Lawfare. It is a noun, defined as legal action undertaken as part of a hostile campaign. Simply put, the Democrat Party is engaged in lawfare. Watching the news it should be obvious the Democrats are engaging in lawfare. The first thing they target are the attorneys. They then target the attorney client privilege, the goal is to eliminate legal representation. Look at all the attacks on Donald J Trump’s attorneys. If Donald J Trump was not President. They would attack whoever was.

When it comes to lawyers investigating Democrats, everyone gets immunity. Then when it comes to investigating the Trump team, not only does everyone get a subpoena. They get spied on. Worst of all, the charges can be false.

Definitely lawfare. Now most of the time I say turnabout is fair play. However President Trump says nobody should go through what his team has endured. I guess that means he will not treat this political opponents the same way. That gives the Democrats an advantage, unless karma.

There are so many laws that anything we do could be considered legal and illegal at the same time. That is why we get lawyers, to argue our case. To increase the odds, some of us can afford a table full of lawyers. The truly rich can afford a room full of lawyers. Then of course corporations can afford a full floor of lawyers. Major corporations and the government will have buildings full of lawyers doing their bidding. That is just the nature of the business.

Times are changing. We are becoming a nation of lawyers, controlled by a single political party. That is the definition of fascism. Beware lawfare.



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