The Lord’s Prayer

At a recent political rally in Florida Melania Trump read the Lord’s Prayer. She was introducing her husband, President Donald Trump when she read the words. As I believe we can all use the benefit of prayer, I found her words very reassuring. In this country, as well as many others, these are the words that reaffirm Christian faith in God. In Christian sanctuaries around the world, these are the words that guide us in our faith.

I must wonder if the Islamic faith has similar words. I will admit ignorance, for I really do not know. Anthony Bourdain, noted food critic and atheist says that the Islamic call to worship is the one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I have also read that the Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan believes all white people should be eliminated. Both of those statements are second hand. I once talked to someone who had made the pilgrimage to Mecca, I wanted know what it was like. He told me it was just a huge money making scam, surprisingly it was quite an anti Islamic rant. Not really what I expected, and once again only one person’s opinion. Trump himself has said we need a dialog, so we can understand what is going on.

The Lord’s Prayer is part of my life. It is a simple affirmation of faith. I was happy to hear Melania Read the words. She is proving to be a truly wise person, and an American asset. It may have been a simple thing, but Melania has brought the benefit of prayer to politics. Something that has been needed for some time.


3 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer

  1. Thanks Bubba, did not hear about this on my TV. When I went to Spofford (NH) Grammar School we all stood to make the Pledge of Allegiance and sat with our heads lowered when we recited the Lord’s Prayer and most of us memorized the 23 rd Psalm. Even during 1943-45 we never thought of the 2 or3 German kids a really different. We were a mixed bag of Methodists, Catholics and a couple of Jews but I don’t remember, through eight grades, anybody ever mentioning race or religious differences. We did make jokes about Geraldine, the slow girl but only in a light, funny way. Almost all the kids and moms went to church and Sunday school though men preferred hunting or fishing or working on the car, and about everybody went to Summer Bible School so we all shared that part of our culture; although I think most understood it as myth or history so gifts on Xmas and new clothes for Easter were more important than religion. Nonetheless the ideas stuck “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” treat other as you would like to be treated, the fundamental rule that lets us live together as a society, was reinforced every day. That is probably the most important single lesson that has guided my life all of my life.

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  2. As a child I spent a lot of time at Scarsdale Congregational Church in Scarsdale NY. Back in the 1960’s It was featured on national TV a number of times. My community was very diverse, and as a WASP I was very much a minority. I also spent a lot of summers attending the Lempster Methodist Church. My family pretty much had its own pew. There were differences between the churches, but the prayer was the same. In liberal NY race was a big topic of conversation, and sermonizing. I have pretty much lived with affirmative action all of my life. Of course I am perpetually on the wrong side, as in opportunity, income, and violence. So I pray for forgiveness of my trespasses, as I forgive my trespassers.


  3. So you knew Lempster Methodist as I knew Spofford Methodist. The summer Bible School was run by the Ladies Aid Society so it was more passing on our culture than proselytizing. I’m convinced that denying today’s youth that background has a lotto do with today’s selfish “dude” generation. By the way, we had a few seriously poor folks in our town and it was the lady’s Aid that dispensed charity to them. The local ladies knew who really needed, and deserved, help.


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