Reading the Script

I did watch a bit of the Kavanaugh hearings. My takeaway was the Democrats were all reading from a script. This simply confirmed my belief that they are incapable of independent thoughts. I can only wonder who is writing the script.

Who is writing the script for the Democrats? Part of me says that there is no longer any central planing for the party, there is no leadership. What we see is just the twitching of the corpse of a once great party. However, the leadership was definitely reading lines. Follow the money, it could be claimed that Nancy Pelosi was the de facto leader of the party during the hearings. So who was writing her script?

I have to think about her driver, a few months ago there was a short story about her driver being a long time Chinese spy. Not much more came out of the story. Interesting. I read that the Chinese are making big investments in Hollywood. Who writes the lines, follow the money. Am I positive? No, I am not sure. Is there an alternative? Hollywood, the Mecca of the Left, the home of Liberalism, is reading a script. Seriously, who is writing their script?

I have no idea who Kanye West is. However he was in the news because he was in the Oval Office with President Trump. I also saw a bit of that also. My takeaway? Kanye was not reading a script. He was saying what he believed. I have to respect that. Dragon power.

I am no Kanye West. I do not have the courage to wear my MAGA hat. To much liberal pushback for me. I am afraid of the violence of the left. It permeates our society.

Just a note on what Mr. West said about the “Again” in MAGA. Unlike some folks, I do not believe that “Again” means bring back slavery. My view is that America is great. The “Again” is simply a tweak on those that constantly complain about our country. America is great, we just have to accept and acknowledge that. So if I cannot wear a MAGA hat because of fear, America is not great. The A is simply an acknowledgment of the script of the left that disallows free thought. I stand by my “A”.


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