Pass the Chowder

I enjoy traveling through Canada, it is a very beautiful place. Especially the Maritimes. Driving the roads and lodging at B&B’s, wondering the amazing parks and eating delicious foods at local restaurants is an unparalleled experience. Except for one thing.

The chowder. Used to thick New England style chowder, I was aghast at the thin watery broth that was served as a chowder. What was sold as chowder seemed more like an Asian appetizer. I have nothing against a far eastern soup, in fact I can enjoy the crispness of the cuisine. The problem is when I expect something from down east, and find a bit from the far east that I get confused.

I pondered this discrepancy during my travels upon the fine coastal roads of the Maritimes when I made a simple observation. No cows. It is hard to have a creamy chowder, when there is no cream. I then thought no more about the perplexing chowder. I just did not order any.

Now I hear about the dairy products tax imposed by Canada on dairy imports. I think no wonder they don’t have a good chowder. I certainly do not want to tell Canadians what to do, however I would not mind if they would culturally appropriate some fine New England style chowder. It could help make an otherwise fine country, perfect.


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