Don’t Be A Pink Hatted Fascist

I am serious about this. I may say, and listen to lots of silly things. However I am completely perplexed by the given logic of impeachment. Listening to Adam Schiff I hear nothing except a long string of serious sounding words. In his words I see no logic. All I see is hate dressed up in fancy words.

Yet a hundred million people believe they understand and should act on Schiff’s words. They might as well be wearing pink hats with snowflake armbands. Individually they are likely very nice people. Yet together, there is a destructive solidarity. Thoughts are frozen,  freedom of speech is prohibited.

Pink Hatted Fascism is a double edged sword. The red MAGA hat will eventually fade to pink. Live by the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

I was just thinking, a golden hat would never fade.


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