Obama and the “N” Word

I do not use the “N” word. To do so would be inferred as a clear expression of tolerance, if not outright support for racism and slavery. My ancestors fought and died in the Civil War. There is no reason for me to disagree with their motives.

As bad as the “N” word is, there is another “N” that is even worse. It is a word that evokes the wholesale annihilation of a people. Think death camps and gas chambers. At least slaves were allowed to reproduce. By their efforts they represented an actual value. So as bad as the first “N” word is, the second is a whole order of magnitude worse. Because I have a clear understanding of it’s meaning, it is another word that I refuse to use.

For eight years, even the most casual criticism of President Obama would be seen as simple bigotry, or racism. There could be no argument. You either supported the president, or you were a bigot. Or worse. Now, some people believe if you support the president you are a bigot. Or worse. There can be no argument about that.

Just as a point of reference. Recently in a nearby city there was a self proclaimed White Supremacist. Somebody shot him dead in a parking lot. Nobody cared. Just the briefest of mention in the local news.

So when the first “N” word is strictly forbidden, why is the second “N” word, which could be argued is so much worse, is tossed around so casually.

It is true that I have never experienced the degradation of being called by the first “N” word. It is also true that I have experienced violence because of the color of my skin. It’s also true that I have been lucky to escape violence against me that was motivated by my political beliefs.

Recently former President Obama returned to the campaign trail. He casually used the second, and much worse “N” word to describe some of the current supporters of President Trump. His casualness in the usage of such a vile word is quite mainstream. It is indicative of poor thoughtfulness and leadership. In embracing such a word and causing its common usage President Obama and his many supporters have brought us to a very dark time in American politics.


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