The Metrics Of Winning

Here a number of benchmarks that I would consider to be viable proof of winning by a Trump Presidency. I actually believe that President Trump will be able to achieve the following.

The Muslim Problem: A man in Rochester NH with a high BAC (my bigoted inference) stated that we have a Muslim problem. The candidate listened and didn’t give a canned politically correct answer. Instead he said we will have our experts look at the problem. At the end of the day I expect everyone to have a better understanding of Islam. Any one care for a test?

Building The Wall: Just building a wall is not the answer, President Trump says the wall will include a Big Beautiful Gate. This means sensible immigration reform. It also means keeping out bad people. This can be measured by crime rates, and actual immigration status.

Drain The Swamp: This is one of my favorites, If Washington D.C. real estate valuations go down compared to the rest of the country, I will considered the swap drained.

Carnage In America: Easy, violent crime down, and employment up in Chicago, Baltimore and St Louis.

Make America Great Again: Jobs, trade deficit, debt reduction.

Tax Reform, and Income Inequality: A progressive capital gains tax that is greater than the income tax.

Term Limits: Yes, legislation passed.

Better than Obama Care: Healthcare for all, funded by a levy on all collective bargaining agreements.


One thought on “The Metrics Of Winning

  1. Wow, where to start?
    Tie healthcare benefits to Union contracts; Yes we have way too generous benefits now due to UAW blackmailing the auto industry and the AFT/NEA doing the same for public employees. HSAs with high deductible insurance to make consumers have some skin in the game.
    Term Limits? If only!
    Can’t make them stick without a constitutional convention. Not likely!
    Make America Great Again?
    Long term military build up with Universal Military Service, like Israel..
    Get them off the street, UMS!
    The Swamp?
    Easy,shut down Dept.of Education to start, disperse the bureaucrats to classrooms across the country.
    The Beautiful Gate would be wonderful
    Muslim Problem?
    I so wish that somebody could convince me that they are not an expansionist culture seeking to rule the world.


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