The Unexpected Memorial

I believe that the local High School painted this mural on the side of a local tire dealer some time after 9/11. At the time Tim and I worked on the other side of the street. Tim is the big guy in the white shirt in the mural. The mural even had his name on his shirt so there would be no question. At his side, one of his favorite search dogs, Blitzen.

Tim had volunteered, as he had done so many times before, to help. He would spend weeks caring for the service dogs that worked ground zero. It was tough work for all involved. Afterwards we were pleased to see Tim’s and others work recognised and honored with the mural. Little did we realize at the time, that Tim would also become a victim of the war that was defined by 9/11.

Now the murals paint is faded, and beginning to peal. Other than my few words of tribute to Tim, as far as I know the mural is the only memorial. There was no service and Tim donated his body to science. His wife died shortly after he did, and again no service. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, that’s what Tim believed. As he frequently said, a hundred years from now who cares.

I have to agree to a certain extent. A hundred years for now there will be people that don’t care. Even worse, in a hundred years, there will still be people that manipulate events to their own advantage. However I truly believe that in a hundred years that there will be people like Tim, who will give their lives, because they care.


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