The Fascist Swoosh

Football is a distinctly American sport. Well, the world plays football. Just not American football. American football starts in high school, then goes on to college. Then football goes pro, supported by municipalities and geographic regions. Football is enjoys the privilege of American support.

Basketball enjoys the same type of support. Not to the same extent as football, basketball is somewhat a second string of a sport, not as much gear is needed for basketball. Really, all you need is a set of sneakers to play the game.

Baseball is also a grand American sport. However there is not as much support for baseball in the school systems. True there are minor leagues supported by various municipalities. It is a bit cheaper to support baseball, personally a fancy glove will do.

So football is probably the big money sport. More equipment is needed to play football. You have to be well off to play football. So what happened?  A number of football players have taken up protesting the flag. The protests predates President Trump, so he actually had nothing to do with the protests. Ostensibly the protests are about police and alleged brutality towards blacks. A behavior promoted by President Obama.

Some folks believe that police brutality is a major problem. They believe that it is absolutely proper to protest the flag because of police brutality. I wonder why.

If a police officer asks you to stop, stop. Face him, or her, let them see your hands. They will not shoot you. You are only in danger if you are hostile, or try to escape. Those who promote hostility towards the police are only putting you in danger

Fascism become a thing about a hundred years ago. It was a creation of the elite and privileged class of the time. The rationale was quite simple. Things would be better if everyone thought like us. Oh, we do not mind exploiting others to make our lives better. Logical right? There is good profit to be made in exploitation.

I do not mind using the word fascist, it is an accurate description of those who practice extreme unionism. Some people do not mind the extinguishing of independent thought. I presume it is because they want to protect what they have. Fascism is a seductive siren call.

So seductive, Fascism has gone mainstream. Call it the exploitation of many to benefit the few. Dare not raise raise a word against the prevailing view, or you will be pummeled. A most excellent business model for some. Yes, the sneakers Swosh. Such a mainstream symbol cannot be denied. A symbol of status, and now symbolism. Tear down the system and replace it.

It’s all about the curve, yes it is. Am I worried? Should I be? My belief is that Fascism will collapse this time. The Democratic party is in a downward spiral. Collapsing in upon itself like a black hole. The only energy now is just the illuminating darkness of the core belief that is in itself the foundation of the party.

Aye, so vote I say. The truth will set us free.


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