John McCain

John McCain was a great American politician. I voted for him because I thought his time as a POW made him the most compassionate politician. I also liked his choice of Sarah Palin and agreed with his views on ethanol subsidies.

That being said, I thought that spending to much time in a box could have made him a bit unreasonable. So I was not to surprised that Donald Trump did not call McCain a hero. Usually you have to save a life or two to be a hero.

Anyway, wIth his steadfast opposition to President Trump John McCain made himself a hero to Democrats. Thus he has ensured himself a grandiose sendoff. Yes, more than anything, John McCain is a Great American Politician. Even after death.

I am actually unimpressed with such stubbornness, and a unwillingness to compromise. I wonder if such a stubbornness makes him any better than his captors of so many years ago. For if it wasn’t for his captors, would John McCain be such a Great American Politician?

I do however, greatly respect his service to, and his love of our country. His efforts to make America a Great Country were truly extraordinary. May he rest in peace.


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