State Of The Race

Biden, Bernie, Bloomberg. Icaramba. Three old white guys leading the party of woke. Repeto Icaramba. They did say killer Bees were going to be a thing. The New Hampshire primary is still two months away. As Trump likes to say, we will see what happens. I however will make a prediction.

I see a brokered convention with Elizabeth Warren being the annotated one. Who better to lead the party of woke? Smart and opportunistic I see her as being the choice of the world’s biggest political machine, that just happens to be in search of a leader.

This is a party that looks with nostalgia at the pink hatted marches, millions in the streets protesting in unity. They are going to go backwards and pick an old white guys as a leader?

For a smart intelligent woman Elizabeth’s two cent proposal to pay for everything is rather preposterous. Enough people agree with that statement to cause her to fade in the poles. She is an opportunist and should quickly learn. Lizzie the shape shifter. Still, her attachment to reality is fragile. As an opportunist she speaks before she thinks, and I say that with the realization that she is a great thinker. There is a difference between being a fast talker and being blunt.

Trump will trounce her despite the fascist propaganda machine. Americans are not ready for pink hatted fascism.  My apologies to my pink hatted friends, I understand that you just want to belong to righteousness. However to be united in hate is wrong. Some of my friends will understand, others never will.


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