Andrew Yang

I recently had a conversation with a coworker whom I will describe as a NPR liberal. She is extremely smart and I respect her immensely. Like most liberals she seems appalled that I support President Trump. Supporting President Trump is not something that should be done where I work.

Actually I do not have many political conversations, I do not try to will my beliefs on others. However I will defend the President if he is attacked. I also defended President Obama on more than one occasion when he was president. However I would also criticize him too.

My coworker, with whom I agree with ninety eight percent of the time, was willing to listen to my opinion. For that I thank her.

She is willing to publicly admit that she gets her news from NPR. I told her that I used to get my news from NPR, CNN, and MSNBC exclusively. Now I don’t listen to them at all. I feel that strongly about it. Actually, truth be told I do occasionally check them out as a matter of opposition research. But really, I now consider them to be part of the fascist estate.

I did not mention the reason why I no longer listen to them, but it is rather simple. The networks had agreed that candidate Trump appealed to older white middle class working people. Who was I to disagree? I checked Candidate Trump out, then got on his bandwagon. All was good, for a while. As Trump began winning I was told that I was no longer a older white middle class working man. I was now a racist, fascist, nazi. Moreover they advocated hurting me. These things were self evident in real life!

I did mention that I put up Trump signs and people would steel them as fast as we could put them up. When we complained to the paper they wrote a completely different story. I also mentioned that someone tried to run me off the road.

Then I mentioned that I went to two Trump rallies, and he talked about a Big Beautiful Gate, something that you did not hear about.

She said that she liked the policies of candidate Andrew Yang. I probably made a face, because she quickly added that he would probably not win. I will have to say there is a couple of good points about Yang. First he has not drunk the hate Trump Kool-Aid, secondly he says to build on what we have. The Freedom Dividend of whatever he calls the free money could be open for more debate. Anyway a thoughtful choice on her part.

Then I mentioned why I think “they” are the way they are. Unions. She became defensive and said that the unions have been good to us. I then mentioned that WMUR had hosted a presidential debate, and had not been allowed to ask a question. The reason was because one of their weather people was not a member of a union.

It was a good time to stop the conversation, we parted friends.

Merry Christmas


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