I do not think that those that have been Triggered can help themselfs, they will become Social Justice Warriors. I patently plot my strategy, be forewarned.