Good Morning America

If I watched Good Morning America, I’d probably hate myself too. Even worse I would probably think that I would be undeserving of due process. That is just the way it is.

Despite all that, life is good. True it may be wrong to say life is good. By simply saying life is good, it means that I am not part of the struggle. My belief is that the “struggle” is too ill defined. Some might say that my proclamation of “Life is good” is simply a sign of white privilege. I cannot deny them their beliefs.

The sky is blue, the grass is green. It is not that way for all people. So it may be a privilege. Hopefully I do not deny others the same privileges that I myself enjoy. Nor do I desire to deprive others of due process.

Yes I know some of the well off do protest, for they believe they are part of a greater struggle. Me? I am glad I am not part of the struggle. I do not believe what they say on TV.

Good Morning America


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