What Would Sir Peter Ustinov Say?

I am going to be charitable and frame the upcoming midterms as a battle between nationalism and globalism. On one side we have Trumpian Nationalism. On the other side we have, ah let me think. Hmmm, eh, ah. Let me introduce the late Sir Peter Ustinov. Sir Peter was the embodiment of what a proper advocate of globalism would be. He was president of the World Federalist Movement and a advocate for UNICEF. I enjoyed listening to his narration of various documentaries. I really have to wonder what he would have to say about today’s political climate.

“Harumph”. That’s what I think Sir Peter would have to say. Wasn’t it overt nationalism that created the great war? I am sure Sir Peter would caution us about unchecked nationalism. Then he would blink, unbelieving what he saw. What was now being called globalism was actually masquerading as populist socialism, powered by cloaked fascism.

Sir Peter spoke many languages, and could use any dialect in any language. A huge talent. Somehow I do not think he would speechless. He could also draw a laugh from any audience.

“Les nourrissons sont en charge” he would say with a thick Russian accent. Precisely.


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